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Quotes: Duke 45, N.C. Central 0
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/31/2013
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Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe
On starting off the season with a shutout:
“They told me – yes that’s true in 1989 - that in Wallace Wade is the first [shutout] since 1978, which is incredible. I’m very pleased and happy for our defensive coaches our defense who has had some difficult times at times. We’ve still got plenty of challenges as we all know out in front of us, but tonight they all deserve to celebrate a job well done - 184 yards. They were pretty consistent, there weren’t a lot of broken tackles. And as people are going to find out, Central is going to be a good team in their league. They’ve got a real chance to win that league. They have some real weapons on offense and that quarterback is a good player. “

On the team’s offensive performance:
“Well we played a lot of players in the first half, that’s the critical part of it. We played a lot of players after the game was done, but we played a lot of players in the first half. I thought Anthony Boone answered some questions for us as far as execution and putting drives together. He’s a big play kind of guy. We put him in situations to execute and I thought he passed that test. We do have a lot of weapons on this team and it’s kind of hard to get the grips on who’s this, but Jamison [Crowder] is special. I think all of our backs are different and can give you play, but you just saw a lot of really good things. I think the receiving corps…we played a lot of people there outside of Jamison and I hope they grew from this. We needed to get through some things and still need some growth there. The tight end position looked solid. I don’t mean this badly, but it looks like when you look at a scrimmage sometimes and you play so many people we have a lot of things to evaluate to figure out what we’re not doing well and what we have to improve upon from game one to game two.”

On the team’s defensive effort:
“I think our secondary was really well aligned all day. We didn’t do a lot back there, but we defended and we defended and we defended and they got nothing easy. A couple of balls underneath and then they did a good job getting a couple blocks on us, picked us off and got some plays. But this is a significant difference from a year ago against a North Carolina Central team that returned most of their offense.”

On what he sees in this team that looks encouraging:
“They have fun with each other and they have fun practicing. I told this team and I mean this. This is a bold strong statement and I didn’t tell them until tonight. I’ve kind of kept this in my mind all the way through January, February, spring practice, through the offseason and through all of this. I never came off the field with a mentality of ‘God we just had a bad day’. I don’t think this team has had a bad day yet in their work, in their preparation and I was praying that it would show. I think it showed that their coaches have done a good job of preparing them and now it’s where can you go from here? The other thing is the personality of the kicking game. This team really likes the kicking game and Zac Roper’s done an incredible job in that regard and they like the kicking game. And we’ve got two weapons there so it’s going to be fun to watch this team play.”

On going on the road to Memphis:
“I’m glad that we’re on the road in the second ball game. We need this test. It’s not going to be easy. Memphis hasn’t played a game, they’re going to be fresh. They’re going to be different. Who knows what we’re going to see. Another opening game, but as the old axiom is that most teams improve the most, and I don’t know if this is true or not but everybody says it, from the first to the second game. Well I hope this year it’s true. We need to go play at this point our best game. Memphis will have different weapons than what North Carolina Central has on both sides of the ball.”

Duke QB Anthony Boone
On the win:
“It was good to come out there and get the win coming off a five, six game losing streak since November. Going out there and executing our plays … we still left a lot of plays out there on the field and there are a lot of times where we had play penalties and ball screen plays. It’s good to get that on tape and go from that next week.”

On the offense in week one:
“There are more and more opportunities to get better. It’s week one. You don’t expect perfection but you expect near close to it. You really want to go out there and execute certain plays.  Really when you go out week one, you really want to go out there and execute and not have mental errors on offense, defense and the kicking game. As far as that, I think we did a pretty good job. But there’s still a lot more we have to work on. I think this is the best week one team we’ve had since I’ve been here.”

On the younger players:
“The young guys that we have right now, they’re stepping up. They’re still young guys … first game jitters and we probably would like to get them in there a little bit more. As far as seeing them out there, they have a lot of good tape to study and get better from.”

Duke LB Kelby Brown
On the shutout:
“That’s something we take pride in. Been looking forward to a shutout since I’ve been here. Obviously it was great to be out there with my defense. It was an awesome feeling. We had a blast.”

On playing with his brother:
“It was awesome. I actually got to line up next to him a couple times for the first time since high school really. That was a blast. It was great to see guys sit together and support each other, even late in the game. All the starters were up there rooting guys on. That’s brotherhood at its finest.”

On the younger players:
“I was really proud of all the guys who went in there late in the game. Last year, we’ve been up big and given away touchdowns. Today, we had three to five freshmen on the field at one time on defense and they were still out there making plays and holding the offense up. It was awesome to see guys step up and just enjoy the game and go out there and play hard and have fun.”

On the upcoming game against Memphis:
“This was huge for us. We’ll finally get a grade on performance. It’s a lot different than a scrimmage because this is real live reps. A lot of stuff to correct.  A lot of stuff to clean up. A chance to make huge strides. We got another team that hasn’t played a game yet so that’s going to be another challenge for us. It’s always exciting going from game one to game two; it’s huge.”

Duke WR Jamison Crowder
On his 76-yard punt return:
“The first punt return I got, I got it and had a good return so I definitely felt like that helped out my confidence going into the situation when they were going to punt again. Once I caught it, I just saw a crease and everything was well blocked by the guys, so I just wanted to hit the crease full speed. That happened and I was able to take it to the house.”

On fighting for extra yards:
“Just fight for all the yards you can because as they say football is a game of inches. All the yards you can get is very critical in any ball game. Just being able to fight for the extra yards and being strong that goes back to working out in the weight room over the summer and it’s just something that every ball carrier should work on and do as a football player.”

On Anthony Boone:
“We knew last year that Boone could come in and play as well as [Sean] Renfree, so our offense is pretty confident with Boone at the head. And today you saw that he just came in and controlled the offense and was successful.”

On the team’s toughness:
“It’s just something that Coach Cutcliffe and all our coaches have been talking about. Play like a champion. We have this thing called hot stove. Once you get hit you get up and don’t let your opponent see that you’re tired. It’s just something we’ve been working on all offseason. Just to be able to come out and play with that toughness and that edge. Today we showed that for the most part and we were able to get the victory.”

N.C. Central Interim Head Coach Dwayne Foster
On his overall thoughts:
“I think the biggest positive is that we kept fighting. We didn’t hang our heads and quit through all four quarters. I know we didn’t come out on top, but the guys kept fighting and that’s what I want. That’s what I like. We will certainly build off of that. We moved the ball at times offensively, just didn’t finish. We’ve got to be a lot more consistent. And defensively we’ve got to be a lot more consistent in getting three-and-outs, getting some more turnovers and helping our field position.”

On preparing for St. Augustine’s:
“We play a different team. After we look at the film for St. Aug’s and prepare for them, we’ll make adjustments for who we’re playing at that point.”

On the incomplete call in the first quarter:
“I thought it was a little deflating. It could have been a big turnaround at that point, getting on the board. But I thought we fought back. We were still able to get back up there defensively and fight back. I thought the call was disappointing. The officials on the field agreed that it was a fumble. I thought the guy took three steps around with it and dropped it. But they flipped it up top and you’ve got to move on.”