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Quotes: Duke 81, Drury 65
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/02/2013
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“I think you can see why, you know we scheduled a division two championship team, they were terrific. They play as one and make each other better, and they were unbelievably coached. You know the motion offense that they run is precise, and you know we are not there yet to be able to defend some of those things, and they carved us up in the first half, and I think it knocked us. It knocks you back because you think you’re supposed to be doing, and all of the sudden they not only got some shots, but they got a lot of offensive rebounds in the first half. The second half I thought we talked better, communicated better, and played a lot better. But we don’t play poorly in the first half because we just didn’t care, but because they played really well, they’re good. They play as one and we are trying to learn to play that way. You know when you’re predicted to do something, sometimes those predictions are based on what people think our potential is, and sometimes where you’re predicted on what you have coming back that’s already been proven. All of our stuff is on potential, you know, we are a really young basketball team that needs to get better, and we will get better, and playing a game like this will help us get better.”

What inspired the tradition of hosting the Division II champion?:
 “I don’t know if it’s inspiration, but it’s just good for basketball. The games been really good to me and to Duke, you know we had the idea about seven years ago that it would be, just good for basketball if we could use one of our exhibition games to honor, for us it’s to honor their championship, you know their championship is good for basketball. Actually at the division two level, great basketball is played and it’s played in a very pure manner. All those kids, they’re not going to be NBA players, but they love to play the game, they play it together, and there’s a beauty in division two basketball because they’re not business oriented, and it’s all basketball, and to have that come into our arena, in the fall with the division two national champion it’s an honor for us to have them, and for them to bring their program, and their values, and all of the sudden they’re on our court, and you know all the teams we’ve played, they played well. Because they’re champions, they know what it takes, and obviously this team did not disappoint. They did a great job.”

Is there any reason Rasheed didn’t play?
“Yeah Rasheed’s been not top health, yet. And hopefully this week he will get himself in shape.”

Comment on the awe Drury players experienced and how it influenced their play:
“Being in awe can do two things, it can make you freeze or it can inspire you to go to a higher level. Their coach would be able to answer that, but I would think that they did the latter more so than the former. They weren’t going to let this opportunity go by without making the most of it. I don’t think there was any transition there. I think it was real smooth, the whole way, to their credit. It’s terrific. I love that. I love when a team plays like that, I want our team to play like that, and our teams have played like that, and we did a little bit today. We’re not ready to play like that all the time, yet. That’s just the bottom line.”

Comment on Duke’s defensive effort in the second half:
I think it was more coordinated. They weren’t scoring because we weren’t working hard. They were scoring because we weren’t working hard together. To me, it was pretty simple. In the second half, we worked hard together. But it wasn’t that we had bad attitudes or didn’t work hard, if we are working hard to leave this room and I said let’s all go out that door and you tried to go through that wall, its hard man, right? You should be going through that door, so it’s not about attitude or you didn’t work hard, just stop banging your head against the wall. You won’t get there doing it that way. To me, some of these things are pretty easy to understand, and it’s not easy to get them to go together.”

Drury Head Coach Steve Hesser  
Opening Statement:
“What a great opportunity to come into this environment. It’s something that our fans, our players, our coaches … this storied history, it’s a basketball mecca, and to be able to come in here … I would again like to thank the Duke administration, athletics, and Coach K for having this idea to bring back the Division II National Champions. On the game, I’m proud of our guys. I thought the first half Duke was probably a little lethargic. I’m sure the halftime talk was … there were some valid points made. You could tell a difference in the second half with their defensive intensity. I thought we moved the ball well in the first half. Second half, it was harder for us to move the basketball because they were really getting up and pressuring. And we’re not a dribble-drive team, we penetrate, but they kind of made us into a dribble-drive team. Then their size and stuff at the basket, they kind of wore us down. Obviously they’re very talented players, but I’m proud of the way our guys competed.”

On the environment and experience of playing in Cameron Indoor:
“We have these things – we just got them in Missouri – but they’re like iPhones and stuff? That’s a joke, we’ve had them all this time, but [the players] were taking a lot of pictures and sending them to their friends and whatnot. Then to go to the Hall of Fame and just to walk around the campus and stuff, it was … we got here Thursday evening so we had yesterday to practice in here and it has just been an unbelievable experience.”

On the team not being intimidated by the atmosphere:
“I was very proud of them. Sometimes you can get in situations like this when you’re playing against people you read about on the internet – about their reputation and whatnot – and it can make you in awe and not do things, and do fundamental things because – fear isn’t the right word, but … it can make you hesitant, and I don’t think our guys were that way.”