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Quotes: Duke 91, UNC Asheville 55
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/18/2013
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“Our kids played hard. The offense that we ran was difficult. I thought Quinn [Cook] did a heck of a job on their leading scorer. Quinn showed a lot of discipline and energy by keeping the ball away from him. Overall, our guys did a good job.”   

On Quinn Cook’s defense:
“I think he has done a great job with the new rule. The one foul he got tonight was with his body, not his hands. He was playing defense with his feet, which is what you should be doing. He is moving his feet very, very well.”

On Jabari Parker distributing the ball:
“I thought he tried to do that too much, especially with interior passing. Jabari is a great team player, and I thought he played very well. When we got a lead, he was trying to get everybody to be better. I think a few times he over did it. A number of our turnovers were from interior passes. The interior is not a strength of our team; it’s part of our team. The strength is on the perimeter. Our strength is Jabari having the ball and doing something with it. I don’t fault him for trying to get his teammates more involved.”

“I think with really good players … and especially when we have a lead, a really good player is not concerned about his points. He is looking for his teammates to have a better night and help boost their confidence. For a freshman to do that is very good. He is exceptional. What he tried to do tonight was okay. I’d rather have him shoot it to be frank.”  

On rebounding:
“We are working on it. I don’t think we are a great rebounding team, but we need to be a better rebounding team. We were that tonight; the kids are trying.”

On players in general:
“All the guys these last few games have had good minutes. Semi [Ojeleye] is going to be a very good player. He played very well tonight. He had a couple of very nice two-handed rebounds.”

Duke Freshman Jabari Parker
“We did a great job on the scouting report. We kept [Andrew] Rowsey, their point guard and leading scorer, limited, but they gave us a good game for a mid-major opponent. I think we played well for what they had and what they gave us.  Their big fellow came through for them, too.”

On Duke’s focus on rebounding:
“That’s what we’re trying to work on – the intangibles. Like I said last time, the offense is going to be there because we have so many weapons. But the little things are what are going to win us big games, like rebounding, limited turnovers and free throws. That’s what we try to emphasize.”

On Rodney Hood’s 7-0 run toward the end of the first half:
“It was real fun watching. It’s hard to keep a scouting report on him because he seems so indecisive about what he’s going to do, and then people don’t know that he has a counter for every move. The guy’s just a weapon that we love using.”

Duke Redshirt Sophomore Rodney Hood
“After I dunked, I don’t know what happened after that. That’s the most excited I’ve gotten in a while.”

On his 7-0 run toward the end of the first half:
“It was so much fun, just making the big play. And I think that really picked up our intensity and got the fans into it. It was a great energy boost, and that’s the thing I have to do. I have to bring energy and give my teammates energy.”

On the play of Semi Ojeleye:
“To be honest, he shocked a couple of us when he came in and the first time he touched it he shot it. He kind of shocked me on that one. But he hit it, hit two straight, and he played comfortably offensively. He was a man down there defensively. We didn’t miss a beat when he came in the game. That’s what we expect from him. He’s been playing like a monster and playing like he looks, which is scary.”

On Quinn Cook’s defensive effort against UNC Asheville’s Andrew Rowsey:
“[Quinn] did a great job.  A lot of times we denied our man and let him play one-on-one, even though we knew [Rowsey] was their best player. [Quinn] kind of got on me because I goal-tended [Rowsey’s] last shot and he scored. He did a great job on him. He pressured him the whole night and took him out of his rhythm. Other guards did a great job of contesting and putting pressure on the ball.”

Duke Sophomore Amile Jefferson
On the quick turnaround to play again tomorrow night:
“It’s all about getting your mind right. We had a great game tonight, and now we just have to get some rest. That’s the No. 1 thing – to get the rest that we need and not really worry about this win anymore. They were a great team. We played a really good team and we were able to win, but now we have to move on the next opponent because Norfolk State and ECU are going to be really good teams, so we can’t take them lightly.”

On Duke’s rebounding adjustments:
“[The key was] just putting bodies on everyone. There were long rebounds and they were bouncing in weird places, so [our focus was on] making sure all of our guys were getting to the ball. And when we did that and everyone boxed out, we did a great job on the glass.”

UNC Asheville Head Coach Nick McDevitt
Opening Statement:
“First of all, I’d like to congratulate Duke, Coach K, his staff and his players. They’ve got a tremendous ball club. They’re very, very talented, skilled, they play well together and they played well. As I told our team in the locker room after the game, to give yourself a chance against teams like that, you have to have everybody play well, and we just didn’t. We have to be clicking on all cylinders, and for whatever reason we weren’t tonight. They run you out of your stuff. They run you out of your offense. They just really pressure the basketball, and so we tried some things as far as trying to spread them out and drive them a little bit. We felt like there were several possessions where we got the looks we wanted and we just didn’t make them, and that’s in part due to Duke, and their defense and their defensive pressure. So again, they’re a great team; they’re going to have a great season, but I think there are some good things and some positives that we’ll take from it as well.”

On UNC Asheville’s half-court defense:
“It basically is [a four-corners look]. We just wanted to be able to…it’s very difficult to enter the ball. They just do such a great job of denying the next pass. They’ve got big, strong, athletic guards. And when you’re being pressured, as the ball handler’s being pressured, it’s just very difficult to hit that entry pass; there’s just no driving lanes, either. So we just wanted to try to spread them, and drive them a little bit—get in the lane. We value paint touches, either off the pass or off the dribble. We just felt like if we were playing so close to the three point line if that makes sense, with our guards, that with some of their bigger guards, we were just going to struggle getting post-entry passes. So we wanted to spread them, and drive them. And we were able to get paint touches. We got a couple easy, kick-out threes, a couple of dunks from our bigs on the baseline, because sometimes even two passes away, they were almost in denial. They will deny it, not just one but sometimes two passes away so we felt like the only way we could get any flow to our offense was to spread them.”

On the effects of Duke’s defensive coverage of Andrew Rowsey:
“It wasn’t such an inability to run our offense, just an inability to score. He’s such a great shooter. He’s a gifted player, plays with great pace, I was actually proud of him tonight. This isn’t a place…I mean there’s been a lot of fantastic ball games in this place, a lot of great teams. And so for a true freshman, fourth game of his college career to play against that level of talent, to be the primary ball handler and only turn it over twice, I was actually proud of him. He didn’t shoot it well, but very limited turnovers. He had a positive assist to turnover ratio, and that’s something we’ve been talking to him about, is those games where you shoot it poorly, still play good. And the games where you shoot it well, you should have a great game. And I think he played pretty well even though he didn’t score a lot of points.”

On the differences between playing Kentucky and Duke:
“I think if we were to be able to play Kansas then I could just tell you how all three of those can play. Randall, Wiggins, Jabari Parker, all of them. But to answer your question, they’re all just big, and they’re talented, they’re athletic. I think obviously you can just look at the numbers, Duke is just gifted from the three point line. Any time we make a mistake on the defensive end, they make it. I thought that Sam Hughes…there was one three-point shot…I can’t remember who made it, it might’ve been [Andre] Dawkins. I can’t remember, they made so many I don’t remember who made it, but there was one across from our bench, I thought Hughes did a fantastic job of contesting it; he still made it. And so you know that the ones where you’re not out there, they’re in. And I think that’s where they’re different than most other teams. When you can put a guy like Jabari Parker, that can score in the paint but is also shooting over sixty percent, you got problems. I think that’s where they separate themselves. So there are nights where they can really get it rolling from deep.”

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