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Courtesy: Duke Photography
Duke Posts Record 495 Selections on ACC Honor Roll
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/07/2014
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GREENSBORO, N.C.- For the 26th time out of the last 27 years, Duke University led all ACC schools with a conference-record 495 selections as Commissioner John D. Swofford announced the 58th annual ACC Honor Roll Thursday in Greensboro, N.C.

The 58th annual Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll, recognizing academic excellence by student-athletes during the 2013-14 academic year, was announced today by ACC Commissioner John Swofford.
The Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. The conference recognized a record 3,967 student-athletes for their hard work in the classroom during the 2013-14 academic year.
Duke led all schools with an ACC-record 495 student-athletes recognized, eclipsing its own mark of 474 set last year. Boston College followed with 402 honorees, and Notre Dame saw 397 student-athletes achieve Honor Roll status following its first year of ACC membership.
North Carolina saw 347 student-athletes recognized, followed by Virginia with 305, Virginia Tech with 232, NC State with 230, Syracuse with 229, Maryland with 224, Pitt with 213, Florida State with 202, Clemson with 198, Wake Forest with 183, Georgia Tech with 159 and Miami with 152.
Headlining this year's list are three student-athletes that are six-time ACC Honor Roll recipients: Duke’s Kenny Anunike (football), Georgia Tech’s Elizabeth Lacksen (track and field) and NC State’s Emily Pritt (cross country/track and field).
Thirty-two student-athletes earned ACC Honor Roll status for the fifth time: Boston College’s Corinne Boyles (ice hockey) and Jacob Sinkovec (football); Duke’s Juliet Bottorff (track and field/cross country), Ross Cockrell (football), Kim DeCesare (soccer), Devon Gagliardi (field hockey), Michael Moverman (cross country/track and field), Perry Simmons (football) and Todd Zafirovski (basketball); Florida State’s Philip Doumar (football) and Jessica Nori (softball); Georgia Tech’s Bo Andrews (golf); Maryland’s Christine Knauss (field hockey) and Sean O’Leary (track and field); Miami’s Garrett Nygren (track and field); North Carolina’s Meghan Drake (field hockey), Michelle Ikoma (gymnastics), Meredith Magjuka (gymnastics) and Ashley Miess (track and field); NC State’s Caroline Ellington (golf), Rachel Fincham (gymnastics), Ryanna Henderson (cross country/track and field), Ethan Ogburn (baseball), Meagan Proper (soccer) and Amy Roderer (rifle); Virginia’s Elizabeth Brightwell (golf), Jonathan Fausey (wrestling), Whit Mayberry (baseball) and Barbara Strehler (cross country/track and field), and Wake Forest’s Garret Drogosch (track and field), Thomas Finneran (track and field) and Andrew Lubahn (soccer).
The 2013-14 Academic Honor Roll features 30 ACC Players of the Year. Fall sport honorees include Florida State’s Jameis Winston (football), NC State’s Andrew Colley (men’s cross country), Florida State’s Colleen Quigley (women’s cross country), Notre Dame’s Harrison Shipp (men’s soccer offensive), Duke’s Emily Sklar (volleyball) and Duke’s Ally McCurdy (volleyball defensive).
Winter sports ACC Players of the Year/Honor Roll recipients include Duke’s Elizabeth Williams (women’s basketball defensive), Duke’s Bottorff (women’s indoor track), Maryland’s Thea LaFond (women’s indoor field), Duke’s Nick McCrory (men’s diving), Notre Dame’s Emma Reaney (women’s swimming), Virginia Tech’s Kaylea Arnett (women’s diving) and NC State’s Nick Gwiazdowski (wrestling).
Spring sport Player of the Year honorees include Florida State’s DJ Stewart (baseball), Georgia Tech’s Ollie Schniederjans (men’s golf), Duke’s Celine Boutier (women’s golf), Duke’s Jordan Wolf (men’s lacrosse), Syracuse’s Kayla Treanor (women’s lacrosse offensive), Notre Dame’s Megan Douty (women’s lacrosse defensive), Virginia’s Alex Domijan (men’s tennis), Florida State’s Maddie O’Brien (softball), Florida State’s Lacey Waldrop (softball pitcher), Duke’s Bottorff (women’s outdoor track), Virginia Tech’s Martina Schultze (women’s outdoor field) and six members of the Virginia First Varsity Eight (rowing): Sarah Jordan, Constanze Duell, Chandler Lally, Georgia Ratcliff, Brandy Herald and Elle Murray.
The league saw nine ACC Freshmen of the Year named to the honor roll: Florida State’s Winston (football), Virginia’s Thomas Madden (men’s cross country), Boston College’s Zeiko Lewis (men’s soccer), Virginia’s Jasmine Burton (volleyball), Maryland’s Connor Cannizzaro (men’s lacrosse), North Carolina’s Sydney Holman (women’s lacrosse), Maryland’s Zoe Stukenberg (women’s lacrosse) North Carolina’s Hayley Carter (women’s tennis) and Virginia’s Ratcliff (rowing).

Duke (494)
Luke Aaron 2        Lacrosse
Joey Abbate 1        Wrestling
Maddy Acton 2        Lacrosse
Eric Adams 2        Football
Trey Adamson 3        Wrestling
Johnathan Aguirre 4    Soccer
Lauren Alef 1        Rowing
Calder Alfano 1        Lacrosse
Malinda Allen 1        Soccer
Justin Amezquita 4    CC/Track/Field
Tanner Anderson 4    CC/Track/Field
Olivia Anderson 2    CC/Track/Field
Nicole Antoine 3    Rowing
Kenny Anunike 6        Football
Marcus Aprahamian 3    Football
Michael Assaraf 4    Soccer
Breanna Atkinson 2    Volleyball
Brian Atkinson 4    CC/Track/Field
Brittney Balser 3    Volleyball
Anima Banks 2        CC/Track/Field
Kane Banner 1        Football
Shariza Baranyanka 1    Fencing
Emily Barber 3        Swimming
Hannah Barreca 2    Field Hockey
Connor Bass 1        Wrestling
Kodia Baye-Cigna 4    Fencing
Allison Beattie 3    Rowing
Laetitia Beck 2        Golf
Dan Beilinson 1        Football
Alexander Belaia-Martiniouk 1    Wrestling
Abby Beltrani 3        Field Hockey
Dre Bennett 1        Football
Matt Berezo 2        Baseball
Olivia Bergesen 3    CC/Track/Field
Wylan Bernitt 3        CC/Track/Field
Ashley Berry 3        CC/Track/Field
Jordan Betts 1        Baseball
Andrew Bieber 1        Golf
Sophia Blair 3        Rowing
Lauren Blazing 3    Field Hockey
Robin Blazing 1        Field Hockey
Will Boeckman 3        Football
Parker Boehme 1        Football
Juliet Bottorff 5    CC/Track/Field
Evan Botwin 2        Wrestling
Celine Boutier 2    Golf
Samantha Bowman 1    Rowing
Hunter Bracale 1    Field Hockey
Liza Bragg 1        Swimming
Erica Brand 4        CC/Track/Field
Gabe Brandner 1        Football
Brandon Braxton 3    Football
Julia Bretz 1        Rowing
Jacques Bristow 3    Football
Christian Britto 4    CC/Track/Field
Delaney Brock 2        Swimming
Jake Brodner 1        Football
Kelby Brown 4        Football
Kyler Brown 3        Football
Johanna Burstein 1    Rowing
Jessica Buttinger 3    Field Hockey
Jake Butwin 3        Soccer
Marcus Cain 2        Wrestling
Ashley Camano 4        Field Hockey
Helen Cammerzell 1    Lacrosse
Alejandra Cangrejo 4    Golf
Beatrice Capra 1    Tennis
Jack Carey 1        Swimming
Nick Carothers 4    Fencing
Casey Carroll 3        Lacrosse
Weston Carvalho 1    CC/Track/Field
Jeremy Cash 2        Football
Grace Cassidy 4        Rowing
Grace Chang 1        CC/Track/Field
Eddie Chen 3        Fencing
Victor Chen 2        Swimming
Katherine Chernova 2    Rowing
Martine Chichizola 2    Field Hockey
Oderah Chidom 1        Basketball
Ted Cho 2        Fencing
Sandy Choi 1        Golf
Rahul Chokshi 1        Swimming
Grace Christus 3    Field Hockey
Eugene Chung 2        Fencing
Megan Clark 2        CC/Track/Field
Deemer Class 2        Lacrosse
Wade Clement 2        Soccer
Kelly Cobb 3        Soccer
Jamie Cockey 2        Football
Ross Cockrell 5        Football
Austin Cody 4        Golf
Dax Cohan 3        Lacrosse
Aaron Cohn 3        Baseball
Katy Colas 3        Soccer
John Coleman 4        Football
Jack Coleman 2        Soccer
Robert Collins 3    Football
Sarah Collins 3        Fencing
Colin Colter 3        Fencing
Caroline Conklin 2    Swimming
Chelsea Cook 4        Volleyball
Tomas Coulter 1        Soccer
Rebecca Craigie 4    CC/Track/Field
Brian Cucinelli 4    Fencing
Anthony D'Alessandro 2    Baseball
Tara Dalton 2        Rowing
Gina Daniel 1        CC/Track/Field
Austin Davis 1        Football
Sean Davis 3        Soccer
Kim DeCesare 5        Soccer
Maggie Deichmeister 3    Volleyball
Ryan Deitrich 1        Baseball
Domenick DeMatteo 4    CC/Track/Field
Jon Derlath 3        Swimming
Jordan DeWalt-Ondijo 2    Football
Chloe DiPasquale 1    Volleyball
James Doll 1        Soccer
Phoebe Donovan 1    Rowing
Will Donovan 3        Soccer
Gilda Doria 3        Soccer
Brian Dorsey 2        Wrestling
Danielle Duhl 2        Soccer
Brian Dunne 1        Lacrosse
Kelsey Duryea 1        Lacrosse
DeVon Edwards 2        Football
Nat Eggleston 3        Soccer
Grant Emrie 1        CC/Track/Field
Timothy Evans 4        Fencing
Phil Fairleigh 4    CC/Track/Field
Henry Farley 1        CC/Track/Field
Abby Farley 3        CC/Track/Field
Jake Faust 2        Wrestling
Bryon Fields 1        Football
Lucas Fisher 3        Football
Wilson Fisher 3        Soccer
Tyler Fleming 3        Swimming
Michael Foley 2        CC/Track/Field
Brendan Fowler 3    Lacrosse
Daniel Fowler 1        Lacrosse
Justin Foxx 1        Football
C.J. France 3        Football
Callie Francis 3    CC/Track/Field
Kevin Fraser 1        Swimming
Brittany Friese 1    Swimming
Jenna Frush 3        Basketball
Devon Gagliardi 5    Field Hockey
Brandon Gambucci 3    Wrestling
Justin George 2        Lacrosse
Christina Gibbons 1    Soccer
Audrey Gibson 3        Soccer
Jared Golestani 1    Soccer
Hannah Goranson 4    CC/Track/Field
Madison Granger 2    CC/Track/Field
Chelsea Gray 3        Basketball
Rebecca Greenwell 1    Basketball
Max Greyserman 1    Golf
Jaimee Gundry 2        Swimming
Kendall Gustafson 1    CC/Track/Field
Emily Hadley 2        Rowing
Kelly Hagerty 2        Swimming
Will Hahn 1        Wrestling
Josh Hairston 1        Basketball
Connor Hall 1        CC/Track/Field
Grant Hall 1        Football
Lauren Hansson 3    CC/Track/Field
Dave Harding 4        Football
Urina Harrell 2        CC/Track/Field
Will Haus 2        Lacrosse
Dillon Haviland 4    Baseball
Garrett Hayward 3    Baseball
Katie Heckman 2        Basketball
Paula Heimbach 4    Field Hockey
Carl Heinz 2        CC/Track/Field
David Helton 3        Football
Raphael Hemmeler 2    Tennis
Teddy Henderson 1    Lacrosse
William Hendrickson 2    Lacrosse
Nick Hendrix 1        Baseball
Thomas Hennessy 2    Football
Hannah Hewitt 1        Rowing
Jon Michael Hilsheimer 2    CC/Track/Field
Christopher Hipps 3    Lacrosse
JR Holloway 1        Baseball
Chris Hoover 3        Football
Elizabeth Horne 1    Rowing
Tanner Hough 3        Wrestling
Elizabeth Howell 4    Rowing
Anjelica Hubbard 1    Fencing
Robert Huber 4        Baseball
Brody Huitema 1        Soccer
Stuart Humphrey 1    Lacrosse
Audrey Huth 1        CC/Track/Field
Jamie Ikeda 2        Lacrosse
Nyall Islam 2        CC/Track/Field
Richa Jackson 2        Basketball
Remy Janco 3        Baseball
Amile Jefferson 2    Basketball
Kaki Jennison 2        Lacrosse
Marianne Jodoin 2    Tennis
Aileen Johnson 2    Field Hockey
Dezmond Johnson 4    Football
Ka'lia Johnson 2    Basketball
Karli Johonnot 3    CC/Track/Field
Dorothy Jones 1        Rowing
Irene Jung 3        Golf
Rachel Kahan 3        Tennis
Jessica Kang 2        Fencing
Sasha Karelov 1        Volleyball
Jacob Kasper 1        Wrestling
Chase Keesling 3    Soccer
Elizabeth Kerpon 3    CC/Track/Field
Kaitlyn Kerr 4        Soccer
Immanuel Kerr-Brown 1    Wrestling
Ali Kershner 3        Soccer
Amanda Kim 2        Field Hockey
Morgan Kirby 1        Lacrosse
Caroline Kiritsy 2    Rowing
Jake Kite 1        Football
Alec Klassen 2        CC/Track/Field
Hunter Knight 2        Swimming
Stefan Knight 1        Swimming
Hope Knochenhauer 1    Rowing
Chris Kono 1        Baseball
Maddie Kopp 1        CC/Track/Field
Shane Kreidel 1        CC/Track/Field
Michael Krone 3        CC/Track/Field
Joe Kruy 2        Lacrosse
Alec Kunzweiler 1    CC/Track/Field
Kelsey Lakowske 3    CC/Track/Field
Joseph Lam 1        Fencing
Eneka Lamb 2        Swimming
Chelsea Landon 3    Lacrosse
Emma Lazaroff 2        Lacrosse
Emmie Le Marchand 4    Field Hockey
Anna LeBleu 1        Rowing
Julia Lee 1        Fencing
Samantha Lee 2        Fencing
Tricia Leeson 3        Swimming
Dana Lerro 2        Rowing
Josh Levine 1        Tennis
Kevin Lewallyn 1    Baseball
Aaron Liberatore 1    CC/Track/Field
Tricia Liston 3        Basketball
Henry Lobb 1        Lacrosse
Alexander Long 1    Soccer
Mark Lumpa 3        Baseball
Meggie Lund 1        Rowing
Kate Lyons 2        Rowing
Cheng Ma 1        Fencing
Chalena Maess-Scholl 1    Tennis
Joey Maginnis 1        Swimming
Libby Malcolm 2        Fencing
Chloe Maleski 2        CC/Track/Field
Michael Mann 2        Football
Hanna Mar 4        Tennis
Chris Marconcini 1    Baseball
Ross Martin 2        Football
James Marvel 2        Baseball
Teddi Maslowski 1    CC/Track/Field
Case Matheis 1        Lacrosse
Zach Mathers 1        Soccer
Alexander Matlari 1    Golf
Michael Matuella 2    Baseball
Kerrin Maurer 2        Lacrosse
Reid Maxmin 1        Lacrosse
Max McCaffrey 2        Football
Daniel McCall 2        Tennis
Kelly McCann 2        Soccer
Megan McCarroll 3    Swimming
Corbin McCarthy 1    Football
Jordan McCarthy 2    Lacrosse
Nate McClafferty 3    CC/Track/Field
Kendall McClenney  Swimming
Nick McCrory 3        Swimming
Ali McCurdy 4        Volleyball
Courtney McDaniel 2    Soccer
Tyler McDaniel 3    Soccer
Clint McKelvey 4    CC/Track/Field
Haley Meier 1        CC/Track/Field
Tommy Meister 2        CC/Track/Field
Lexi Mendes 2        Swimming
Chris Mengel 4        Tennis
Yaroslav Merkulov 4    Golf
Alex Merrill 4        Soccer
Alex Merriman 1        Fencing
Julianna Miller 2    CC/Track/Field
Lauren Miranda 1    Rowing
Gabby Moise 1        Lacrosse
Will Monday 1        Football
Isabelle Montagne 1    Lacrosse
Christopher Monti 1    Fencing
Daniel Moore 1        CC/Track/Field
Kyle Moran 3        CC/Track/Field
Dana Morin 4        CC/Track/Field
Heather Morris 1    Field Hockey
Maddy Morrissey 4    Lacrosse
Madeline Morrow 2    CC/Track/Field
Michael Moverman 5    CC/Track/Field
Anisha Mukherjee 2    Fencing
Annie Mulholland 3    Tennis
Tara Mullen-Boustiha 2    Fencing
Lauren Musso 2        Rowing
Terrence Neal 3        CC/Track/Field
Spencer Neff 1        Wrestling
Dylan Newman 2        CC/Track/Field
Kenny Ng 2        Swimming
Dylan Nollner 1        Fencing
Jeme Obeime 2        Volleyball
Semi Ojeleye 1        Basketball
Amber Oliver 1        Rowing
Tani O'Neill 1        Rowing
Wendi Oppenheim 3    Fencing
Nick Pagliuca 1        Basketball
Nick Palodichuk 3    Soccer
Kay Palopoli 1        Rowing
Benedict Parfit 1    Swimming
Mollie Pathman 4    Soccer
Tyler Patrick 1        Wrestling
Charlie Payton 4    Lacrosse
Spencer Pecha 4        CC/Track/Field
Cassie Pecht 2        Soccer
James Peek 1        Swimming
Andy Perez 2        Baseball
Kaila Perez 2        Rowing
David Perkins 3        Baseball
Haley Peters 4        Basketball
Sydney Peterson 3    Lacrosse
Rowland Pettit 2    Lacrosse
Bruno Henrique Pinto Semenzato 2    Tennis
Simone Pitre 1        Rowing
Cole Plambeck 1        Swimming
Katherine Plevka 3    Swimming
Anthony Pollizzi 4    CC/Track/Field
Shaquille Powell 1    Football
Alex Prezioso 1        Lacrosse
Meghan Price 2        Swimming
Ryan Prince 2        Swimming
Nick Prys 3        Soccer
TJ Pura 1        Tennis
Kirby Quinn 1        Swimming
Rebecca Quinn 1        Soccer
Molly Quirke 4        Lacrosse
Lizzy Raben 1        Soccer
Xavi Ramos 1        Wrestling
Avery Rape 4        Soccer
Ben Raskin 4        CC/Track/Field
Michael Redlicki 2    Tennis
DJ Reeves 3        Football
Luis Rendon 1        Soccer
Brenna Rescigno 3    Field Hockey
Gregory Rhodes 2    Lacrosse
Michael Ricaurte 2    Golf
Garrett Rider 4        Football
Cody Robinson 3        Football
Ian Rock 1        CC/Track/Field
Spencer Rogers 4    Football
Sam Roh 2        Fencing
Julie Rohde 2        Rowing
Robert Rohner 1        CC/Track/Field
William Rooney 2    CC/Track/Field
Alexis Roper 3        CC/Track/Field
Laura Rosas 1        Rowing
Destiny Roseman 4    CC/Track/Field
Mike Rosenfeld 4    Baseball
McKay Ross 3        Field Hockey
Jessie Rubin 4        CC/Track/Field
Josh Ruffin 1        Baseball
Devon Russell 1        Lacrosse
Paige Russell 1        Lacrosse
Dylan Ryan 3        Wrestling
Clay Sanders 3        Swimming
Alessio Santoro 2    Fencing
Sydney Sarmiento 4    Football
Alex Sauciuc 4        Soccer
Claire Scarrone 1    Lacrosse
Ben Scharf 2        Lacrosse
Lindsay Schlichte 1    Swimming
Colleen Schmidt 3    CC/Track/Field
Erich Schneider 2    Football
Brian Schoepfer 2    CC/Track/Field
Tanner Scott 2        Lacrosse
Cherry Seaborn 1    Field Hockey
Heather Seeley 2    Rowing
Brian Self 3        Wrestling
Miray Seward 4        CC/Track/Field
Hayley Shaffer 1    Lacrosse
John Shaffer 2        Lacrosse
Ashleigh Shanley 1    Swimming
Rod Shayesteh 3        Fencing
Sam Sherman 1        Swimming
Stephen Shine 1        CC/Track/Field
Kyler Shumway 4        CC/Track/Field
Krysia Sikora 1        Soccer
Perry Simmons 5        Football
Thomas Sirk 2        Football
Alexander Skidmore 1    Football
Emily Sklar 1        Volleyball
Stephanie Skove 3    CC/Track/Field
Matt Skura 1        Football
Matt Slotnick 3        Soccer
Kelci Smesko 2        Lacrosse
Alyssa Smith 1        Tennis
Brigid Smith 3        Lacrosse
Wyatt Smith 1        Football
Josh Snead 4        Football
Abby Snyder 2        CC/Track/Field
Sarah Soltis 4        Swimming
Rita Somogyi 1        Fencing
Nicolette Sorensen 1    CC/Track/Field
Sophia Sourlis 4    Lacrosse
Turner Southey-Gordon 3    Golf
Mack Sovereign 3    Football
Sophia Staal 3        Rowing
Conner Stevens 2    Baseball
Danny Stirt 1        Football
Tara Stokes 4        Lacrosse
Tanner Stone 2        Football
Alex Stonehill 2    Rowing
Savannah Story 1    Field Hockey
Alex Straton 4        Soccer
Christine Streisel 1    CC/Track/Field
Luke Suchomel 3        Swimming
Chris Sullivan 4    Fencing
Shannon Sullivan 4    CC/Track/Field
Jessie Sutherland 1    Swimming
Jason Tahir 3        Tennis
Kaz Takabayashi 1    Swimming
Lucas Talavan-Becker 4    CC/Track/Field
Erin Tenneson 3        Lacrosse
Meghan Thomas 4        Soccer
Angel Thompson 3    Lacrosse
Juwan Thompson 3    Football
Shaun Thompson 3    CC/Track/Field
Ryan Thompson 2        Soccer
Francesca Tocci 4    Swimming
Tyler Toren 3        Swimming
Tripp Transou 1        Lacrosse
Katie Trees 3        Lacrosse
Taylor Trimble 3    Lacrosse
Emma Tucci 4        Lacrosse
Jordan Tucker 1        Volleyball
Mary Tung 4        Fencing
Kyle Turri 2        Lacrosse
Blake Udland 2        CC/Track/Field
Sarah Urdahl 2        Field Hockey
Christian Vail 2    CC/Track/Field
Garrett Van de Ven 1    Lacrosse
Drew Van Orden 2    Baseball
Claire Vannelli 3    Rowing
Surya Veerabagu 1    Rowing
Adriaan Venter 1    Swimming
Taylor Virden 4        Lacrosse
Christina Vucich 2    Volleyball
Karolina Wadolowska 3    Rowing
Kelsey Wagner 1        Field Hockey
Sarah Wall 2        Rowing
Brendan Walsh 3        Wrestling
Christian Walsh 4    Lacrosse
Brandon Watkins 1    Football
Lauren Weaver 1        Swimming
Laura Weinberg 4    Soccer
Gabrielle Weiss 1    Rowing
Brianna Welch 4        CC/Track/Field
Kyle Wellner 1        Football
Chloe Wells 1        Basketball
Colette Whitney 3    CC/Track/Field
Jake Wiener 2        Fencing
Caroline Williams 2    Rowing
Deion Williams 1    Football
Elizabeth Williams 3    Basketball
Kelsey Williams 3    Volleyball
Laura Williams 2    Volleyball
Tabria Williford 2    Soccer
Jack Willoughby 3    Football
Kara Wilson 2        Soccer
Mary Wilson 2        Rowing
Michael Wilson 1    CC/Track/Field
Jack Wise 3        Football
Christine Wixted 3    Swimming
Colleen Wixted 1    Swimming
AJ Wolf 2        Football
Jordan Wolf 4        Lacrosse
Rachel Wolsfelt 2    Rowing
Marcus Wright 4        CC/Track/Field
Michael Wright 2    Wrestling
Yi Xiao 2        Golf
Ian Yanulis 1        Lacrosse
Motin Yeung 2        Golf
Emmeline Yoo 1        Fencing
Anthony Young-Wiseman 1    Football
Ethan Yu 1        Fencing
Todd Zafirovski 5    Basketball
Thomas Zenker 1        Lacrosse
Judy Zhu 1        Rowing
Sophia Ziemian 1    CC/Track/Field