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Release: 06/23/2011
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Kyrie Irving
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BRISTOL, Conn. - Kyrie Irving is the presumed top pick in Thursday's NBA draft, a 6-foot-2, 180-pound fleet-footed point guard who played one season at Duke and made an immediate impact despite playing in only 11 games.

Irving is just 19 but has plenty of insight into professional basketball. His father, Drederick, is the second-leading scorer in Boston University history and played professionally in Australia, where Kyrie was born. Kyrie's godfather (who he refers to as his uncle) is former NBA star Rod Strickland, who grew up with Drederick in the Bronx and has been a sounding board throughout Kyrie's rise to prominence.

With draft day approaching, Kyrie spoke to Page 2 during a visit to ESPN this week about the draft process, his rumored singing ability, and what it's like to see himself in a video game for the first time.

You don't know officially where you'll be living in two weeks. How much have you thought about how everything's going to change?
It's something that I give thought about countless hours of the day. You know, I don't like to bring my age up, but it's something I have to, just considering I think about the world and how many 19-year-olds are going to be living alone and making millions of dollars at such a young age. It's absurd to think about. But it's a situation that I'm ready to tackle. It's just an opportunity of a lifetime. It's really special for me, because everything's going to come at me at once. You have to just take everything in and experience it.

This has been a great run for point guards, and a lot of people say the NBA is a point guard's league now. Do you agree?
I definitely agree. A lot of people say I'm going to be the fifth or sixth point guard drafted, if I do go No. 1. The sixth point guard in the last 35 years. [Ed. note: Point guards selected No. 1 overall in that span: John Lucas, Magic Johnson, Allen Iverson, Derrick Rose, John Wall.] Those point guards right there, being in that company, is special. The point guards in the league now, it's a different level. A different level of athleticism, a different level of quickness.

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