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Quotes: Duke 69, WSSU 45
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/01/2012
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“Winston-Salem State did a really good job of running their offense, and you have to defend it for a longer period of time. When we played Western Washington on Saturday they were a little more quick-hitting. This team tried to break you down, and overall we did a good job on the initial shot. The last two games we have given up too many offensive rebounds but one thing, what an incredible performance by [Wykevin] Bazemore. He was the rookie of the year last year, a third of their offensive rebounds as a freshman and today he was spectacular.  He has got to be only 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5 but he was all over the place. That is one of the reasons that we didn’t rebound as well is that kid was really hungry. We obviously missed a lot of inside shots – we probably missed seven or eight shots that were right at the bucket, so when you evaluate an offense, it is where you get the shots. I would think we are normally going to hit those. When you hit it, it looks a lot cleaner. The three-point shooting, I don’t know if we broke a record here for lowest percentage – 1-for-17. I’m not worried about Seth [Curry], that is the first time he has played since September 10. He had good shots, and now we can evaluate his leg after playing like this, it is more for him to get minutes. I am not worried about him, but we need to complete plays. We are going to give our guys three days off now, we have gone real hard. It is probably a good time to take a quick break and then come back on Monday and get four days of preparation before we open up on Friday night.”

On preseason play:
“It has been pretty good. Nothing great but nothing bad. We have a lot of young guys. If Curry is there and we can start three seniors then everything is going to look a lot better. Basically we have been practicing since October 11th with eight guys. Eight guys who can play. Todd [Zafirovski] and Rodney [Hood] make it 10. It has been very unusual, and based on that it has been pretty good. I think our kids have great attitudes. Ryan [Kelly] is not going to go 0-for-7. Ryan is a very good player. I think overall it is not bad, we just need to keep getting experience. Our two freshmen have played outstanding in the first two ballgames. Rasheed [Sulaimon] and Amile [Jefferson] play with great enthusiasm. They have been key guys, so that has been a real plus in these first two games.”

On Rasheed Sulaimon:
“He is going to be a really good player. Not a good one, a really good one. He is already a good player, and it is just a matter of getting more experience.”

On Amile Jefferson:
“Amile is that guy who doesn’t have a position. He plays the big, perimeter, but you know – you are watching the game. When he comes in, the life meter goes up. He is more enthusiastic than the crowd. He is not watching the game, he is playing the game, and he is playing the game with gusto, so those two kids have been terrific.”

On Mason Plumlee:
“Mason has been really good. He has had 22 and 11, 19 and 10. That is who he is. I think that is the norm, and I think he has the chance to have the pop in a game and go for more, so I like where he is at.”

On the Blue Devils’ defense entering tonight’s game:
“First of all try not to let anyone beat you on drives. Just more aggressiveness on the defensive side. I think we showed that. As these guys get a little bit older, the freshmen, I thought they could have a few more steals. And when we do steal it, our fast break offense was horrible. We had six or seven fast breaks where we had nothing from it. The main thing is just complete the play, and that is the defensive rebound. Up until that point, I thought we were really good defensively, real good, but then we broke down some. They scored 45 points.”

On concerns with first half:
“I didn’t think we finished well. In both of the games, I think we left a lot of points on the floor that are makeable. Not open shots. You can miss jump shots, but stuff around the basket or fast breaks. We need to be more efficient with that. We start the second half, and went into Ryan three straight times and I thought it should have given us seven points. It gave us two. When we go to that guy, if he is in a good spot, we need to put the ball in the basket. But then again it is November 1, that’s why we play. You have to get accustomed to game situations.”

Duke Senior Ryan Kelly
“I think defense was really our point of emphasis coming into this game.  We felt we hadn’t played great defense in our first exhibition game.  We certainly improved a lot there.  We’ve been working on it the last few days a lot, and you could see the improvements right away from the jump.  Obviously we’ve got to play better.  There were times during the game where, offensively and defensively, it wasn’t clicking.  But it’s another step, and when we put everything together we believe we’re going to be really good.”

Duke Senior Seth Curry
On seeing his first exhibition action:
“It was great.  I was really excited about being out there, actually playing five-on-five.  It’s the first time I’ve played five-on-five in like a month.  It’s good to get out there and play with my teammates and get competitive.”

“[The biggest struggle] was just my rhythm.  I had no rhythm out there because I haven’t played five-on-five.  I’ve just being doing nothing for the past month, so I had no rhythm and it was tough to get a feel for it.  But toward the end I kind of got more aggressive and I felt much better.  I’ve got a lot of confidence after this game that I’ll be able to practice more and be ready for the first game.”

“I felt fine defensively.  I didn’t have too much pain at all.  I really wanted to play tonight just to kind of get a rhythm, and I didn’t want my first actual game to be the way I played today.  It’s good to get out there and get up and down the court and actually play five-on-five.”

Duke Freshman Amile Jefferson
“We wanted to stress and [put an] emphasis on defense, and I thought we came out of the gates and played really well on the defensive end and let that translate into our offense.  We held them to 13 points at halftime.  I thought we also played really well together as a team, everyone getting each other involved.  I just wanted to come out there and bring as much energy as possible and do everything I could to help the team get this victory today.”

On Duke’s shooting struggles:

“We’re going to keep shooting that ball.  Shooters don’t remember the last shot that they missed.  They just remember the ones they make, so that’s what we’re going to keep doing.  We’re going to keep putting them up, they’re going to start to fall, and we’re going to be hard to beat.”

On his adjustment to the college level:
“Being here over the summer, through the fall, and now finally getting to play with these guys, I think it’s all coming together.  I’m really comfortable on the floor right now, just bringing energy, being big, using my length to make distractions, get rebounds, try and run the floor, and really just play to the best of my abilities.”

Winston-Salem State Head Coach Bobby Collins
Opening Statement:
“Well our game plan was initially that we had to contain their transition, we had to limit them to one shot and we had to value the basketball. We did that in spurts. When we weren’t able to control their transition baskets, they scored. They got their run in that little stretch. I was proud of my guys for just fighting and scratching and giving us a chance to just be in the game and compete. First half, we couldn’t hit any shots. They did a good job of defending us, taking away our offensive sets. That is something we take a lot of pride on, is executing and they were taking that away from us today. They are Duke. They are long, athletic and they are strong. It showed when we were trying to execute our plays. I was extremely proud of Wykevin Bazemore, being 6-3 playing the three and four for us having 17 rebounds. He just has a motor that won’t quit. I just have to get the rest of the guys to have that same motor and to compete and scrap the same way.”

On what you get out of this game:

“We know what we have to work on against teams that are stronger, faster and bigger. We have to do a better job of being disciplined offensively. I don’t think we stayed with our offensive sets long enough. Defensively, I thought we scrapped and we gave up some easy baskets. If we played defense for 35 seconds, they found the open man. They were able to execute. They made some plays when they needed to.”

On effectiveness in second half:
“I thought our guys relaxed a little more. At halftime we made some adjustments and told them to just go and trust the offense a little more. Trust the offense and trust your teammates. Make the extra pass. We started doing that in the second half and we were able to get some offensive put backs. I think when we score, we are a very good team. I know we can defend and there is a lot of things that we do defensively, but Duke is so talented that I know they would have found the open man every time we scrambled, so we didn’t go to our scramble game. We played straight man-to-man and I thought we had a lot on them in that second half.”

On holding Duke to 1-for-17 from three:
“Well we were 2-11, so I don’t know what was going on with the ball not going into the basket. We know they can shoot the basketball. We made it tough for them, every catch we challenged every three they had. I thought our defense was pretty good tonight.”

On CIAA and confidence going forward:
“Our conference is pretty tough, much tougher than most people think. The CIAA is a very, very tough conference and we don’t take any of them for granted. Shaw is a very talented basketball team, Bowie is a very talented basketball team. They have size, they have guards that can shoot the basketball, they are scrappy. Our league is a very, very tough league and we have to come and play every night. Obviously, this gives us some confidence, but we know what we have to get better at.”

Winston Salem State Guard  Wykevin Bazemore
On Seeing Duke and the experience:
“It was a great experience, coming into Cameron. This is my second time playing here, my first time with all of the Crazies. It was just a good experience. Like coach said, we just have to execute our offense. Our defense was pretty tough considering they were Duke. We just have to execute our offense and go from here.”

On Duke’s size:
“We watch Duke on TV all the time. We pretty much see their size. We knew we would have to fight and work. We knew we would just have to fight and outwork them.”