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Quotes: Duke 111, Davidson 77
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/08/2013
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“We played we really well.  We beat a very good team.  A coach that I respect as much as any. He’s a great friend.  He has great teams.  I think his team this year will be an outstanding team.  We were really good tonight.  We just had great energy, the place had great energy, we shared the ball really well, we didn’t turn it over, we put a lot of pressure on their outside shooting, and they missed some that they would normally hit.  But they were only 3-for-21 from three and if we can hold down their threes then we have a better chance of beating them.  [De’Mon] Brooks was really good, which we expected but we didn’t want to over help with him, because then if he did score it was two points, although they add up too, but not as much as the threes.  If they start hitting threes, it gets really contagious and Bobby [McKillop]’s teams always play with a good verve.  They’ll push it not matter what the score is.  They play hard, they got within 17 there and  hit two straight threes in the second half, and I thought our guys responded with four of the best minutes we played to actually then go up about 23, 24.  That was a point there Davidson was gonna be right there, if they got a stop and another three it’s a little bit of a different game. People see the score and say ‘boy they blew them out’ but that’s not the case. In the last 10 minutes they didn’t hit and we hit, so you’ve got that working margin.  I’m proud of my guys.  They’ve got the day off tomorrow, practice on Sunday and Monday, and then we go to Chicago and have a pretty big game against Kansas.  These first two games especially, are big time games for us.”

On the team’s offensive firepower:
 “I mentioned after we played Drury that when we played them, they scored but you don’t know who scored and I thought our team was like that tonight.  We just shared the ball quickly and scored pretty fast and all of the sudden you got points, you got 59 points in a half, but we shared it well.  And we didn’t turn it over, we only had four turnovers and 16 assists. The shooting percentage was really high although they weren’t layups. Did we shoot better from the field then we did from the free throw line? Yeah, we did.  We were hot so, but again I thought we shared the ball real well, and because we were playing so hard defensively, we were kind of better offensively as a result.”  

On his message when Davidson pulled within 17:
“I didn’t think we were approaching the second half defensively with the same intensity we approached the first.  I thought we were offensively, and it was going we score, you score, they just scored two threes and we went under both of the ball screens, and you know they can shoot the heck out of it and that wasn’t what we were doing in the game until then.  So they just started defending it the right way, and then they missed and we hit. Rahseed [Sulaimon] had a heck of a game. There was a thing we went to with Raheed and they had a hard time stopping. He either scored or got his teammate a bucket, it was a little bit like the Ohio state game where we hit that flurry, and there was something that he had going that just made the whole team better. He played well tonight.”

On Rasheed Sulaimon’s role in the offense:
“Rasheed, he has had a good week. I think he is finally in good shape.  Rasheed had a great week of practice, and he is an explosive player, he is a really good player. We should expect him to play at the level he played tonight, and that was a big pick-me-up for us.”  

On biggest defensive improvements since exhibition games:
“We didn’t pick up full court, in the two exhibition games we were kinda all over the court, and we were using energy, and not getting anything for it. So we picked up at three-quarter court and just tried to lock in on people, and that’s how we practiced all week. That doesn’t mean we’ll never press, but we can’t press them, they get it in so fast. They scored in about two seconds that one play in the first half, and almost scored again.”      

Duke Redshirt Sophomore Rodney Hood
“We got a lot of shots and we played together.  We had 16 assists to four turnovers, so we really shared the ball tonight and took care of the ball.  It was a great offensive effort, and we played great defense too.”

“There’s going to be nights like this, but we’ve got to continue to prepare like we did this past week.  We didn’t play like we wanted to against Drury in the exhibition game, and we had a great week of preparation.  And when we prepare well, we’ll be fine in the game.”

“We still have a long way to go as far as where we’re going to be, but we have to change some habits, and today we played a lot better offensively.  We weren’t stagnant like we were in the exhibition game.”

On the upcoming matchup with Kansas:
“[Tonight’s game] was a great lead-in game.  Kansas runs some of the same sets, and they have a lot of great athletes.  They have some shooters but they’ve got a lot of great athletes, so we have to prepare, be smarter than them, and be quicker to the ball.”

Duke Freshman Jabari Parker
On such a big and efficient win over Davidson:
“Our fans played a big role in that.  It was just so great playing in Cameron, getting the crowd and the whole emotion.  And we showed the product out on the floor.  The first win is very important.  We can build blocks from there.  I think that we build a good foundation right now, and we just keep on going and try to build the biggest tower that we can.”

On the adjustment to playing the four position at Duke:
“[Coach Mike Krzyzewski] is just putting me everywhere on the floor, not having a primary position.  With the structure of our offense, I get to go inside-out and that’s what I’m comfortable with.  I feel comfortable playing [at the elbow] too, because the help side is on the other side of the floor, and it gives me the whole baseline.  If [the defense tries] to come in, I know I have help with my team spotting up.”

On the return to his hometown of Chicago for the upcoming matchup with Kansas:
“I need to just keep the game plan and don’t go outside of what we want to do.  I know I’ve got individual goals, but I have to put that aside.  What’s more important is the team.  There are no individual matchups, [just] Duke versus Kansas.  I’m going to take my guys, and our captains – I’m going to lean on their backs – and we’re going to come out with a win.”

Duke Sophomore Amile Jefferson
“I picked up two quick [fouls].  It’s just those quick fouls at the beginning of games that can sit you for a while.  And once you’re set, you can get out of a rhythm.  They’re really emphasizing hand checking and putting your hands on somebody, so just being smart and playing smart basketball with no ticky-tack fouls [is key].”

“It was amazing.  I was so happy with the way we played.  Our guys, everyone who came in, came in emotionally ready, mentally ready, and just prepared, ready to do whatever it takes for us to win.  When we’re playing together we just look good.  We’re a machine when we’re playing together just because we can rotate guys in, we can switch, and we can just move around the basketball court so fluently.  It looks really good.”

“We didn’t miss a beat today, especially offensively.  We shared the ball, we moved the ball, and we hit a look of shots.  But we took great shots, and when you take good shots you get a better outcome.  Our ability to move, to pass, to play as a team – it was something special.”  

On the upcoming matchup with Kansas:
“I think Tuesday night’s game will be a lot more physical, so I just have to play smart, stay out of foul trouble early, and just be ready to do whatever it takes to win.  Rebounding is going to be key for us in this game, but we’re going to be able to run and play our style of play.  Hopefully we play as one unit as we did tonight.”

Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop
Opening Statement:
“That was a rather impressive display of offensive fire power.  And, of course, with Duke they make it a one side of the court game.  They certainly had the same kind of tenacity on defense as they always have.  Their ability to do things with the dribble and off the catch, and in as many spots as they did, it’s pretty darn impressive.  When you have six guys that knock down 3’s, and the same six guys get four or five foul shots each, it gives you an indication that they aren’t just catch shooters but they are able to create with the dribble.  When they have that many guys being able to do that, it’s a match up nightmare, as it was for us tonight.”

On what the team needs to work on coming out of this game:
“Defending dribble penetration and we have been working on that since August.  They were able to capitalize because they could pick out the guy they wanted, and take advantage of him.  I think it is a terrific versatile team Duke has, and just sensational when they shot the ball today.”

On Duke’s defense at the end of the game:
“I don’t think there was a relaxation on the defensive intensity from Duke.  They pushed our offense away from the basket.  This was a superb performance defensively and offensively for Duke.”

On positives taken from this game:
 “Experience. The experience of seeing how good a team is, and what you have to do to play against great teams.”

On Tyler Kalinoski’s role:
“He is the master of every little thing that every coach wants.  He gets his fingers on a lot of balls.  I’m just thrilled with the way he played today.  He’s a warrior, and he does every little thing you ask.”

On playing to win:
“Playing to win is the only way to make your team better.  Let’s face it, for us all the marbles occur in March with our conference tournament.  We realize when we play these teams they expose us. For us to walk the ball up the court, and play a game that is not our style is a sign of immediate surrender for us.”