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Quotes: Duke 80, Maryland 72
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/22/2012
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening statement:

"That was a great women's basketball game. It was just great to have that in Cameron. The crowd was incredible. The quality of the game was one of the highest quality games I can remember since I've had the good fortune of coaching in Cameron, relative to shooting percentages, relative to attack and all those kinds of things. I'm exceptionally proud of our team in terms of how we fought. Maryland's a great team. They're a very good team, and we found ways to make differences and plays and to make key plays at critical times. I can't say enough about Chelsea [Gray] relative to her IQ and trying to manage the game, especially down the stretch. I thought that was phenomenal for her. I always want her to rebound more, but I guess since she's getting all those assists she's kind of busy. But just a phenomenal game by Chelsea there in terms of game management. And from Elizabeth [Williams]'s standpoint, handling so much pressure, double team and a lot of physical play, but finding a way to execute and find her teammates and make the game better. Great scoring balance for us. Rebounding might have been the difference in the game. This is going to be a great, great opportunity for us to learn and get better when we watch some of this on film."

On the performance of Haley Peters:

"Just tremendous in her competitive spirit. You could see her competing out there. Obviously great efficiency with her shooting as you see there, picking up rebounds, playing both the four and the three, so switching up in the game different positions. Cannot say enough about Haley. And her leadership and her competitive fire. She was really, really into it and really focused on both sides of the ball."

On the team's rebounding statistics:

"We read that in the locker room - four, five, eight, five, five, five, three. When you do things as a team, you're powerful. We can do better, I think, but that was a great start for us. And I think it was everybody's business to get rebounds. It was everybody's business to be on the D board and not leak out and try to get out of there without getting the basketball first. I thought that was great. And the O boards show a little gumption too. We'd like to get more than 16, but that was a great 16 to get. That's important. That's just staring at our team right now. When you look at these stats and you see how fundamentally equal they are until you get to rebounding, that's telling a lot of the story."

On her relationship with Gray when it comes to play calling:

"We're working together, but Chelsea's really elevating in her understanding of things. She speaks up and we just have a rule of thumb - if there's a call on the floor, Chelsea calls it, you always go with Chelsea's call. I may have a different one. Maybe I'm thinking something on the sideline, but great players, great point guards have a way of handling games. And Chelsea's getting there. Very strong sense of the game and when to do what and the timing piece. And so I've just got to be kind of right there with her and make sure I help when I can. But I'm very, very confident in Chelsea. I've never seen this young of a point guard have this much up there, not as a sophomore. These are things you see as a junior, as a senior, generally speaking."

On the balanced scoring attack:

"It does show ability. You never know where the scoring's going to come from. It's always better if everybody attacks - it's always better, in every situation. I thought Allison [Vernerey], boy did she make a lot of her minutes. Fifteen minutes - she was damaging. She was really damaging. If we take that mindset and if it can be that mindset for everybody, we can be a very dangerous team. This makes us very dangerous, and that's where we want to stay. That's exactly what we want to be."

On the low number of turnovers:

"I know - isn't that lovely? I know that at halftime we almost had none. We had four in the last two minutes - we were goofing around in the last two minutes of the first half. We almost came into the locker room with two or one in the first half. But they only had 10 too. It was that kind of game. It wasn't like the ball was being thrown all over the place. But it was a great basketball game. You love to see that because it means you got opportunities to score and that's always good."


Sophomore Center Elizabeth Williams

On what she learned in the first few minutes of the game:

"It was definitely a battle inside. I either had to make a quick move so I didn't get doubled, or be patient. I was able to pass the ball to Haley (Peters) a couple of times for open looks. That's really what I try to do, just be smart in those situations."

On building confidence in recent games:

"To be a successful player you are going to need to have confidence in yourself because you are going to be going against top players in every game. If you can put it in your mind that you are able to hang with those players or even do better than them then it really gets you pumped to try to play your hardest."

On the importance of staying out of foul trouble:

"It was really important. I think that in a game like this it is important to have all of your post players playing the minutes they are capable of playing. I put it on myself not to get into foul trouble."


Sophomore Guard Chelsea Gray

On whether Haley Peters was open more often than usual:

"She did an excellent job of basing up. She was open on the high post and short corner a lot. The defense was collapsing on Elizabeth (Williams) or extending out so I was able to fire it in there and she did a great job in there."

On the play call for her final field goal:

"Coach made a great play call. Everyone shifted to the strong side and I knew I was by myself and was able to spin back into the middle. We had 20 seconds on the shot clock so if I wasn't open I would have pulled it out and ran another set."

On play call responsibilities:

"Coach gives me a lot of confidence to play call, whether it is running the floor or just directing everyone where to be. Throughout the game it just depends on what opens up. I try to make the same play calls that she would make in different sets. It just flows throughout the game and changes." 


Maryland head coach Brenda Frese:

Opening statement:

"I thought it was a really hard fought game. I'm proud of our kids in terms of how they came in here and competed, but obviously it comes down to defense and rebounding to win games, and we weren't very good in either area today. Credit Duke, I thought they were sensational on the offensive end. They were able to make plays, they were really unselfish, they shared the basketball. They're a very good team."

On Maryland's trouble rebounding against Duke:

"They have similar length and athleticism and both teams could match each other. I thought Duke was really aggressive and they were able to get a lot of loose plays around the rim."

On scoreless stretch early in the second half:

"You can't go for stretches like that on the road and not get scores, especially if you're not getting stops on the defensive end."

On the defense on Duke's Elizabeth Williams:

"In the first half we were in serious foul trouble with our bigs. Then we came at her with the double team, but Duke did a nice job adjusting to the high post shot for Haley Peters, and she was able to get some easy looks."

On difficulty of playing in Cameron Indoor compared to the rest of the ACC:

"It's definitely one of the toughest, one of the hottest. I would put it right up there, because of the intimacy in how close everybody is on the floor. It's difficult at times to be heard, especially when you have a cold and you're trying to yell at your players and their band is on top of you. It's a terrific place to come in and play.

Sophomore forward Alyssa Thomas:

On scoreless stretch early in the second half:

"We couldn't even get a layup there for a while, it was frustrating. We didn't let it get to us and responded, but it wasn't enough to take the lead."