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Quotes: Women’s Blue/White Scrimmage
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/28/2007
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Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening Statement
“I just thought it was a great first-time event for these women.  It was interesting to see all the different combinations of players, and to be in a game day atmosphere.  The film will be extremely important t us, as we break that down and analyze it to help us get better.  Loved the crowd, loved the support, and now the inaugural Blue and White Scrimmage has happened.”

Was that first blue team lineup the starting lineup for the season?
“It is at the moment, but we’ll analyze this game and see what needs to be done.  Abby, Wanisha, Joy, and Karima did a particularly solid job.  Karima had 12 rebounds, and that was a stellar performance that certainly drew my attention.  Chante [Black] had 8.  I was looking to see how hard people would play and who would stick out.  Those four stuck out to me.”

Speaking of Chante, this was the first time she’s played in a game situation in a year.  How would you say she did?
“I was so impressed with Te’s [Chante Black] intensity.  We wanted to test our girls, and see how they dealt with fatigue and things like that.  And she seemed to get stronger as the game went on, and that’s a very exciting prospect for us.” 

What did you think of the freshmen?
“Well Karima Christmas looked like she could go all day, and she wasn’t even in her top gear.  I was very impressed with her efforts.  Jasmine did a great job also, looking at the rebounds, and leading us in assists.  Now Krystal had seven rebounds, most of them coming later.  I think she was quite intimidating defensively, with four blocks.  All three had their moments, definitely, and it was a very positive experience.”

Senior Wanisha Smith

How was it to be coached for the first time in a game situation by Coach McCallie?
“She really talked to us during halftime, but the atmosphere was great. This was the beginning of a great thing for our women’s basketball program; we were very impressed by the number of people that showed up today.  We played pretty hard.  I would categorize it as a success; I would just hope the fan and students continue to support us.”

What did you think about the freshmen basketball players today?
“I thought they did a really good job.  Everyone on the team has a lot of versatility and I think it all showed today.”

As a senior this year, is there anything you’re doing differently?
“Just trying to take every opportunity to the max.  It’s my senior year, and I don’t want to miss out on anything.  My teammates are really going to help me out on that during the season.”

Junior Abby Waner

How was it to be coached by Coach McCallie? 
“I think she did a really great job, starting with yesterday.  One of the things she wants to do is really to promote our team, and put us out there in the public.  She was the emcee for the college game day, and she did a great job.  I think her personality just attracts people, and that’s really mainly what she did this weekend, because it was mostly our assistant coaches that coached us for this scrimmage.  It’s already very apparent to us that she’s really trying to connect the two programs [men and women’s basketball], and I think she’s doing a great job.”

What did you think about the freshmen?
“I think they did great.  It’s always really fun in the Blue and White, because the freshmen will go all out.  I think Jasmine [Thomas] really showed her quickness; she’s an extremely talented athlete.  Krystal [Thomas]...I was afraid to go into the lane, because I didn’t want my shot blocked to the third row.  She’s going to be such a presence for us on the inside.  And then Karima [Christmas], her athleticism is unreal.  I think she had a couple of steals, and definitely a couple on me.  They’re a great addition to our team, and now it’s just a matter of putting it all together.”