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Quotes: Duke 92, Pitt 43
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/04/2011
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening statement:
"I'm really proud of how our team attacked today - really aggressive - some good things out there - sharing the basketball - 27 assists, that's terrific. Staying focused and not worrying about the scoreboard too much. Having seven people in double figures shows tremendous balance and opportunity. Chelsea [Gray] - not surprised at all. She has a variety of skill sets and today obviously she put a lot of things together. The way I look at it, Chelsea's ability [allows] her do a lot of things and will continue to do so. It's very exciting."

On the team briefly losing focus after building a large lead...
"We just wanted to stay aggressive and stay attacking. At halftime, we only had shot five free throws. We only had nine offensive rebounds. We wanted to jack it up more. We talked about the fact that they had four offensive rebounds on one possession; we nit-pick at things. Overall, I thought it was a good, strong performance. Certainly there are things we can learn from, but we always challenge ourselves to push it up a notch."

On increased playing time for Richa Jackson and Tricia Liston...
"All year long, Tricia and Richa have been right there. Tricia's had some big games and Richa has been there as well. I don't get caught up in lineups or anything like that. They're doing a great job attacking and getting more comfortable as the year goes."

On Amber Henson's playing time...
"She's just learning how to stay in the moment more and understand what we're doing out there. I think she's coming along nicely, but it's a process to learn this game at this level. You can see that with our young players; not always finishing a shot or something of that nature; really learning the tempo and the physical nature of it."


Sophomore Chelsea Gray

On her triple double:
"I came out with 10 minutes to go and Coach put me back in a couple of minutes later. Coach Candice [Jackson] told me to get two rebounds. I looked up and saw I had eight rebounds so I just went after it."

Were you actively looking to get everyone into double digits in scoring?
"I was just trying to get everyone involved. As a point guard that is your job from the gate. Some times you look for your teammates, sometimes you look for yourself. From the start that was what I was trying to do."


Pittsburgh Head Coach Agnus Berenato

Opening Statement:

"These kids are youngsters, seventeen and eighteen. To say that we are going to play one of the top ten teams in the country, these kids are really good. At the same time I wasn't going to come in and have a practice at Cameron and not be an educator. We talked about the tradition here. I think that that is what we are trying to create and to build. I just wanted these freshmen and sophomores to say "Look! Okay! Just take it chill." I thought Joanne [P. McCallie] was a very gracious host. She took her press off and her man to man off. She played all of her players. I've been there and I've done that and you have to remember that this game is for the student athletes. So I have to compliment Coach. At the same time, I thought both teams were working very hard and playing very hard until the very end. You just hope that you learn. I said to my point guard with about 12 minutes left, 'Okay Brie, this is just practice.' We don't have players like this; we don't have guy players like this. So just focus and try to learn one thing."

On Cora McManus vs. Elizabeth Williams:

"She hurt her shoulder about four weeks ago and just came back last game. She has only had four days practice and is obviously out of shape. I am really proud of Cora; I thought she did a great job. She had 12 rebounds, nine points, no turnovers, and two steals in 22 minutes so I am proud of her."

On using current games to build for the future:

"I wrote it on the board today, we are preparing for the future. I love this team, I really do. I don't know what we are going to do in the win-loss column but I have to tell you I love this team. I think that you can tell them anything you want and they will say "Yes, Coach!' It is really a pleasure working with them and coaching them. It was a great experience for us. This is what I want my kids to see. We just have to keep talking to them about a puzzle. They are all different pieces of a puzzle and we just have to keep putting the puzzle together. By January we are sophomores, by February we hope we are sophomores and a half. Right now I can't go into Duke and say it is about the win. We had some great bright spots today."