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Oklahoma State-DePaul Quotes
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/23/2013
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First Round • No. 10 DePaul vs. No. 7 Oklahoma State
Cameron Indoor Stadium • Durham, N.C.
Saturday, March 23

Oklahoma State Head Coach Jim Littell
On winning the WNIT title last year and thought process coming into this season:
“Well, we are building a program. Winning the WNIT helped us gain six more games last year in a tournament setting. I believe it was a definite help for our team this year. The natural progression was for us to build from winning the WNIT last year to making the NCAA tournament this year and hopefully winning some games in the NCAA tournament.”

On challenges DePaul brings to the table:
“First of all, Coach Bruno does a really good job, their team is very well coached. They can score in five different positions; they bring some tournament experience in as Doug [Bruno] has had a lot of teams in the NCAA tournament. They are very effective off the dribble drive; they are very good in transition. It presents some challenges that they can score in multiple ways.

On opportunity to play in a place like Cameron Indoor Stadium:
“We are excited about it. We came in here a few years ago, but a lot of our players haven’t come in here yet. With this much history and tradition, it is a lifetime opportunity for our team.”

On the tournament being a sprint and laying it all on the line:
“It is important that we relax, that we play without nerves and without jitters. I am sure that is going to happen early, but as Tiffany [Bias] said, there is no tomorrow. You just put everything out there. We prepared the same way we have for every game. We want to keep our routine the same throughout tournament play. Our routine and preparation are the same, but you just have to play hard because everybody at this stage is good.”

Oklahoma State Guard Tiffany Bias
On her first experience in the NCAA Tournament:
“It’s a great feeling just to be here. I’m excited to be here.  I think we are all ready to play; we’ve been working hard throughout this week.  I think we are ready to go out there and play.”

On how the team prepared for the tournament:
“I think that we kind of worked on everything a little bit.  We got back to fundamental basics, basic defense, and just working on fundamentals, and then just playing hard.  This is the last thing to do for the year so it’s win or nothing so we’re going to go out there and give it our all.”

Oklahoma State Forward Toni Young
On playing in the NCAA Tournament in her senior year and what that means to her
“It’s been a long journey, but it’s just something that we had planned to get to in the beginning.  It was one of our goals and it’s really exciting to make it back here my senior year and go out with a bang.”

DePaul Head Coach Doug Bruno
On making the tournament 11 straight seasons and what that means to the program:
“The reason that is such a great question is that you create a culture at DePaul where you expect to go to the tournament every year. Each individual tournament appearance is earned by that specific team. Just because we went last year, this year’s group had to work and earn their way into this. It never gets old. When you coach college basketball, this is what you play for. It never gets old. It never gets old to see the excitement on the players’ faces when their names are called on selection day. That never, ever gets old. Yet, you can feel sometimes, not intentionally, but it starts to be taken for granted. Our expectations are to be able to play in the tournament, but to be able to play at a level that helps you move. It is a magnificent sporting event in America, because of the drama from each individual game. We really want to play and move to the next game. I am just very proud of these players for putting themselves in this position; this tournament bid was earned by these players. They have gone through an unbelievable amount of adversity this year. Last year, we were banged up, we lost a lot of our best players, we were banged up by January 15 last year, had seven kids that moved forward. This year, we are losing a player every eight games it seems like. This from a coaching perspective, I don’t think is a great coaching job, it has just been a tough year to navigate this group into the tournament. I think they deserve all the credit for that.”

On if adversity throughout season will serve them well throughout the first round:
“We have to talk about one game. As a coach, the only way to look at this is to look at it one in a row. Our team has not been whole all year and confidence comes from what you do on the court. If we play really well against Oklahoma State, I just think our confidence is going to grow exponentially from playing a good, strong ballgame against a really talented Oklahoma State team. Don’t forget Oklahoma State won the WNIT last season. Only two teams finished the season with a ‘W’ and they were one of them. They have not lost a postseason game in two years. This is going to be a tough challenge for us, but I am excited for our players to put themselves here to compete.”

On challenges that Oklahoma State presents:
“They have five players at five spots who can all score. They can beat you at five different spots on the court. They have a really solid point guard, [Tiffany] Bias and they have a great all-Big 12 player on the inside in Toni Young. People like [Liz] Donohoe and [Brittney] Martin, their freshman, are really strong wing players, really tough wing players. We have had to deal with adversity, as I mentioned. I don’t want to bring something up for a program that has had to deal with the adversity that they dealt with, but these players have dealt with adversity a lot tougher than just a couple of kids being hurt. This is a tough group of young women. When you watch the tape, every single spot on the floor has a toughness and ability to score. They are a really good basketball team.”

DePaul Forward Katherine Harry
On whether there is extra motivation for this tournament, given this is her last season:
“There is definitely always going to be that extra motivation to finish out your career on a high note, but you really can’t get too focused on that.  We know that we have to come out and play basketball to the best of our ability and we can’t really focus too much on the [mights be] are.  We are just going to come out and play every game ready to go.”

On playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium and what that means to them:
“We’ve been afforded a lot of opportunities to play at some great facilities like UCON and Notre Dame, at Stanford; this is adding another one to the list.  We’re not just coming here to play in the arena, we’re coming here to get a couple of wins.”

On what challenge Oklahoma State will provide for them:
“Oklahoma State is a great team and any team that makes the NCAA Tournament is obviously a very talented team.  We’ve had a couple of days to watch film.  We know their personnel; obviously they have a solid point guard in Tiffany Bias.  All of their guards can do a lot of things: they can all shoot the three, they can all get to the basket, they are very aggressive and they’re tough.  They have two great inside players in [Kendra] Suttles and Toni Young.  I think all around they are a really great team but we know what we need to do to come in here and get a win too.”

DePaul Guard Anna Martin
On the difference between a regular season game and an NCAA Tournament game:
“This is the time of year that you play for; this is what you prepare for all season long.  I think being a senior, having more experience this year, being in the NCAA Tournament before, is just exciting and you work for this so we are all ready to go.”

On playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium and what that means to them:
“It’s just one of the meccas of college basketball.  It’s something that I think when I’m old and gray I’ll look back and say, ‘Yeah, I used to played in this gym’.  It will be special.  We were able to play in places like Rupp Arena and Madison Square Garden and Cameron is right up there with them.”

DePaul Guard Brittany Hrynko
On playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium and what that means to them:
“I think it’s a good experience.  I’m not a senior, I’m a sophomore.  I think this is a great experience for me and I still have two years to continue to experience this, so I think this is good for all of us.”