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Quotes: Duke 122, Glenville State 77
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/30/2013
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“Well, I guess you could call that an offensive game. Glenville State played outstanding basketball. They were without their leading scorer and if you add her points to the 77, they are in the 95 to 97 range. So, I would say kudos to them; they played their game. And nice opportunity to refocus ourselves, wake up a little bit, and understand the value of defense. We gave up 25 offensive rebounds to a team that is 5’8” and we gave up 77 points to a team that we shouldn’t have. It’s a great lesson for our team. We need more defense on the floor. It appears that we like offense a lot.”

On the opposing team:
“They appeared to be the more focused team. They did have more energy and we were chasing them at times. Just because we have the ability to score, it doesn’t mean we have the most energy. So, I would agree with you and I don’t have an explanation, but that better change quickly.”

On the halftime message:
“We talk offense. We talk defense. We talk rebounding. We set a defensive goal sometimes and our defensive goal got blown out of the water.”

On the team’s second half:
“They were better. I don’t have any magic for you here; they were better. Our defense in the second half was absolutely appalling. There is no other way to say it. We didn’t spot up with shooters. We didn’t contest shooters. We didn’t box people out. They got the O-boards. We didn’t communicate. We weren’t aggressive enough. There is a long list of things there.”

On the team’s style of play:
“That would mean we are not focused. If any team changes the way we play, that’s a very bad thing. We want to play the way we play, which is great offense, great defense, great rebounding, and being in attack mode. I think we were in attack mode on offense. They played a chancy type of defense, so it was easy for us to be in attack mode because we were being attacked. Defensively, we need to be in attack mode, regardless of whatever another team is doing. You can’t react to the situation of the game. These are good lessons for us and we will learn that ownership is really key. The film tomorrow will be brutal and they’ll see it all.”

Duke Junior Elizabeth Williams
On offensive rebounding in the paint:
“I think we didn’t do a good job of hitting first and then boxing out. I think we felt that our size could just get us all the rebounds and they did a good job of crashing the boards. And we also didn’t do a good job of spotting out when there was a long shot because there was going to be a long rebound and a lot of us crashed into the paint and the balls were just flying over our heads so that is something we need to a better job of adjusting to.”

On their success in the paint:
“Well I think we did a good job of running the floor offensively getting a lot of easy lay ups and in general we want to have a lot of paint shots regardless of our opponent. Having that kind of emphasis offensively was good for us.”  

Duke Sophomore Alexis Jones
On defensive groove:
“I think it was more of just hustle plays like scattering everywhere and getting to the players because you really didn’t know who you had after getting out of the press because they were scattered everywhere. We were just trying to find the closest man to us and get to the right place at the right time.”

Glenville State Head Coach Charles Marshall
On the team’s effort throughout the game:
“Well, one of our main– our pregame speech was basically us trying to set the tempo because we want to be an up-tempo team and I believe we accomplished that. And that was the biggest thing that I wanted them to do, just come out and play hard for 40 minutes. There’s no doubt in my mind that they did that. I’m overjoyed and proud of them. They came out and did a wonderful job tonight.”

On Duke’s lead and attacking game early in the first:
“Just get back to the basics. We weren’t doing the basics. We wanted to come in and start the half fun – we weren’t having no fun and on a legendary court for my girls, they won’t have this opportunity to play on this court and I just wanted them to have fun and take in the moment and stick with the basics and that is what we did to get back into the game.”

On playing without their lead scorer, Ginny Mills:
“Ginny [Mills] is ahead of schedule. She will probably be back late December, early January, so we are all looking forward to getting her back and she is ahead of schedule.”

On Marshall’s new position as head coach:
“As far as me getting the job this year, it’s been a rollercoaster, but it’s one that I’ve been willing to take and it’s been amazing… It’s just an amazing feeling right now and I’m blessed and honored to have this opportunity to coach these young ladies and I’m just happy.”

Glenville State Senior Tiffany Huffman
On the tempo in the second half:
“The first half, in this atmosphere, you’re always going to have those jitters, especially as a Division II school. You look forward to this game and you’re nervous, but then you start settling into our system, the second half we start doing our things that we do in practice and it starts to fall in place. As we calm down, we let their size kind of intimidate us a bit in the first half, but we calmed down a lot in the second half and got a few shots.”

On facing Duke’s defense:
“Teams don’t really press us in Division II because we’re so fast but it was definitely different. They were big and you just can’t see around them – it seemed like they took up the whole court, like there were 10 people out there guarding us so it was definitely… you can’t see, you’re looking, but you’re just like ‘oh man, there’s 70 people out here.’ It was definitely different.”

On Glenville State’s ability to create chances off of offensive rebounds:
“We have five main goals [for every game] and offensive rebounds are one of the goals. It’s probably our biggest goal in our system. I mean, second attempts, they win ball games, and us shooting a lot of threes, those are a low percentage of shots, so we have to get offensive rebounds in order to win. We stress that every practice, rebound, rebound, rebound. When you find somebody, hit ‘em, no matter how big they are. You hit lower if they’re bigger.”

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