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Quotes: Duke 102, Coker 50
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/03/2013
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“Good things about the game for us included improvements defensively rebounding wise. We are excited, these have been two great exhibitions for us and it will be fun to apply those lessons into the next games.”

On defense compared to the last game:
“Better ball pressure and more anticipation. Just all around improvements, it’s a process and I think we are taking steps and as long as we are demanding of ourselves it will be super. I will say that from Elizabeth [Williams]’s standpoint, the way she played above the rim and really getting after it was inspiring. I know I felt that and the team as well. And to get Haley [Peters] in, she had some foul trouble, which I was kind of glad because I want her to get that feeling. She plays very aggressive and I want her to understand the game the way it is now. She was very efficient in 16 minutes. Haley is a smart player.”

On overall effort in performance:
“I loved Oderah [Chidom] and Kendall [McCravey-Cooper] off the bench. They looked more like sophomores today, last time they looked like freshmen. They looked a little bit more mature. Ka’lia [Johnson] was a nice lift off the bench, she played very well. Chelsea [Gray] is really on an assist rampage. Today there was good stuff all the way around, good stuff to grow from.”

On the two post players with four fouls:
“It’s different this year.  The refs are trying to work through some things. There is going to be some inconsistency. The smart teams are going to figure it out, and I felt our players figured it out. They didn’t foul out, and that was great. It’s important to understand if you are going to have a foul make it a good one. The hacking foul and the reaching in prematurely are the ones we don’t want. Now, your balance is so important. If I land funny and someone bumps into me it’s my foul because they will always protect the offensive player.”  

On Richa Jackson and Amber Henson:
“From a safety standpoint I kept Richa out. Her back was a little sore. I was pretty conservative, she will be fine though. The same with Amber. I am not trying to push Amber yet, being conservative.”

Coker Head Coach Jenny Finora
Opening statement:
“This was a good game for us, finally get to play someone different from ourselves, it was a good game for Hailey [Yohn] because she got to have a little bit of a homecoming. We found a lot out about ourselves, we competed from the beginning to the end, I’m proud of our girls for that. We’ve got a lot of things to work on which is all right because it’s just the first game of the season.”

On integrating the team’s newcomers:
“I saw glimpses tonight that got me really excited for the season. We had a little bit different dynamic than we’ve had in the past, a little bit more athleticism. It’s exciting to see, we’ve got a little bit more penetrators that we can get to the hoop. I mean, we shot 29 free throws, which our last exhibition game last year we only shot 2. It just shows that we’re a little bit more aggressive, and we need that.”

On Duke’s defensive performance:
“Duke’s a great team. To me, they’re going to be contending for a national championship. For us to come in here, it was a great experience to be able to say, you know, we played a game against national champions. They’re long, they’re athletic, they’re quick; it’s only going to help us in the long run. We were grateful that we were able to experience this and hopefully it helps us in the long run.”

On Elizabeth Williams:
“She’s tough. She went 14-for-15 and she had a double-double on us. She’s just hard to guard and she can do a little bit of everything. We couldn’t stop her, and she’s going to be hard to be stopped this whole season. She’s a heck of a player, credit all to her.”

On their improved performance after a tough start:
“Coming out, it’s your first game, playing the number two team in the country. It’s a lot of nerves, a lot of “oh my goodness, you know, this is Cameron Indoor Stadium.” Once we settled down, the last ten minutes were pretty much even. If we could just negate the first ten minutes, maybe it’s a different ballgame coming out, but it’s just a fun experience and a great atmosphere, and you can’t blame them for having nerves coming out. I was nervous, too, to be honest with you.”

On Coker’s ability to work as a team:
“We really emphasize team play. With our offense, we really try to get ball movement from side-to-side, not one person trying to dominate the game. It’s been different in years past so we’re really trying to emphasize that this year. It was hard to do things against Duke, certainly, but I do feel like we did a good job of penetrating the middle and kicking out and penetrating the middle and kicking out; we have four or five different players touching the ball on any different possession. So I’m excited to see what we got coming up because it is just a different team, a different look.”