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Quotes: Duke 123, USC Upstate 40
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/14/2013
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“I’m just happy the team played hard throughout, played focused. We were trying to work on things throughout the game and I felt the team kept a very good focus. There was a lot of energy off the bench and our first group did a great job setting the tone and I know there’s a wide margin, but I thought we were very efficient. I thought we were smart with basketball for the most part. We went after things and improved so that all was good and we are excited to get ready for Sunday.”

On the bench play, particularly Chloe Wells:
“I think that’s a really good question. In practice she has been standing out more. What I actually do is I poll my assistant coaches on the middle of the bench. I tend to focus on the top seven or so and then I poll my coaches and what they think about the rest of the bench and how we should rotate. It’s really more of a group thing than I think the players probably realize. I want that input from everybody and it was a consensus that Chloe had really just stepped up and been leading and talking and trying to do some of the things defensively. The emphasis has been on defense and trying to sort that out. She was strong in practice and of course in the game, she was very good in the game as well. Very solid, very good composure. I liked her choices, her poise and she was patient. She let the game come to her. She didn’t force an early shot; she waited, kind of worked it and got some three balls up. I thought she played a very mature game.”

On future full court pressure:
“We do a lot of full court pressure. Yes, we have to get some things better with our presses, but what we tried to work on today was a lot of our man stuff and tried to clean up some things and work on that. When you play multiple defenses you have to have some principles and one of them is aggression. Challenging players to make one-on-one stops and to really focus on that was something that we were looking forward to doing tonight and learn from that. It was good. There were some good things out there and I definitely thought we got better as a team.”

On Alexis Jones’ charge and building toughness of defense:
“I think that was our first charge of the year. Chelsea kind of leads us in charges. I guess we want to diversify who takes charges. We had our first 10-second call. That was the first of the year. Hallelujah. We like to do a lot of things first in program history. Just keep building up.”

Duke Forward Haley Peters
On getting 20 rebounds:
“I was just aggressive, I think. I wasn’t happy with myself after Cal at all. I just wanted to be aggressive with the ball. It was a goal of mine from the start. It was a lot of things, seeing Susan there today, and we had our little patches on. It was just a lot of things for me just saying, ‘I had to get going now.’”

Duke Guard Tricia Liston
On the team’s effort tonight, after the win against California:
“I think there was a lot we saw on film that we wanted to do better, mainly our defense and rebounding. So I think coming off that game, we weren’t content with that and wanted to do better, so I think our motivation for today and each game is getting better and better.  So I don’t think we were content or settled with  beating a good team like Cal, I think there is something more to be said about our team and what we want to do this year.”

On off-season work:
“I would say I just work on my overall game.  I think playing with US basketball over the summer really helped me play against good competition this summer, and play in games where you usually just practice, but being versatile, aggressive, and doing different things.  Also, trying to make plays happen and not wait for things to happen for me. Just like a different mindset, I think.”

On her approach to USC Upstate and her perimeter defense:
“We definitely put a focus on it, like [Coach P] said, and getting the one-on-one stops has been a big theme throughout practices, and we haven’t been making the stops that we should’ve ever since our exhibition games. So I think that just getting it done on defense, and being able to close out to shooter, and spot up with them in transition. I think that was one thing we did better. We’re finding where everyone was too late, and I think that really helped us on the perimeter.”   

USC Upstate Head Coach Tammy George
Opening Statement:
“Obviously a tough game for us.  They are who we thought they were, you know, they’re No. 2 in the country and obviously the score kind of indicates that, but it was a tough game for us.  We’re coming off playing last night, and then playing again tonight was kind of tough for us but my kids fought, you know, they played hard.”  

On gaining experience against elite teams:
“I think it is good for our program to come out and play teams like this and kind of see what the bigger side is all about. Also, we’ve got a lot of kids from this area in recruiting and so we got two kids back home tonight which was good for them to play in front of their families, so that was part of that too. But it’s good, you know, it kind of lets you know where you are and what you need to work on, exposed a lot of our weaknesses tonight.”

On positive aspects of his team’s performance:
“I thought our kids played hard. That’s the thing about it, you know, a game that tough in every position, bigger, faster, stronger, but I felt like our kids played hard.”

On specific areas for improvement:
“I think, obviously that kind of pressure, we are not going to see this kind of pressure when we hit conference, and I felt like we adjusted a little bit better to it in the second half.  I felt like we were playing a little bit scared or too intimidated in the first half, and I felt like in the second half we did a better job of handling the ball better. We built on that.”

On whether or not this tape will be used as a reminder of what not to do:
“No, our goal against this team was we wanted to take the first, best shot we had. Obviously that didn’t work in our favor. They got more shots and the score was a little higher than we wanted, but we just wanted to take the first, best shot we got, and the biggest thing is our goal was to work on boxing out and trying to give them one shot, and just trying to get better on that end.”  

On the most difficult part of playing Duke:
“I think it was, obviously bigger, faster, stronger.  I think they closed the gap quicker than you think.  Against some of our lesser competition, you see it’s open and then all of the sudden their size and their quickness kind of closes the gap on you.  It’s open for a second, and then because of their length and their quickness it kind of closes pretty quick on you.”

On the effectiveness of his team’s zone defense:
“Actually we just kind of put that in for Duke because we felt like we couldn’t play them man-to-man because of the size and matchups. We hadn’t worked too much on it but I thought it looked kind of good early. But then they got some threes on us, and we tried to adjust and go back man.”

USC Upstate Junior Guard Maddie Herr
On learning from the competition:
“I always think it’s good to play tougher competition. It gets us ready, not only for the rest of our season, but for conference play especially against the type of Florida Gulf Coast, that kind of stuff.  It’ll help us. I think it will bring us together as a team. It’s adversity, so you just have to learn how to fight through it.”