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Quotes: Duke 88, Vanderbilt 69
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/21/2013
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“We got to our game in the second half. The first half we weren’t quite in our game, but that happens. This team played a different defense than we’ve faced all year, and they did a good job with it. They are very well coached; [Melanie Balcomb] does a great job and so we had to adjust to that. I don’t think we were as patient as we needed to be in the first half to set the tempo, but that is a great lesson for us. The second half was us. It was more about us. It was how we play, our tempo, the steals, the defensive stops were a little bit more aggressive. I’m not going to say we totally stopped them because they scored the same amount, but there was better coverage overall and just better talking, which is a good thing because it was the second half and we were away from the bench and the defense did a good job there. Great leadership by Chelsea [Gray], always attacking, important. I’m not surprised by her stats, almost a triple-double. That’s probably going to happen again and that’s just because she plays all parts of the game. That is a natural thing and Tricia [Liston] is a great competitor and I thought she was just competing. I don’t think she really cares too much about anything except getting our team in the right spot, which I thought she was huge in the second half, and played with a lot of confidence. So we will take lessons, good for us we are playing a team a lot like Vanderbilt on Sunday again with more zone action and things that they do so this is a good prep for us and good to take it on the road.”

On Vanderbilt’s shooting backcourt:
“It’s the quick trigger of [Jasmine Lister] and [Christina Foggie] that makes them unique, but there is a lot of that going on. I mean there are some pretty good teams that do have that. I know Marquette has a lot of balanced scoring from people. So we’ve got to know how to dictate 40 minutes and really play our game regardless of what anyone else is doing.”

On Haley Peters’ injury:
“I don’t even want to say because I don’t know. We are just very happy she is okay. I don’t want to say hyperextension because I don’t know for sure. That was hard for us. That messed us up a little bit. Injuries are part of the game and you have to go with it. But that was a little too close to home, so that was good news when she came back. She came back and hit a shot. Who does that? I was amazed by that really.”

On emotion during game:
“I think that from my perspective, I was quite focused and calm and ready for halftime. We needed to do some things. We weren’t executing. In regard to being upset with a call, I was just upset with a call. There were some I was upset over, but those are veteran officials and they get a lot of games and I think we can agree to disagree at this point. I think it is important to talk with the officials when you are upset. I probably raised my voice a little bit too much tonight. I don’t think they like that. I want to get the best outcome for the team, and there are a couple of times I wasn’t very happy with the call but it’s early and we are all getting used to things as well.”

On the play of Chloe Wells:
“Chloe has been steady. She has had some good practices and she has been consistent and that is really important. I really didn’t have any doubt. We just needed to be a little bit smarter about the foul trouble. It’s her practices she has been demanding and doing things in practice and it is carrying right over. She just hops off the bench and goes, and I think that is a really good thing for us. I don’t know if you caught Richa [Jackson] on the floor. She was playing the four today when Haley [Peters] was out. We want a bit more experience on the floor at that time, but there was Richa playing the four she hadn’t practiced it one bit this year. But she figured out where to go and what to do and she had a couple scores. So versatility is really key, and you have to be ready to do whatever it is we need to do at the time.”

On Alexis Jones’ foul adjustments:
“That was disappointing because she is such a great player. I’ll have to look at her two fouls again to see exactly what they were, but I thought she played smart and aggressive in the second half. Obviously we want her on the floor, so it was not a good situation to have her out for so much of the half. But with that said, we learned from it and in the second half we went after it.”

On Oderah Chidom and Amber Henson’s time on the floor:
“Amber was fantastic. She came in and blocked a shot right away. That was nice and it helped us on the break. She is a very confident player. Again still working her way in, working her way with her minutes. Oderah did some nice things. She gets after the ball a little bit. I do feel fortunate that we got some excellent players off the bench and they can make a difference. It might be eight minutes, it might be 15 but who knows what it is. But they are ready and they are very competitive. Same with Kendall [McCravey-Cooper] as well.”

Duke Guard Chelsea Gray
On transition chemistry with Tricia Liston:
“Yeah, I got that rebound and I was gone. I saw her on the wing, and we work on that in practice. It’s like any other transition three. At that point we really needed that and she knocked it down. If she didn’t shoot the ball I probably would’ve been upset, but she shot it.”

On chemistry with Alexis Jones:
“I am comfortable with her playing at the one and the two. We interchange and go with the flow of the game. Having that type of relationship out there where we just look at each other, and know okay you got it, or when we have two outlets. Defensively we have each other’s back, and we communicate very well. It’s always a process getting better”

On multiple players scoring:
“We are definitely a very versatile team. At any given time anyone can do anything with the ball.”

On improvement after her Injury:
“I would just say when you go down, the confidence goes really low. Just getting back on the floor, and getting back in the swing of things. I knew it would be a process and just getting back into it, and I had my team right there behind me pushing me.”

On first half offense:
“I would say we were being very complacent with taking outside shots, and we weren’t working the ball inside out, working the ball, and feeding off each other, or assisting very well in the first half at all. We weren’t really in a rhythm, and when you’re not in a rhythm, things just aren’t going to go.”

On getting the ball inside versus outside shooting against a zone:
“I think it can … it just depends on what kind of team. But with us, we just had to get in our mind that we had to feed off each other and really focus on what we had to do.”

On first half defense:
“Elizabeth [Williams] in definitely a presence down low, so not having her is tremendously different. I don’t think we were very attacking in our minds defensively about getting out to shooters and communicating on where we were supposed to be. I’m not sure if that was predicated from offense, but we weren’t concentrating at all.”

Duke Guard Tricia Liston
On transition chemistry with Chelsea Gray:
“I think me and Chelsea find each other a lot in the game. I hit her on one in transition today. But she sees the floor so well that I am ready to catch it even when her face is the other way on transition even. I was just trying to run the floor, spot up and she hit me.”

On emotion in the game:
“Well I don’t think we had the first half that we wanted to, so I think that added to the second half that we had, but we were playing with emotion because the way was going in general. I think we should’ve been playing better, and that’s where our frustration was coming from. And then the fouls, I think it all added up. I think we did a good job of staying in ourselves, and staying focused on what we needed to do, and not letting emotions get too high, too low, and affect us. But there was definitely a motivation in certain calls where you just want to get it back on the other end and use it to go again."

Vanderbilt Head Coach Melanie Balcomb
On Duke’s second-half defense:
“I don’t know what the big difference was. They played the same zone and they were the same size in the first half. That was baffling to me to be honest with you. They got more deflections. I think they spread out their zone more and made us just pass around, and we didn’t do a good job of hitting the high post, short corner, or going inside out.  When we did we were successful, but when we didn’t, we weren’t, and that’s what they try to get is they try to be big and get us on that perimeter and get deflections and steals and get in transition, which they were able to do. I think we shot ourselves in the foot a little bit by taking really quick shots; once they got hot, and hit shots, I felt like we hit the panic button, and instead of executing and getting the ball inside and out, like we had been doing, and getting the ball side to side, and getting ball reversals, we took quick shots to try to stay with them, and when we did that those long rebounds are really like turnovers. They lead to transition down at the other end. You know they’re quick. Long shots, quick shots, and they just go. And that’s what we were trying not to do, but got caught up in.”

On Vanderbilt’s zone:
“I don’t know, we match up out of it, and I think we did a good job with what we were doing and I think that’s the key. Their strength is in transition, and I think if we did anything well it was checking out and only giving them one shot, and we didn’t give great looks to [Tricia] Liston. I think we did what was in our game plan and you’re right, I noticed that right away. I was like if we turned it over, at least it was good that we turned it over to a dead ball, and then we got to play 5-on-5 defense. That was our biggest chance; in the second half that didn’t happen. Our quick shots and turnovers led to more of their transition, so you saw them score a lot more points.”

On Duke’s depth:
“I think we kept it close. One of the reasons was she subbed a lot, and then at the second half, those kids are fresh, and we got tired. They’re just bigger, stronger, and were able to keep it going longer. I think when you do have that depth, and you’re willing to play it, like she is, and you can stay right ahead or with somebody, then it does pay off in the last ten minutes.”

On Vanderbilt’s play:
“I think Jas[mine Lister], next to me, was great. I think she played, and I was just telling her I think she played very calm, never lost control. When it got crazy, she didn’t get crazy, so I really just liked how her demeanor never changed, and we’ve been working on that and I was just really proud of how she handled herself. I know she’s a great basketball player and can do the things you saw her do. What was nice is she showed you that, instead of getting caught up. Christina [Foggie] played really well too, played really smart. I thought she got tired down the stretch. She’s been playing really hard and been playing a lot of minutes, and I tried to sub her more, and we didn’t, like you just talked about, have that depth, and I think she got tired and she got nervous when it got tight and she took some quick shots and got them in transition a little bit but, you know, they had to both play what, thirty eight and thirty six minutes against a very aggressive team that’s in transition a lot, so I was proud of their effort.”

On filling Marqu’es Webb’s role during foul trouble:
“With this team, there’s no size. My big kids are all injured and we’re playing small ball with Marqu’es [Webb], and she’s been consistently in foul trouble, getting offensive posting up calls, so she’s trying to adjust to college officiating. You know she’s a freshman and just starting to play in the games and getting frustrated, but she went 4-for-4 and when she plays it makes a difference, and it really would have helped us get the ball inside even if we just went inside-out, you know, you got a big target in there that you can hit. But we play four guards a lot. Kylee Smith’s a freshman and I really liked what she did. I thought she was aggressive, she hustled, and we just played four guards against a very big team.”

Vanderbilt Senior Guard Jasmine Lister
On Vanderbilt’s effort:
“The overall effort, it gives us this hope that we are an elite basketball team, you know, sticking with them, only down by two at the end of the first half. I think that we have to take that and keep moving forward and learn from the second half to know that we have to stick with the game plan the entire game, and I think it’s definitely a learning experience.”