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Quotes: Duke 87, Old Dominion 63
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/02/2014
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“A really good game for us and I was really proud of the bench - 33 points from the bench against their 19. Ka’lia’s work – it’s not surprising – she’s in great shape, she’s been aggressive in practice. It was really just a carryover from what she’s been doing so I was really excited about that. I really do think Ka’lia had the play of the game, the hustle play, put-back, foul thing…just that energy to give the team. And then when we speak of energy, Elizabeth’s [Williams] energy was fantastic. She could have played a lot more. Elizabeth could have gone forever tonight and I guess I didn’t allow that totally as we have another game coming up and things of that nature, but I thought she was fantastic, very, very aggressive, very, very demanding of the basketball. So I thought that was great. We got better. Oderah Chidom off the bench was fabulous. Two of her shots were acrobatic things. It’s really impressive her knack around the basket to go 6-of-7 like she did. And Lex [Alexis Jones] staying steady with her six rebounds because that’s important. We have to have guard rebounding. Ka’lia was rebounding as well, but we definitely have to have guards. I thought even at the end Kendall [McCravey]-Cooper was ready to play. She really went after it. I liked her resiliency because I think when she first went in there was a three-second call back in the first half. And then she just went in there and fired away and got physical and demanded the ball. All of that’s good for us as we try to get better.”

On returning after the long holiday break:
“I think they’re excited. Sometimes I think if you get proper rest, there is not that much of a challenge. Rest is a good thing. I thought we had a great schedule. I’m really proud of this team, No. 1 RPI, No. 1 strength of schedule. That doesn’t exactly happen too often. That’s the No. 1s that we care about. I know there this poll thing going on, but that’s really strong and powerful. We’re just trying to get better and I thought the team… yeah I think they like the break and I think they’d like that again, but I also think they were excited to play when they got back.”

On what she was hoping to see out of scheduling Old Dominion:
“We’re going to take Elizabeth home next year. It’s a home and home. I like their program and think Coach [Karen] Barefoot does a terrific job with her kids. I don’t know their whole conference, but I want them to win it. I like that team. They’ve got a lot of different pieces. I know that we held No. 1 [Shae Kelley] pretty well and that’s a credit to the entire team. She had seven turnovers and that’s not usual for No.1. She’s a great player. That’s something too that’s really good on our team’s part, everyone being a part of that.”

On Oderah Chidom’s growth:
“Oderah’s very talented. She’s very, very good off the bounce and she’s a great rebounder. She plays hard and the game is slowing down. After Christmas it starts to happen with young players. And I think what our players do a great job with, Ka’lia and Elizabeth, is they have to talk to their teammates, get them going and let them know just how effective they can be. That’s important for Oderah now, 11 minutes, 13 points. Very productive. Just get kids excited about what they can do and how they can help the team. That was a huge boost and if we can get that consistently then we can be a very special team. I’m happy for her. She’s done a lot in practice. She’s been working hard. Both her and Kendall are trying to make that transition. And Amber [Henson] too from the standpoint of what Amber is doing. It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to see the team support each other like they do. They get pretty excited when their teammates do things like that.”

On struggles against Old Dominion driving in the paint:
“It gives me concern. It gave me concern against Kentucky, it gave me concern against Oklahoma. It’s been a concern. We’re trying to work on stopping the gaps, which is what you did see. It was bothersome that we didn’t locate 24 [ LaQuanda Younger]. Two people did all the damage for them, 24 and 32 [Tiffany Minor]. The noted shooters. We really got ourselves out of position. We overplayed the penetration. We didn’t locate spot-up like we should. It was a little bit Christmas-break like in terms of not being savvy to pick up the shooters. So there are some great lessons for us and we’ll be watching every one of those threes.”

On Tricia Liston:
“She’s always steady. I thought she was key for us in the first half. I thought she got us off to a great start. She’s a smart player, you have to find her. They were trying to stop her too, but she didn’t worry about that too much.”

Duke Guard Ka'lia Johnson
On her mindset entering the game:
“When I get my chance, I always focus on defensive rebounding. If I have an open shot I’m going to take it, but I’m more worried with getting that stop and getting that key rebound to give us the momentum on defense and then turn that defense into offense.”

On her role on the team:
“Just a spark. Coach P says just being that spark and anything I can do – a charge, a key rebound, a steal – just trying to play within the flow of the game. I don’t really try to come in and do something out of the ordinary because that’s not my game. I try to do something within the flow of the game and just be that spark off the bench.”

Duke Center Elizabeth Williams
On her energy on the floor:
“I think it was just more of trying to be consistently aggressive. Especially in the Kentucky game, being reminded of playing Kentucky freshman year – just staying aggressive in how I play. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do on a more consistent basis.”

On facing several players she is familiar with:
“I think our coaches do a great job with the scouting report and just knowing our opponents really well regardless of if we’ve played in the past or not.”

On her double-double:
“I haven’t really been rebounding as well as I’ve wanted to this year so just knowing that I’m able to do that and being able to go up and get those rebounds and go hard is encouraging.”

On what the team needs to do in ACC play:
“Just be smart, especially defensively. We’ve been talking about gaps today – just being able to cut those gaps off and locate shooters.”

Old Dominion Head Coach Karen Barefoot
Opening Statement:
“Our team showed a lot of toughness today against an unbelievable Duke basketball team. They’re well-coached, they play hard, they’ve got great players, great coaching staff. But I thought we did a really good job of battling today and being us. I thought we were tough today. We weren’t perfect, but we played hard and we scrapped and we executed. These two right here [LaQuanda Younger and Galaisha Goodhope] stepped up and knocked down shots today. That’s what we’ve been looking for all year, so I’m really proud of them.”

On being intimidated coming into the game:
“Oh yeah. But the thing about it is, we just try and focus on us. Focus on the defensive end on being aggressive. To be tougher. We knew we were going to be outmatched with size. We knew they had a lot of different weapons, and we just really tried to get us back. We wanted to regroup from our last loss and that was just really truly … this game was about getting us back. Not really so much playing Duke, but playing Lady Monarch basketball. Today, I think we showed exactly what we’re capable of when we play hard.”

On the rest of the team stepping up to help Shae Kelley:
“That was one thing we tried to address last week was we know that Shae is a great player. And we know that people are going to double and triple team her and come at her hard. We were looking for players to step up and knock down shots. We really were working on a lot of execution in the half court set -- setting good screens and making the extra pass and knocking down shots. I really think first half with LaQuanda [Younger] coming off the bench and really knocking down shots got us a good rhythm. Tiffany Minor was able to knock down some shots, too. That really opened up the outside game, and we were able to back inside again. We did a good job a couple times taking it to the basket, getting them in foul trouble. I’m just really proud of our players really stepping up to the challenge when you got 6-4, 6-3 coming at you and you got to be composed and just make a simple, fundamental play. Make a good basketball play to knock down the shot. That’s what we did tonight and that’s what I’m proud of.”

On Duke’s Tricia Liston:
“I tell you what, she’s one heckuva player. The thing about her is, we were flattening out too much in our match up. We were flattening out and giving her too much space. You can’t give her nothing. So she was the focus of attention in the second half. We tried to get a higher hand, make her put the ball on the floor, try to rotate better. And again, what happened was when we did that, we did stop her but we gave up some offensive rebounds. That’s where they got us. They’re a great team, but again I’m proud of our team and the way we battled.”

On making shots:
“Same shots, people knocking them down. That was one thing I was telling [Younger] and I was telling [Minor] and I was telling some players, ‘Knock it down. You’re open. Don’t hesitate.’ I think … earlier we tend to over pass. We really worked on knocking shots and being confident. When you got that shot, stroke it. We’re capable of doing that. And I thought [Galaisha Goodhope] … [Goodhope’s] a sophomore coming in here against a really good team. She did a good job pushing tempo and executing. She had some great pull ups in the middle paint. We were able to get into half court set and really work on setting good screens and making them bite a little bit and making the extra pass. I thought [Goodhope] did a really good job setting up our offense when we didn’t have transition. It was a team effort. They found the shooters when they were hot and we just kept going there. I thought that was the difference for us.”

Sophomore guard LaQuanda Younger
On her shooting performance:
“I can’t take the credit for my shots. Yes, they were open, but look who made them open. We have great point guards. That’s basically the reason why I knocked down the shots. I’m a collegian player so you expect … it’s wide open. That’s why she recruited me - to knock down shots. You’re wide open; you expect to knock it down.”  

“Coach said, ‘Hey, why I got you in the game?’ She said, ‘You ain’t going to shoot them, I’m going to take you out.’ I said, ‘I’m going to shoot the next one. I promise.’ And the next one went right in. We need to have that conversation more often.”

Sophomore guard Galaisha Goodhope
On playing former teammate Elizabeth Williams:
“Well I played with Elizabeth in high school and in AAU. I know a lot of her tendencies. I know what she likes to do. I know what makes her upset. I know stuff like that, so I was trying to help my teammates. She’s a great player, but everybody has flaws. I tried to give them some of the flaws they could act upon. She still had a great game, but I think we played her pretty well, I guess.”