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Quotes: Notre Dame 88, Duke 67
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 02/02/2014
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“Obviously a very poor game for us and a very good game for Notre Dame. When you give up more than 40 points in transition offense, that’s a bit of a problem. That’s a very good lesson for us as a team, to try to be more immediate in our transition. We had 17 points given up at halftime – that was a problem then and it just kind of built from there. So we’ll work on that. I thought Notre Dame played great. They’re very consistent. Their seniors are very consistent, particularly #21 [Kayla McBride] and #11 [Natalie Achonwa] in terms of the confidence they give their team. From our standpoint, we didn’t shoot the ball well, we didn’t really move the ball. Everybody tried to do a little too much on their own, and that’s not a good recipe for executing and having better offense. You see points in the paint – 40 for them and 28 for us. That’s a big problem.”

On what happened to prevent the team from closing gaps when the score was closer:
“When I look on film it will be more telling exactly. It was transition defense. It was getting the stops we needed. We never got the stops we needed, ever. Yes, we did come within seven when we got some consecutive stops there. But we need to get stops on a regular basis. It was the same problem at Miami. You’ve got to think about your defense more than you think about your offense. We’ve got a lot of people thinking offense and wanting to produce offensively. As I was telling somebody in the locker room, if you score 16 but they score 30, it’s not exactly a productive day. We’ve got to learn to value defense more. What I mean by value it is to be able to talk about it, see it on film, put it in play and then demand it of each other in the game, which we didn’t. That’s essentially what happened – they got us in transition.”

On a lack of balancing scoring by her team:
“We didn’t get a fourth scorer – they had four in double figures and we had three. That’s unfortunate.”

On how Notre Dame’s defense affected her team:
“I just think they played very strong defense, very aggressive. Just very good defense.”

On the tempo of Duke’s passing and shooting being off:
“You have to give credit to great defense, and you have to say that offensively, we didn’t move the ball as well or find each other or execute as well, things of that nature.”

On not being able to get the ball inside to Haley Peters and Elizabeth Williams:
“I think I have to look more closely on the film but what I can say is Haley plays inside and out, so it’s not that I was trying to get Haley the ball inside. But Elizabeth, we’re trying to get the ball in to her. And we didn’t do that as effectively. When you have four attempts, you have to question are we getting in enough and then is she asking and demanding it. It’s sort of a two-way street there. Fighting through the defensive pressure. I think Elizabeth can play with anybody when she sets her mind to it, but it was definitely very physical. And so I’m sure I’ll see a combination of passes missed in to her and then times her being taken out by 11 [Achonwa] as well, when it comes down to watching.”

On Williams’ foul trouble:
“You have to say that it would affect it. Very disappointing. I think we’re long enough in the season where we should be smart enough to not be picking up fouls like that. I was very disappointed in that because everyone on our team, given Chloe [Wells] out, given Chelsea [Gray] out, given our scenario, everyone needs to play their role to the fullest. That does not include getting fouls and sitting. So that was very disappointing.”

On Notre Dame’s bench:
“I think bench is significant, and I think there’s no question their bench outplayed our bench. We’ve always looked at 23 [Michaela Mabrey] there. She had eight points. That was a good eight points for them. I think she was probably the key one. That was a key eight points. I thought her stepping up was very good for them. And I thought that 15 [Lindsay Allen] stepped up for them. I know she’s not a bench person. They played interesting roles, and when you put their points together, that definitely made it worse. And you can see across the board we didn’t do too well in winning any categories here. Maybe second chance points.”

Duke Guard Richa Jackson
On her scoring with more pressure:
“Yeah, it’s funny. I mean early on I was missing, but my teammates told me to just keep attacking because if I was open then eventually they’re going to be falling, so I just had to stay aggressive.”

Duke Guard Tricia Liston
On Notre Dame’s defense compared to others they have played:
“I mean they play hard, play really aggressive, and there’s no lull in it. They always have that constant pressure, and are really physical on defense. They are pretty good on the defensive side.”

On being within a couple baskets at certain points:
“I remember most of those. It would be them hitting a huge shot when we needed a stop, it’s like a dagger. A three when we were about to cut it under 10. More so, on that side rather than us missing some shots because that’s going to happen, but when we really needed to get a stop, it would be seven then they would make a three and it would go to 10, or whatever it was at. On the defensive side we just weren’t getting at them.”

On [Kayla] McBride as a player:
“She’s a great player. She is versatile, she can do a bunch of different things. She has a great pull-up jumper that’s pretty hard to guard, but yeah she is a great player.”

On Notre Dame’s nature of defensive pressure for passes:
“I would say it was a little bit of both. You know, the posts were getting pushed off a little bit, which is a physicality that you were talking about, but also the guards were running through lanes. 32 [Jewell Loyd] is super athletic at getting tips and hands on passes that we just needed to ball fake to make the pass. I know some for me, I was coming off screens and they were hard hedging, and forced me to catch the ball wider than I would’ve liked, but I think it was great defense and aggressive, but I think that we could’ve been a little bit more sharpen up the passes, meet our passes back at the place we wanted to get it.”

On moving on to the next game against Clemson:
“Well there’s a lot to learn from this game, a lot that we will see on film. We have to look at ourselves and look at each other, and move forward. I mean, after we watch the film and after we have a good practice tomorrow, we will move on and transfer over. We have to take what happened in this game and move forward. We can’t just have film, watch it, and see the mistakes and go back to making the same mistakes that we have made. So, it’s a great, I mean not that we wanted it, but we are going to learn from it, and we are going to move forward from this and get a lot stronger from this one.”

On wins on the road:
“Well, I think our lack of ability to get stops on defense has been a big problem for us. We set goals before the game, and the past two games we got neither of them. Today we obviously didn’t get our goal, so that’s a big problem for us right now I’d say.”

Notre Dame Head Coach Muffet McGraw
Opening Statement:
“Well I was really pleased with the game. I thought we played really well offensively, I was a little disappointed with our rebounding and I thought we could’ve done a better job of that. We had a nice spurt of steals and breakaway baskets that really stretched the lead. I thought we just really played well offensively, we shot the ball well, 61 percent from the field, that’s pretty amazing against a team as good as Duke, and as good defensively as they are. I thought [Tricia] Liston played well, we did a much better job on her in the second half, but Kayla McBride is best point guard in the country in my opinion. I think she had a phenomenal game. Jewell Loyd, I mean our back court has got to be number one in the country. I thought they both played extremely well.”

On defensive game plan:
“We were gonna play all man-to-man and try not to let Liston, well make it hard for her to get the ball ,and you know we didn’t do a great job of that in the first half. I felt better in the second, but that was the game plan overall.”

On Richa Jackson driving to the basket:
“We actually were leaving her open to double team in the first half, on the block we were looking to have her man be a bit of a floater to help on the ball, and so I think we guarded her a little bit more in the second half.”

On rebounding:
“It’s just effort on the boards, just the block out, that is all it is, and we just weren’t doing it in the first half. They had 10 offensive rebounds at half time and we talked about that. It was probably the most disappointing stat on the sheet, yeah I thought we got a little better but still they had a flurry at times where they would get two or three in a row. You know it’s disappointing.”

On Markisha Wright’s effort:
“Yes she gives a great spark, she came in and go two offensive rebounds back to back and she kicked it out, and then was finally able to finish on her own, so I was pleased with her, I thought Taya [Reimer] did a nice job off the bench. The bench really was ready.”

On shutting down Elizabeth Williams:
“I thought Natalie Achonwa did a phenomenal job on her, kept her from getting the ball early, kept her off the glass, and then we were able to go at her and try to get a couple fouls, and she got two, so I was really pleased I thought Natalie Achonwa played very well.”

On Michaela Mabrey’s shooting:
“Yeah, she really did, she hit the three and then the shot fake one dribble pull up I thought those two baskets were really big for us, and she has been doing that for us all year long.”

On Duke’s multiple opportunities to close the gap:
“Well I mean they are a very good team, one of the top teams in the country, a top four team, so you certainly are not going to blow them out in their own building early in the game. I thought that we turned it over quite a bit in a stretch that lead to some layups, and that was a problem. We fouled a bunch, they got some free throws when they were struggling to score, you know we were giving them easy shots and free throws, so I think for us when we get shots we shoot a pretty good percentage, and talked about taking care of the ball a little bit better, and you know running some different stuff to help us handle the ball a little bit better.”

On Jewell Loyd’s three-point shooting:
“She is just a phenomenal player and a great shooter, and she seems to make them when we really need them the most.  She had a nice stretch both defensively, and then turned it into offense, and some big baskets too.”

Notre Dame Senior Guard Kayla McBride
On playing big teams on the road:
“I think it’s just good for our team. You know I think that we are gonna have some tough games like that going down the road, we are in a new conference, different environments, I just think it is a good challenge for us going down the road.”

On quick success at the beginning of the game:
“You know it’s fun, I am just trying to take advantage of the opportunity and go out, and play the game that I love, and you know we ended up coming out and hitting shots at the beginning of the game, and it’s just a great environment, a great game, and great for women’s basketball.”

On defensive effort:
“Yeah, it was definitely effort we had better team defense in the second half, we were helping each other out more, and they were missing shots, we were getting rebounds, which lead to the transition game and allowed us to get that big run in the second half.”

Notre Dame Senior guard Jewell Loyd
On team mindset after playing multiple challenging teams in a row on the road:
“I mean I think it start in practice getting ready, and getting focused. You know it’s going to loud so you just have to take the crowd out of the game, but it helps to have good coaching and good teammates.”