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Duke-DePaul Quotes
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/23/2014
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Second Round • No. 7 DePaul vs. No. 2 Duke
Cameron Indoor Stadium • Durham, N.C.
Monday, March 24

Second Round Quotes – Duke

Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
"We’re just really excited to play again, we’re getting better,  there’s some great stuff on the film to learn from Winthrop to go to this next game, and DePaul is an excellent team, terrifically coached, have many people in double figures.  They’re a very balanced team. We’re just really excited to work on our defense and continue to grow our rebounding and to really play a high level of basketball in those categories in particular."

On Duke’s defense versus the up-tempo style of DePaul:
"DePaul is an excellent, excellent team offensively, they’ve got a lot of weapons and they share the ball well, and they like to run.  I feel very fortunate that we’ve had some games against similar teams. You look at North Carolina, you look at Georgia Tech, you look at Notre Dame… that’s where the ACC Tournament has proved critical for us. It’s to get those three games in, now we’ve had six games as a unit, but they’ve been some interesting games that provided us with some experience with a team that likes to go up and down, up and down. We’ve got to work very hard in transition to stop the ball and get the ball under control, and keep them out of the paint and force them to kick it out, force them to the sideline… I think that’s where that strength of schedule comes in- it helps prepare you. Every team is a really good team in this tournament, so you’re not going to stop people, but if you can just take them a little bit out of their step and disrupt enough to make sure that you control the tempo, you defend well."

On the pace Duke wants to play:
"We just want to play the way we play. This team has excellent passing, ball movement, more passing than dribbling, getting the ball inside and out.  We have some tremendous post players that have to touch the ball several times, so quick shots is not something we need to do.  We need to work our entire team together and that’s what we’ve been doing. The 21 assists against Winthrop is something we need to see if we can create that kind of ball movement again against another very challenging opponent.  So if we’re moving the ball from inside to out, that’s a very good thing."

On the benefits of Duke’s new emphasis on passing:
"Its’ been remarkable how we’ve really had to concentrate. We had to concentrate to be open to developing ourselves a little bit further than we did in the past. The 21 assists was an incredible thing last night, and we’ve got to build off that concept... of hitting the open player and making everybody a passer. The thing that was very dangerous for us last night was the passing between our post players. If that interior passing will pick up, then we become a very lethal team. Because then you’ve got the issue of the interior passing as well as the one-on-one play and exploiting the double team - because Williams is always doubled - we can find our shooters. We’ve got to try to grow that as much as possible."

Duke Forward Haley Peters
On preparing for the game against DePaul:
“Well obviously they’re a really talented team offensively.  They have great guards, people who can shoot and attack the basket. Their posts are pretty active as well. So, it’s going to be a challenge for us and a good opportunity for us to work on contesting shooters, which is something that we haven’t done as well as we want to and that we need to improve on. It’s a really good challenge for us to show some things up that we haven’t been as good as we want to be at.”

Duke Guard Tricia Liston
On preparing for the game against DePaul:
“I think with the game yesterday they were both so high in scoring so I think that if we can get a few stops I think it will change the way the game is and try to control the tempo a little more.
Coming into it our focus definitely is on the defensive end and trying to be able to play at our pace and being able to push the ball when we want to. Really focusing in on getting the stops and the rebounds that we need in order to do that.”

On her ties to DePaul’s program:
“I’ve definitely played against a couple of them. I’ve played with them. Time and energy shouldn’t be wasted thinking about that before the game. This is the last game that we have, and it doesn’t really matter who the opponent is, it’s just the game at hand. I think after the game that would be something that I would talk about or talk with some of the players on that team. I’m familiar with most of them.”

Duke Forward Elizabeth Williams
On preparing for the game against DePaul:
“I think our defense will be important in disrupting their tempo. They like to play really quick and I think as long as we are really active in ourselves and constantly moving, it will be good for us.”

Second Round Quotes – DePaul

Doug Bruno, DePaul Head Coach
Opening Statement:
“Just thrilled to be here and proud of my players for making big plays down the stretch yesterday that put us in the position to be here.  They did a good job of making plays down the stretch that were necessary to keep us alive in the round of 32.  Also, there’s good news and there’s better news.  The good news is yesterday was the first time this season that we gave up 50 plus points in the second half and won.  And the better news is that we’ve always played better after we’ve given up 50 points in the second half the next game.  That’s what I’m excited about. We’ve come back and played pretty well after we’ve given up 50 plus points in the second half of the game.  That’s what I’m excited about. We wouldn’t be here without these players making big plays. I’m really proud of them making big time NCAA tournament plays down the stretch yesterday.”

On what kind of game he is expecting against Duke:
“Well Duke is an excellent team and an excellent program. They have at least three pros on the floor, maybe more, but three pros on the floor. Our players referenced the size. We’ve played against size, but we haven’t played against the quality of size we’re going to be playing against tomorrow.  Elizabeth Williams is one of the best big players in the country. Her and Haley Peters have a great synergy together, a great chemistry together. The Duke team has had to reinvent itself, and yet it’s still easier to reinvent yourself when you have future pros on the floor than not.  I think they’ve done a good job of getting that done. Tricia Liston is having to play a different role now, but she’s still a serious double threat in that she’s getting the ball to the big players and she’s still a great threat to score. It’s a very good Duke team. If you think about it, this Duke team is going to be a number 1 seed - either a number 2 number 1 or a number 3 number 1. And by losing the two quality guys they lost, they’ve just slipped up two but they’re still a very good quality basketball team playing on their home court.”

On how having played against Notre Dame and Kentucky has helped prepare the team for tomorrow:
“I think that’s why we play the schedule that we play. The Big East, I don’t minimize how the Marquette game, Marquette is a really big and strong team. Marquette played Duke strong early in the season themselves, with Chelsea Grey and Alexis Jones on the floor.  I think we’re prepared to play against this level of competition but at the same time, we have to go out and do what we do. We have to play our game, and if we play our game right we could definitely make a game of this.”

DePaul Guard Brittany Hrynko
On the mental and physical state when playing in March:
“I’m excited, just ready to play, just taking it one game at a time.”

On impressions of Duke:
“Well yesterday Coach (Bruno) just showed us their personnel, so just watching that.  It think we will be able to match up with their guards just as well as we would with anybody else.”

DePaul Guard/Forward Chanise Jenkins
On the mental and physical state when playing in March:
“Just like Brit(tany Hrynko) said we are definitely excited. Physically the jitters take over. It’s just the readiness to play, and the focus to play. There’s not much of a fatigue factor.”

On impressions of Duke:
“It’s obvious they’re a big team so we’re just going to focus on playing our game, and executing our game plan well.”

On what a win would mean to the DePaul Women’s Basketball Program:
“To our program it would mean a lot to us. Just to get to the Sweet Sixteen would be great, and I am pretty sure our players and our coaching staff is excited to be able to go back to Chicago to see our fans and see everyone, and get the win is just really great for us.”

DePaul Guard Megan Rogowski
On nearly defeating South Carolina:
“We saw and know how each player plays at Duke and so we know what they do, we’re going to try our best to stop them and play or DePaul ball.”

On the team's comfort level playing in Cameron Indoor:
“This gym is similar to our gym, it’s a smaller gym. We were here last year and played a game, we played yesterday.  I mean I feel pretty comfortable with the gym.  The floor is just like our floor, it’s not a raised floor so I think it’s to our advantage.  We are pretty comfortable playing here now.”

On a game that prepared you for Duke:
“I guess you could say Marquette. Marquette was a really big team we played against. I mean we have played against a lot of big teams throughout the season. Georgetown is a big team as well. Throughout the whole season we have been preparing for this game as well.”