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Quotes: Duke 73, FSU 66
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/13/2012
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening statement:

"Just a hard-fought game. It's what you'd expect. I thought Florida State played very, very well. Based on the films I've watched of Florida State, that's the best they've played this year, according to what I've seen. And we didn't do a great job of changing much of it. They shot a great percentage. Their go-to players performed. It made for a very exciting game for sure. I'm proud of our team in terms of our critical plays. I thought we made some big plays down the stretch, whether it was a defensive block by Elizabeth [Williams], whether it was a take by Chelsea [Gray]. Big three by Richa [Jackson]. Tricia [Liston] did something. A little bit of everybody attacking, so it's a great game for us to learn and get better. I think it's interesting we had no turnovers for 18 minutes in the second half and we found a way to pick up a bunch in two minutes. So good lessons for us, and we look forward to the next one."

On what the team could have improved:

"The points in the paint bother me tremendously. They had more points in the paint than we did ... If you don't defend and people shoot 52 percent, and you don't rebound, well you've got yourself a close game. There's no way to separate. We did not do a good job attacking the entire game. We had up and down energy and it's a great lesson for our team - how you simply cannot do that. I felt like we enabled the game in that regard. And if you don't get to the free throw line, then you really can't separate. So what I call the tough 'dirty work' - stats we did not score well on." 

On offensive adjustments the team made in the second half:

"Just attacking the players. I thought everybody - Chelsea, Elizabeth, Tricia - everyone made shots, worked the ball a little bit better, just a little bit more comfortable maybe in working the basketball. I don't think there was any kind of secret. They played some man, they played their zone, but the attack was solid. And I think that's the kind of thing this team's very capable of. It's a hard thing to put together 40 minutes on both sides of the ball. You could put 40 minutes together of offense and not so much defense. So it's a hard thing to do that. It takes a lot of stamina and a lot of attacking. And so I think we had parts of that throughout the game. But you have to give credit to the players. They can play, they can attack and they hit some tough shots."

On Tricia Liston's performance:

"She's a heady player. She's pretty opportunistic and I think that, again, she just does a great job looking for opportunities that might present. Also, Chelsea looks for her pretty well. They play off each other pretty well. So, that was pretty to see. They can do more of that."

On Liston's work during the off-season:

"I think she took it upon herself to get in better condition. She's always been a pretty good player. She's had moments in practice as a freshman that made us look twice for things that she did. But I think the key is getting in condition - learning how to get in condition for this level. And not just physical condition [but] mental, mentally. And I think that's something that we're really progressing well with and I'm excited about."


Sophomore Chelsea Gray:

On the last minutes of the second half:

"Well at that point, I was on that side, and we just didn't do a good job at taking care of the ball, running our press break, and filling in the lanes. We just did not take care of the ball in the last two minutes. In a crucial game that will hurt us, so we just have to learn from this and move on."


On the off tempo of the overall game:

"As far as defensively in the first half, they had eight points in transition. That starts with defense, and defense fuels our offense. We did not do a good job at stopping their transition buckets. Then in the second half, we did a good job at taking care of the ball, and they still got east layups. They had a play where we were just trading baskets, and that just can't work."


On shutting down Alexa Deluzio so well:

"We did a good job of her not scoring, but she also distributed the ball. They had four players in double figures, so at one respect, we did a good job at number three [Deluzio], but the rest of them killed us."

On if anyone said anything to Haley Peters during halftime with her having an impressive second half after a slow start:

"Haley is a smart player, so I knew she was going to turn around. We all talked as a team about what we had to do in the second half. She is mentally tough, so I knew in the second half that we were going to see a different Haley.

On regrouping and focusing for the next game:

"We can't come in at halftime or after the game saying the same things. If you are not, then you are improving. So that is just our main focus as of right now."

Freshman Elizabeth Williams:

On going up against one the biggest and strongest players in the country:

"I think I did well at times. I think defensively, I made a lot of mistakes there. There were a couple of times where I was pinned, and obviously, if I get pinned behind her, it is an easy bucket.  I think my teammates did a good job at getting me the ball. In spurts our zone was effective, but overall, I think she still scored too many points. We could have done a better job."

On an effective jump shot:

"Well, I couldn't really hesitate on a shot like that. Coach Brown told us this week in practice that if we get that shot, we really need to shoot it. It's not that we can't shoot it. It's a matter of telling yourselves to shoot the open shot. That's what I tried to do."

On regrouping and focusing for the next game:

"Well we are going to look at film tomorrow, and we are just going to try and move on, learn, and come out with a lot of energy the next game. The next game is really an opportunity for us to try and fix our mistakes and just go out even harder than we did today."


Florida State Head Coach Sue Semrau

On Alexa Deluzio being off-rhythm:

"I really thought that we did not do a good job passing around people and that if we had had more courage to do that then she would have gotten a lot more open looks. Especially when she was at the high post, I didn't think we did a good job of trying to find her there. She's so creative when she can catch it at the high post. She's a great passer, she's a great penetrator, she can shoot it. But again, she played probably 39 minutes and that's a worrier for you. You just wish a few more of her shots would have fallen."

On Deluzio having to guard Jackson:

 "[Jackson] had been [Duke's] leading scorer in the ACC going into this game. So they are all dangerous in their own ways. But I thought it was a great fight. It's a tough place to win."

On Duke's late jump shots:

"I think that's what ended up happening. You can force a tough shot and if they knock it down, props. But when they missed those shots we didn't do a good job of rebounding. When we give up 17 offensive boards, that's not where we need to be. And again, I think credit our kids. We played seven kids and they came and fought their guts out."

On Elizabeth Williams:

"I thought our kids did a good job of that. Credit her, she knocked it down. I coached her this summer, I watched her all summer long, and you know, she'll make some of those, she'll miss some of those. She did a good job tonight of knocking down open shots. As did Cierra [Bravard]. You know, Cierra was forced at the free throw line extended, and she did a great job of knocking down shots. I thought it was two great post players going at it and I think it was a great basketball game."

On the rest of the season:

"I think we've got a lot of things ahead of us. We are only four games into the ACC right now, and so we've got an opportunity here on Sunday. We've got Miami coming to our place. Every team that we've lost it has been a ranked team or an in-state rival. So I think you really have to credit us for going up against it. And every game it has been down to the last three minutes of every game. So I think for us that bodes well down the stretch and shows how much we were able to grow up."

On the growth of Florida State over the season:

"I think we understand...well, we handle pressure a ton better. And we understand, too, how to get the ball inside and to utilize the strength of our inside game. I think we have three of the best post players in the conference. And all three guards are playing different positions than they played last year. [Alexa Deluzio] is at the One, she was at the Two last year. [Chastity Clayton] was at the Four, she's at the Three. And [Leonor Rodriguez] and [Olivia Bresnahan] didn't see the floor. So now you've got all these kids that are playing new positions on the perimeter. And you've got to credit our post players to still have the same kind of hunger. And I thought Lex was trying hard to get the ball to Cierra tonight. Maybe too hard."

On Tricia Liston:

"She's just a more confident shooter. Again, I'm not quite ready to play her as a penetrator. You're going to get out and make her put the ball on the floor. My assistant Brooke Wycoff played here for four years and Georgia Schweitzer came over and they were on the same team. And she reminds me a little bit of Georgia early in her career when Georgia would shoot it from the outside. And if she continues to develop her game, she'll be tough to handle."


Florida State Forward Cierra Bravard

On Florida State's improved play of late:

"I mean, I think our last three games have showed how much progress we are making. We had a rough start, but it's just a lot more fun. We're playing together and we're starting to figure it out. I think if we take away what we didn't do good tonight we would have won the game. Credit to them, they played great. Offensively they hit shots. But if we had taken care of the ball on our end it would have been a different outcome."

On Elizabeth Williams:

"She's good. She's a good player. She's strong and she plays with a lot of confidence. I think she's going to be extremely hard to deal with down the road. She's a good player."