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Quotes: Virginia Tech 41, Duke 20
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/13/2012
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Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe
“About two and a half, three hours ago, all of us would be feeling a bit differently if the game ended after the first quarter. I don’t think Virginia Tech did one collective thing. I think if you look at this game, you go back to the second quarter. We were playing very well in the second quarter. We threw the football and were defending very well. Having a couple turnovers at inopportune times in their end, which should have been points that didn’t, and in the case of the last one, it ended up producing points for them right before the half.
“The other thing aside from the turnovers in there would be giving up explosives defensively that we haven’t given up this year or near like that. The last thing, give Virginia Tech credit, we didn’t match them physically. That was something I was interested in seeing at the end of the game. Their defensive front won the battle and their offensive front ended up winning the battle, and that’s how you come back in the game. When you have a lead, you still have to win the physical battle of the game and we couldn’t do that today.
“It’s difficult emotionally and it feels like our bubble burst. I told the team that you have to let this go from an emotions standpoint. We’ll continue to learn about our team and we have to all look at what we all can do to correct it. We have a good team. We have great young men. I believe that we’ll respond the proper way, but we can’t just say that, we have to do that.
“It hurt today. It hurt a lot, particularly when you have a 20-point lead at one time, but in the end, I thought that Virginia Tech, and as I told Coach Beamer after the game, ‘your team responded like a champion today.’ Congratulations to them, they got it done.”

Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer
“I just told our football team that that was a great win for our football program. The circumstances, coming off two losses and getting down 20 to zip, I appreciate our players and their poise, our coaches’ poise and no one panicked and things worked out for us.

“Let me say this, I think Coach Cutcliffe has done an amazing job and that’s a good football team. Things kind of went our way today, but I think they are a really good football team and he and his staff have done a tremendous job.

“I think the tough part is that we lost Miller out there today. We had two offensive linemen, Farris and Wang out and so we are getting a little bit thin. But we will get it figured out and get ready for next week.”

Thoughts about being down 20-0:
“I was thinking, we had a team meeting on Thursday and Logan got up and spoke a little bit. And said if things don’t go right at first just hang in there and keep playing. Our football team showed that a couple times, the Georgia Tech game and this game didn’t look very good.

“I think it really says something about the type of people in this program and again, the coaching staff and players, everyone just kept playing and that’s something special right there. It’s not easy to do.

“A lot of people would panic and start pointing fingers and our guys hung in there.”

Thought process with JC Coleman being number one guy:
“We just need to get someone going and I thought JC got going. Tony Gregory got back in there and we made a couple mistakes, the third down play that we got a little bit of a loss and ended up kicking a field goal, but we just needed something. And I thought JC was that guy today.”

Three touchdown win, putting together a complete game:
“Yea a lot of good things happened. At the end of the half, Michael Cole had an interception and we get a touchdown before the half and that’s a big confidence builder. There were just a lot of things that happened after that fourth quarter but they don’t happen when you don’t have the right kind of people. If you don’t have the right kind of coaches and players, so I am proud of them.”

Hard stretch from here on out:
“I think it’s one home game in 46 days, that’s a tough stretch. We are going to enjoy this one and then get ready for Clemson.”