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Quotes: Duke 88, FGC 67
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/18/2012
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“I thought we played well tonight. They are good. That kid, [Bernard] Thompson had a great game. He is a terrific player, and we knew that coming in, but his range was a little bit more than even we had seen on tape. I thought he was spectacular, really. We have seen all three of their games and in all their games, we never saw them push the ball like they did. So in the beginning of the game, we tried to create tempo with our defense. We didn’t have to; they were already in tempo. They would leak out a guy, and they were beating us down the court. We were kind of all over the place. They hit threes, and got layups. I thought they had a great game plan and once we settled down into a good half-court defense, we had that long run of 25 or 30 point without them scoring. Our defense was really good there in that time, and then in the second half we did some different combinations. They are never going to give up. He is a good coach and has a really good team. They are going to do very well. They have already done very well. They beat Miami, what a signature win for them. We respected them. I thought we played really hard. Our defense forced a lot of turnovers and they didn’t have an answer for Mason [Plumlee] inside. We took advantage of that. Mason was incredibly efficient. I think he was 9-for-11 and 10-for-1. Twenty-two shots, he hit 19 of them, that is pretty good. That is really good. Overall it is good, especially coming after a big win against Kentucky we were concerned about here. I thought the crowd was great. Sunday night, eight o’clock, our crowd was really upbeat and good, and now it is off to Atlantis. We play a heck of a schedule. It’s a tough schedule.”

On Quinn Cook:
“Quinn was a major factor in our win over Kentucky, and I think it is a game he needed, and we needed obviously, because we need him. When he came into the Kentucky game, we really pushed the ball well. And his pressure on the ball was excellent, and he did the same thing tonight with [Brett] Comer and their backup guard just as offense so I thought his defense was really good.”

On freeing up Mason Plumlee inside:
“They played more of matchup, and there is space there for a little bit, then there isn’t so you have to be alert when you pass it into the post. When we went to a high ball screen, it gave us a little bit of a window where Quinn [Cook] saw some things. A couple of the actions we ran worked better, but everything works better when you hit shots. All those plays look good when guys are hitting shots, and we started hitting shots. We were making the extra pass. I thought we were trying to score initially, but what we did was we worked together better to run an offense, and there was actually some pretty nice basketball in the last eight minutes in the first half both offensively and defensively.”

On Seth Curry:
“I thought he did a good job, but you could tell if you don’t practice you not only lose a little bit, but your teammates aren’t playing with you every day, so it is not like one of those fantasy games where you put in that guy and that guy does the same thing he normally does with everyone else. This is real life. You have to have repetitions, individually and collectively. We tried to give him a real slow week this week in preparation for next week. He was a little bit rusty, but hopefully tonight helps him get ready for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.”

On Mason’s increased playing time:
“He has really had a great year. He may end up playing all 40 minutes in a game. A number of our former players who are really good players played the whole game. A player doesn’t want to come out of the game, and if he is smart enough. He committed a couple foolish fouls against Kentucky, where he over extended away from the basket and he didn’t do any of that tonight. I thought he played a great game tonight, a great and incredibly efficient game.”

Duke Senior Ryan Kelly
“We really locked in [on defense], didn’t give them anything easy, and really controlled the boards.  That’s what we have to do for 40 minutes.”

On the play of Rasheed Sulaimon:
“We need him to shoot the ball when he’s open and to drive and to score.  He’s a heck of a player, especially for a freshman.  We need that from him every game, and he’s got the confidence to do that.”

On the early part of the first half:
“They were outplaying us.  They were working harder than we were.  You saw that in how they were getting down the court faster, and we weren’t sprinting back.  Part of that is game plan, but we can’t give up those easy baskets and open shots.  We improved and that’s what you look for – making changes during a game and we certainly did that.”

On the run Duke went on late in the first half and early part of the second half:
“We locked in on the defensive end.  Early they were running real quick and getting the ball out of the basket on makes or misses fast.  We were attempting to get up and kind of press, and they were getting out so quick and guys were getting layups or open shots.  Once we got that under control and got into the halfcourt, we did a pretty good job defensively and kept them to one shot during that period.  That’s a recipe for success.”

Duke Senior Mason Plumlee
“Guys got me easy shots – I wasn’t shooting jumpers.  A lot of credit goes to Quinn [Cook] and Tyler [Thornton], finding me in good spots, and then I got to the free throw line.”

“The zone kind of stood us up a little bit, but once we got guys to spots and guys starting taking their shots in rhythm, we started knocking down threes and that made them come out on our shooters a little more.  That’s huge because when we hit a couple of threes, Cameron gets loud.”

On his 10-of-11 performance from the free throw line:
“If that can become a constant then that really helps our team because people can’t just foul me.  And then at the end of games people can’t just foul me.  It’s more just a mental thing, getting comfortable up there.  When I can step up there and I know that I’ve shot as many as anybody in practice and then on my own, it just gives you confidence.”

Duke Junior Tyler Thornton
“Teams are going to key on Mason [Plumlee] as the guy, so luckily we do have great shooters, and our coaches are going to mix up our game plans to get him more space.  He does a great job attacking the offensive boards and just making plays for everybody else.”

“When we find something that works we want to keep attacking it.  That’s what great coaches do, and that’s what great teams do.  Today we found a couple of [offensive] sets that really worked, and we really executed very well.”

On the run Duke went on late in the first half and early part of the second half:
“First and foremost we were making stops on the defensive end and limiting them to one shot. On the offensive end, just trying to attack their zone and executing, I think we did a great job of making the extra pass and being strong with the ball.  Just limiting our turnovers during that time was key, and guys hit shots and we made plays.”

FGCU Head Coach Andy Enfield
Opening Statement:
“I was just told they were on a 30 to nothing run. It was a one-point game and we didn’t score the rest of the first half. They came out and scored the first few baskets of the second half. I’ve never heard of a 30 to nothing run before. First one I’ve been a part of. But the good news is, other than that, we played pretty well. I’m proud of our guys. We outscored them in the second half by one. We only had six turnovers in the second half and even though they have some terrific players, I thought we played very hard.”

On how he felt his team handled the pressure:
“If you’re going to beat a team like Duke, you need to score. You can’t shut them down for 40 minutes. When I was at Florida State as an assistant coach, we had to go recruit talent that you could score against this team [with]. When they went on their run tonight, we couldn’t score. We dropped easy passes for layups, we missed layups, we missed dunks, we missed open shots. Teams like Duke, they’re so talented. When they go on their runs, you need to score with them. Instead of being a 30 to nothing run, we could easily have had 15 points if we just caught the ball and made layups. So I’m not sure why that happened. It was frustrating as a coach to see that because our players are better than that. They can catch open passes. They can catch the ball from five feet and make a layup, and I think we missed quite a few of those during that run. It was discouraging. We had 19 turnovers in the first half and in the second half we had six. That’s what I expect. There’s no excuse for 19 turnovers. Duke pressures you, but that was more on us. We just played very poorly for a few minutes.”

On the performance of guard Bernard Thompson:
“He had five steals, so I look at the defense first. He had six rebounds, and that’s what I look at second. He averaged almost two steals a game last year and he averaged over five rebounds. For someone at 6-3, that’s excellent. He shot the ball well tonight – he made six three’s. He has really improved his ball handling, he’s improved his first step, he’s improved his mid-range game and he’s improved his three-point shooting. So he’s becoming a very complete player. I’m excited for him. The one thing that we need him to do sometimes is create for others and get his teammates wide open shots. I know one of his charges tonight, he had Sherwood [Brown] in the corner wide open and instead of passing the ball early, he ran over a defender. He has room for improvement, but I’m very, very happy with him.”

On how the crowd in Cameron impacted the game:
“Sure. It’s one of the toughest places to play in the country. If you don’t have the talent to score on them, it’s hard to beat Duke here – it’s hard to beat Duke anywhere. They’re bigger than us, they’re extremely talented at every position and they’re very deep. Being well-coached, that goes without saying … I don’t know if the crowd made us drop balls or miss layups, but something did. I don’t know what to blame it on, but I was a little bit disappointed.”

FGCU Guard Bernard Thompson
On the atmosphere in Cameron Indoor Stadium:
“It was really high, the atmosphere from the fans. They had high energy, they kept their players in it, they gave them adrenaline. Because of them feeding off of it, they just kept going.”

On what he took away from the experience:
“I just love playing in big crowds like this. It just gets my body going and gives me adrenaline. It just keeps pushing me, so I like the atmosphere of the crowd.”

On what head coach Andy Enfield did to prepare the team for playing in Cameron:
“They are going to talk smack to you and stuff like that, try to get in your head. We just had to stay focused and just play our game.”

On what led to the 30-0 run by Duke:
“They just outworked us, really. We were with them, 30-31, then they were just outworking us, getting every rebound and loose ball. We weren’t making any shots so they kind of took us down.”