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Quotes: Duke 7, Notre Dame 5
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 05/22/2011
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Duke Head Coach John Danowski
Opening statement:
"First of all, we knew that Notre Dame, defensively, is one of the toughest groups that we've faced in the last several years; not just this season, but last season as well, so we know that defensively it was going to be almost similar to a street fight - although, for the record, I've never been in a street fight - but if there were one, I imagine that's what it was like. In the third quarter, we had that extended possession and we were trying to score, but defensively they were terrific, so hats off to Kevin Corrigan and his staff and those kids and your heart goes out to them because, in the end, someone has to advance, but I was very proud of our guys. It was a focus all week, in-the-box offense and in-the-box defense. Defensively, after giving up 14 goals last week, I think our guys took it personally. I know our coaches took it personally, so that was a tremendous focus. Having Dan [Wigrizer] back in the goal was terrific. Mike Rock did a great job, but Danny has been our starter all year so it was great to have Danny back. Offensively, it was really important that we made good decisions with the ball in the box on offense and I think for the most part we did today. We had to wait, we had to be patient, that was the most patient we had been all year and, again, just very proud of the progress the team has made and we're delighted to work for another week and we get back to work tomorrow."

On the youth on Duke's defense:
"Down low, we have a senior, Tom Montelli, a freshman, Chris Hipps, a sophomore, Billy Conners, a sophomore, Jimmy O'Neill, come in. C.J. Costabile is a junior and Luke Duprey, #33, is a freshman. There are going to be times when it doesn't look so nice because they don't have a lot of experience and they're going to be tentative, but what you hope is that each week, we get better. We learn from each experience. I thought today - I agree with [our players] - this was our best performance defensively and that's part of just gaining experience together and playing together."

Duke Sophomore Goalie Dan Wigrizer
On returning to the lineup after missing last week's game:
"This is the fourth time I've played Notre Dame. I'm kind of used to it. Already the fourth time in two years with an out-of-conference team, which is an incredible amount of games. I was just excited to play them, I knew they were going to come out shooting. They were going to start taking shots right away, which they did. The first possession they had, they just kept shooting and shooting. Unlike last year, when they had 10 total shots on goal in the championship game, they got a lot of shots on goal today and I was just ready and prepared to be seeing shots the entire day and I just wanted to stay calm and relaxed and just let the shots come from them."

On Duke's defense:
"The defense played incredible today. Basically, the goal for them is to let them take shots from outside what we call the paint, which is just the close area inside the net, so they gave up great shots, they gave up shots from the outside, shots that make it easier for me to save, easy for me to see the ball and react and they did that the entire game. They stayed on it. They were able to force guys to their off hand and make sure that they took shots that I wanted to see and that they took shots that they know that I can possibly save."

Duke Junior Midfielder Justin Turri
On the strength of the ACC:
"Playing in the ACC, we see these teams all the time and we kind of said that the ACC, with the exception of a few other teams, the ACC is the cream of the crop in Division I lacrosse and going through the ACC Tournament, playing these teams at least once every year really prepares you for the postseason. We played Virginia twice, we knew they were very dangerous. We played Maryland twice and the second time they beat us. Even North Carolina, who unfortunately had to play Maryland in the first round, otherwise maybe it would be four ACC teams in the quarters and four going to the semifinals. We really believe the ACC has a lot of athletes recruited from all around the country. We play up-tempo, fast-paced, so we really think that we distinguish ourselves a bit from the rest of the Division I field."

On losing many of the statistical categories in the first half:
"Danny [Wigrizer] played great. Overall as a defense, this is probably the best game we've played all season and by our defense allowing Danny to see low-angle shots from the outside, he got in a rhythm and he played great. We knew, offensively, that Notre Dame's defense is probably the best we've played in the past couple years. They're extremely disciplined, they slide great behind coach Gerry Byrne, so we knew we had to be patient and opportunities would come, so we were kind of feeling them out a bit in the first half and our defense did do a great job and Danny especially of keeping us in the game and going into halftime 3-3, we knew that looks were going to fall, we knew we were going to open some stuff up in the second half and our defense allowed us to do that."