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Courtesy: Duke Photography
Grace Cassidy Senior Profile
Wednesday 04/17/2014  -  Duke Sports Information
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DURHAM, N.C. -- Recently, GoDuke.com sat down with senior Grace Cassidy to learn more about the New Farfield, Conn., native.

GoDuke.com: What is your favorite ‘on the water’ memory?
Grace Cassidy: It would probably be San Diego last year in our heat, we did some last-minute switch-ups in the boat and I was stroking. It was the first race I had ever stroked and it was just a really exciting race and we beat Wisconsin which I never thought I would do in my college career.

GoDuke.com: What is your favorite ‘off the water’ memory? 
GC: Being able to be in a sorority while being on my team. Spending time with my non-team friends, so I am glad that the sport allowed that.  

GoDuke.com: What sorority? 
GC: Tri-Delta. I got unexpectedly very involved, so that is probably my favorite off the field memory.

GoDuke.com: Are any of your other teammates there or are you the only one? 
GC: When I joined, there was one senior on my team when I was a freshman, she was in it and so was a junior and they were my two favorite people on the team. There still are a couple of other Tri-Delts on the rowing team so it is like a fun mix to see what rowers join and it always ends up really good. It was nice because that senior and I had a really special bond and it was cool that we had that added friendship totally off of the team.

GoDuke.com: So that preceded your being in a sorority, your friendship with her? 
GC: She was one of my close teammates and I looked up to her a lot and then I joined her sorority and we still keep in touch all of the time. She is still rowing, actually. She lives in Seattle, which is basically where she is from.

GoDuke.com: Name three things that motivate you to perform.
GC: My teammates and knowing how hard they work, so I might as well do well for them. Probably just being a female athlete in general motivates me to perform as well as the support I have from my family.

GoDuke.com: Name three places you would travel.
GC: Probably back to the Vatican. Wherever my mom is just to be with her. And maybe Courtsmith, New Hampshire. It is about an hour outside of Boston; it is a cool little port city.

GoDuke.com: Name three things you would do if you had a day off (no class).
GC: I usually sleep and maybe go for a leisurely run. 

GoDuke.com: What are three of your favorite restaurants in Durham? 
GC: Cosmic. Tijuana Flats. A lot of my teammates go a lot because it is a good place for a group. I guess Chipotle, and those are the three Mexican places so I feel like a freaking weirdo. Our team just loves Mexican food.

GoDuke.com: Name three things you would like to do in the next ten years. 
GC: Get a cat of my own. Write something substantial, not like a book but do some writing. Get a job.


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