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Courtesy: Duke Photography
Get to Know A Fencing Freshman: Ethan Yu
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/07/2014
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The "Get to Know a Duke Fencing Freshman" feature highlights a Duke fencing freshman every week. This week's installment features freshman foil Ethan Yu from South Burlington, Vermont.

How did you get into fencing?
As a kid, I would always use a tree branch or a stick as a weapon and fight imaginary enemies. So when my mom found out about fencing, she signed me up, and from the first class on, I’ve continued to fence.

If you weren’t a fencer, what sport would you be playing?
If I wasn’t a fencer, I would be swimming. I had a nice career in swimming back in elementary school by coming in 3rd in vermont in breaststroke.

What is your favorite late-night snack?
My favorite late night snack is goldfish.

What was your favorite subject in high school?
My favorite subject in high school was History because my teacher made awesome puns while he was teaching and it made history a lot of fun.

What was your least favorite subject in high school?
I didn’t have a least favorite subject in high school because I liked all of my classes.

What is playing on your iPhone/iPod/CD player/etc. right now?
The song that’s playing on my phone right now is "One More Time" by 7Lions.

Why did you choose to fence at Duke University?
I choose to fence at Duke because Duke offers a mix of high-level fencing competition as well as one of the best educations in the United States.

What is your favorite decoration in the fencing gym?
My favorite decorations in the fencing gym are the Duke flags with sabers as the flag poles.

What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is "Ender’s Game." I love the way Mr. Card crafts a book that is able to speak to people of all ages, especially since he wrote it in the 1980s and people still love to read it.

What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is "Forrest Gump" because it takes us through all of the most important parts of US history and adds a humorous twist to it all.

Do you have any other interests or pursuits?
I love to play football, ultimate, and video games with my friends. I also like to play a wide variety of other sports.