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Courtesy: Duke Photography
Anthony Lin Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 02/19/2013
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DURHAM, N.C. - The Duke fencing team travels to Philadelphia, Pa., to compete in the Temple Duals on Saturday, February 23. Recently, sat down with senior Anthony Lin to learn more about the Portland, Ore., native. What has been your proudest moment at Duke?
Anthony Lin: With regards to fencing, last year at regionals was my proudest moment. I came down with a 103-degree fever and I fenced through it to qualify for nationals. I was rushed to the ER immediately after the match. During the moment it didn't feel good, but being able to persevere and make it to nationals despite being sick was a great moment overall. What is the most misunderstood aspect of fencing?
AL: It definitely gets misunderstood as a sport in that people think it doesn't require physical fitness and conditioning. When you're tired, the fine motor movements become sloppy and in fencing we're taught to capitalize on that. Over the course of multiple bouts, fatigue becomes a factor so that physically being able to fence through it while trying to stay mentally engaged and being able to identify your opponent's weaknesses becomes challenging. What has been your favorite class so far at Duke?
AL: I took a modern Korean Buddhism class and a modern terrorism class. These courses were completely out in left field for me, but the classes were great. The professors were engaging and the discussions were great. It was incredibly fun to experience these classes in topics outside of my area of expertise. What is your favorite book?
AL: I'm a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell so "Outliers", and "The Tipping Point". What is your favorite movie?
AL: I love "Dodge Ball." It's a classic. What is your favorite band or musician?
AL: I'm big into mixes right now so Kap Slap and DJ Panda. What is favorite late night snack?
AL: McDonald's chicken nuggets. What is your favorite homemade meal?
AL: Chicken pot pie If you could be a superhero what superpower would you want?
AL: It'd be awesome to be able to teleport. What are your post-college aspirations?
AL: Right now I'm just applying to medical school and in the process of waiting on admissions. I would love to continue fencing. It has been such an important part of my life, so I can't imagine moving forward without it whether that means being a part-time assistant coach or finding a club and doing it just for fun. It has definitely shaped who I've become, so I definitely want to keep with it. Do you have any hidden talents?
AL: I can play guitar, it's something I was into in high school.