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Duke Posts 425 Selections on the ACC Honor Roll
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 07/29/2011
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Photo Courtesy: Duke Photography
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GREENSBORO, N.C. – For the 23rd time out of the last 24 years, Duke University led all Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) schools with 425 selections as Commissioner John D. Swofford announced the 55th annual ACC Honor Roll on Friday in Greensboro, N.C.

The Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.00 or better for the full academic year. The conference acknowledged a record 2,835 student-athletes for their hard work in the classroom during the 2010-11 academic year.

Duke led the league with 425 selections. Boston College followed with 408. Maryland was third with 280 honorees, while Virginia placed fourth with 250. North Carolina had 247 student-athletes recognized, followed by NC State with 213 and Virginia Tech with 208. Clemson (195), Florida State (182), Georgia Tech (150), Miami (149) and Wake Forest (128) rounded out the list.

Headlining this year’s Honor Roll is six-time honoree Brittany Tinelsey of NC State. Twenty-three student-athletes are five-time ACC Honor Roll recipients: Boston College’s Caitlin Bailey, Samantha Gawrych and Kristine Stigas; Clemson’s Jennifer Agee and Justin Sarratt; Duke’s Mitchell Lederman and Matt Thomas; Florida State’s Matthew Jenije; Georgia Tech’s Matthew Hickey, Perron Jones, Zach Krish, Thomas Oatts and Alexander Stephenson; Miami’s Mitchell Rudman; North Carolina’s Elizabeth Dradzowski; NC State’s Sarah Merritt; Virgnia’s Stephanie Garcia and Ayla Smith; Virginia Tech’s Kelly Phillips, Caitlin Thorney and Asia Washington; and Wake Forest’s Chris Langley and Kim Vos.

The 2010-11 Academic Honor Roll features 20 ACC Players of the Year. Those student-athletes include Clemson’s Laura Bassadonna (rowing crew), Becca Brown (rowing crew). Heather Cummings (rowing crews), Sarah Daanen (rowing crew), Brad Miller (baseball) and Miller Moss (indoor track and field); Duke’s Kellie Catanach (volleyball), Lindy Duncan (women’s golf), Abby Jonson (women’s diving), Nolan Smith (men’s basketball) and Andrew Wenger (men’s soccer); Florida State’s Maurice Mitchell (men’s indoor and outdoor track) and Kim Williams (women’s indoor track and field); Georgia Tech’s Guillermo Gomez (men’s tennis); Miami’s Bianca Eichkorn (women’s tennis); NC State’s Laura Hoer (cross country); Virginia’s Emil Heineking (cross country), Danny Hultzen (baseball pitcher of the year) and Lauren Perdue (women’s swimming); and Wake Forest’s Anna Nosenko (indoor track).

The league has 12 ACC Freshmen of the Year named to the honor roll, including Boston College’s Alycia Da’Loia-Moore (rowing) and Tori Speer (softball), Duke’s Laetitia Beck (women’s golf) and Nick McCrory (men’s swimming), Florida State’s Jakub Ziven (men’s cross country), Maryland’s Patrick Mullins (men’s soccer) and Danny O’Brien (football), North Carolina’s Abbey Friend (women’s lacrosse); NC State’s Hoer (cross country), Virginia Tech’s Samira Burkhardt (indoor and outdoor track and field) and Devin Carter (wrestling); and Wake Forest’s Katie Stengel (women’s soccer).

Duke’s complete list of the 2010-11 ACC Honor Roll is below:

Duke (425)

Nick Adamo 3        Wrestling
Dak Adamson 1        Wrestling
Johnathan Aguirre 1    Soccer
Suejin Ahn 2        Cross Country
Rebecca Allen 3    Soccer
Justin Amezquita 1    Track
Chelsea Amsley 1    Field Hockey
Tanner Anderson 1    Track
Spencer Anderson 3    Golf
Deirdre Anglin-Stone 1    Track
Kenny Anunike 3    Football
Katie Apibunyopas 3    Cross Country
Tori Arendt 3        Rowing
Paul Asack 3        Football
Michael Assaraf 1    Soccer
Brian Atkinson 1    Cross Country
John Austin 4        Track
Sarah Baker 2        Rowing
Adam Banks 4        Football
Michael Barbas 3    Track
Katelyn Bastert 3    Cross Country
Shaye Bastien 2    Rowing
Lauren Baumgartner 1    Rowing
Kodia Baye-Cigna 1    Fencing
Curtis Beach 2        Track
Allison Beattie 1    Rowing
Chase Bebout 2    Baseball
Laetitia Beck 1        Golf
Mike Bell 3        Wrestling
Ben Belmont 2        Lacrosse
James Belshaw 2    Soccer
Matt Berezo 1        Baseball
Casey Beyel 4        Lacrosse
Jacob Bieze 2        Swimming
Will Boeckman 1    Football
Spencer Booth 1    Swimming
Devon Bostock 2    Soccer
Juliet Bottorff 2    Cross Country
Kendall Bradley 4    Soccer
Erica Brand 1        Track
Ashley Brasovan 2    Cross Country
Josh Brewer 1        Cross Country
Christian Britto 1    Cross Country
Andrew Brodeur 1    Cross Country
Christian Brown 2    Soccer
Josiah Brown 2        Fencing
Kelby Brown 1        Football
Matt Budofsky 1    Fencing
Sarah Bullard 4        Lacrosse
Katie Burke 2        Rowing
Becci Burling 2        Volleyball
Lee Butler 1        Football
Lex Butler 2        Football
Jordon Byas 1        Football
Sean Cadley 1        Fencing
Ashley Camano 1    Field Hockey
Tara Campbell 2    Soccer
Chelsea Canepa 3    Soccer
Alejandra Cangrejo 1    Golf
Walt Canty 1        Football
Matt Carder 2        Swimming
Nick Carothers 1    Fencing
Austin Carpenter 1    Track
Grace Cassidy 1        Rowing
Kellie Catanach 2    Volleyball
Karima Christmas 1    Basketball
Jonathan Chu 3        Cross Country
Stephen Clark 1    Cross Country
Ross Cockrell 2        Football
Austin Cody 1        Golf
Dax Cohan 1        Lacrosse
Dorian Cohen 3        Fencing
Eliot Cohen 1        Fencing
Aaron Cohn 1        Baseball
Catherine Conklin 1    Swimming
Chelsea Cook 1        Volleyball
Nico Cortese 3        Wrestling
CJ Costabile 2        Lacrosse
Stephen Coyle 1    Lacrosse
Rebecca Craigie 1    Cross Country
Virginia Crotty 2    Lacrosse
Connor Crown 2    Track
Brian Cucinelli 1        Fencing
Henrique Cunha 1    Tennis
Emily D'Agostino 1    Fencing
Anthony D'Alessandro 1Baseball
Matt Daniels 3        Football
Megan Deakins 3    Field Hockey
Braxton Deaver 1    Football
Kim Decesare 2        Soccer
Greg Deluca 2        Lacrosse/FB
Lauren Delucia 1    Fencing
Monica DeMairo 2    Lacrosse
Domenick DeMatteo 1    Cross Country
Jennifer Denike 2    Fencing
Josh Dionne 1        Lacrosse
Joline Doedens 3    Rowing
Leilani Doktor 1        Rowing
Kim Donovan 2        Golf
Will Donovan 1        Soccer
Lindy Duncan 2        Golf
Caleb Duncanson 2    Track
Isaac Dunkelberger 3    Cross Country
Sophia Dunworth 3    Volleyball
Guillermo Echarte 3    Cross Country
Courtney Ellenbogen 2    Golf
Joseph Elsakr 1        Cross Country
Rory Erickson-Kulas 3    Rowing
Timothy Evans 1    Fencing
Phil Fairleigh 1        Cross Country
Jeff Faris 3        Football
Jack Farrell 2        Football
Stefanie Fee 3        Field Hockey
Jesse Fehr 1        Lacrosse
Susan Ferger 3        Field Hockey
Joey Finison 2        Football
Hannah Fisher 3    Lacrosse
Meaghan FitzGerald 4    Soccer
Vanessa Floyd 1    Track
Adam Flur 2        Swimming
Teddy Force 2        Football
Brendan Fowler 1    Lacrosse/FB
Amy Fryt 2        Track
Devon Gagliardi 2    Field Hockey
Kaitlin Gaiss 2        Lacrosse
Brandon Gambucci 1    Wrestling
Dylan Gamret 1        Wrestling
Nick Garvy 2        Swimming
Travis Gibson 2        Football
Lissa Glynn 1        Rowing
Sara Godfrey 3        Lacrosse
Graham Godwyn 1    Fencing
Justin Goldsmith 3    Fencing
Carey Goodman 3    Soccer
Hannah Goranson 1    Track
Tim Gornik 2        Golf
Monica Gorny 2    Tennis
Mie Graham 2        Lacrosse
Chelsea Gray 1        Basketball
Christiana Gray 2    Volleyball
Zach Greene 2        Football
Robert Greer 2        Fencing
Ben Grisz 1        Baseball
Laura Guth 1        Rowing
Kayla Hale 2        Cross Country
Ryan Hall 1        Football
Maddy Haller 2        Soccer
Emma Hamm 4        Lacrosse
Cale Hammond 1    Tennis
Karolina Haraldsdottir4    Track
Abby Hassinger 2    Field Hockey
Charlie Hatcher 2    Football
Dillon Haviland 1    Baseball
Paula Heimbach 1    Field Hockey
Cooper Helfet 1    Football
Megan Hendrickson 2    Volleyball
Drew Hickey 2        Track
Kyle Hill 3        Football
Virginia Hine 3        Cross Country
Chris Hipps 1        Lacrosse
Shawn Hoffman 2    Swimming
David Holland 2        Tennis
Makenzie Hommel 2    Lacrosse
Justine Hong 2        Rowing
Blake Horowitz 4    Fencing
Katie Howard 1        Swimming
Elizabeth Howell 1    Rowing
Zachary Howell 1    Lacrosse
Robert Huber 1        Baseball
Miller Hughes 1        Lacrosse
Maia Hutt 1        Fencing
Ben Hwang 2        Swimming
Emily Hyland 1        Rowing
Conor Irwin 1        Football
Libby Jandl 2        Soccer
Alex Japhet 3        Rowing
Kirstie Jeffrey 4        Swimming
Tara Jennings 3        Field Hockey
Meredith Jewitt 3    Rowing
Dezmond Johnson 1    Football
Molly Johnson 2    Field Hockey
Sydney Johnson 2    Rowing
Abby Johnston 3    Swimming
Mary Carleton Johnston3    Cross Country
Rebekah Johnston 1    Track
William Johnston 1    Football
Amanda Jones 3    Lacrosse
Kevin Jones 3        Football
Rhian Jones 3        Field Hockey
Christie Kaestner 3    Lacrosse
Caroline Keating 2    Lacrosse
Ryan Kelly 2        Basketball
Sarah Kendrick 2    Lacrosse
Kaitlyn Kerr 1        Soccer
Stacey Kim 2        Golf
Brandon King 4        Football
Caroline Kiritsy 1    Rowing
Kayla Kirk 3        Volleyball
Jackie Klauberg 1    Lacrosse
James Kostelnik 3    Cross Country
Kristina Krasich 2    Track
Jeff Kremer 2        Baseball
Abraham Kromah 2    Football
Laura Kuhlman 2    Rowing
Patrick Kurunwune 1    Football
Angelo LaBruna 1    Baseball
Eneka Lamb 1        Swimming
Lauren Lashmet 1    Rowing
Emmie Le Marchand 1    Field Hockey
Mitchell Lederman 5    Football
Tricia Leeson 1        Swimming
William Leister 3    Cross Country
Molly Lester 4        Soccer
Gabby Levac 1        Cross Country
Anthony Lin 2        Fencing
Nicole Lipp 1        Soccer
Tricia Liston 1        Basketball
Brian Litwin 3        Baseball
Eddie Loftus 2        Lacrosse
Erskine Love 4        Swimming
Kathryn Lowry 2    Rowing
Cassie Ludwig 4        Track
Joshua Lund 4        Cross Country
Jessica Lyden 3        Swimming
Molly Mack 1        Soccer
Mollie Mackler 2    Lacrosse
Katie Magee 4        Swimming
Keara Mageras 2    Fencing
Hanna Mar 1        Tennis
Luke Marchese 2    Tennis
Emi Marchetti 2    Rowing
Charles Marquardt 1    Fencing
Matthew Marriott 1    Track
Jeff Martin 1        Fencing
Lauren Martin 2    Lacrosse
Emily Mattoon 2    Track
Margot Mausner 4    Fencing
David Mayer 1        Basketball
Nick McCrory 1        Swimming
Ali McCurdy 1        Volleyball
Austin McDaniel 3    Soccer
Tyler McDaniel 1    Soccer
Ryan McDermott 3    Cross Country
Tim McDowell 1    Swimming
Clint McKelvey 1    Cross Country
Ashleigh Anne McKinney2    Rowing
Nancy McKinstry 3    Rowing
Chris Mengel 1        Tennis
Yarik Merkulov 1    Golf
Alex Merrill 1        Soccer
Henry Meyer 2        Lacrosse
Scot Meyer 3        Lacrosse
Gretchen Miller 4    Soccer
Ted Minturn 2        Swimming
Temi Molinar 3        Soccer
Tom Montelli 3        Lacrosse
Brian Moore 1        Football
Devotia Moore 3    Cross Country
Faith Moore 1        Rowing
Bryan Morgan 2    Football
Madeline Morgan 2    Cross Country
Dana Morin 1        Cross Country
Al Morris 1        Baseball
Leslie Morrison 3    Cross Country
Maddy Morrissey 1    Lacrosse
Michael Moverman 2    Cross Country
Cory Nanni 1        Cross Country
Jon Needham 2    Football
Samantha Nelson 2    Field Hockey
Mary Nielsen 2        Field Hockey
Steffi Niessl 3        Swimming
Bridget Nolan 3        Lacrosse
Ellah Nze 3        Tennis
Rose O'Connor 3    Swimming
Josh Offit 1        Lacrosse
Dennis O'Grady 3    Baseball
Caitlin O'Neill 1        Rowing
Jimmy O'Neill 2        Lacrosse
Sean-Patrick Oswald 3    Track
Joe Pak 1        Soccer
Brinson Paolini 2    Golf
Lynnea Pappas 3    Soccer
Danny Parker 1        Football
Jonathan Parker 2    Fencing
Micaela Paterson 2    Field Hockey
Mollie Pathman 1    Soccer
Garett Patterson 2    Football
Tommy Patterson 2    Lacrosse
Laura Paulsen 1        Track
Charlie Payton 1    Lacrosse
George Pearkes 3    Football
Spencer Pecha 1    Cross Country
Anthony Pecoraro 1    Football
David Perkins 1        Baseball
Jessica Perry 4        Swimming
Haley Peters 1        Basketball
Sydney Peterson 1    Lacrosse
David Piccirilli 3        Track
Christopher Piccolella2    Wrestling
Brendon Pierson 3    Cross Country
Jared Pinsky 4        Tennis
Will Piwnica-Worms 3    Baseball
Mason Plumlee 2    Basketball
Anthony Pollizzi 1    Track
Matt Pridemore 4    Track/FB
Nicholas Prys 1        Soccer
David Putman 2    Baseball
Molly Quirke 1        Lacrosse
Nicole Ragucci 3    Track
Ashley Rape 3        Soccer
Avery Rape 1        Soccer
Ben Raskin 1        Track
Kaitlin Ray 4        Swimming
Eriks Reks 4        Football
Sean Renfree 3        Football
Melissa Reynolds 4    Swimming
Garrett Rider 1        Football
Amanda Robertson 2    Volleyball
Dominick Robinson 2    Cross Country
Spencer Rogers 1    Football
Kevin Rojas 2        Football
Destiny Roseman 1    Track
Dana Rosen 3        Fencing
Mike Rosenfeld 1    Baseball
Cydney Ross 3        Cross Country
Rob Rotanz 3        Lacrosse
Hunter Roux 2        Swimming
Jessie Rubin 1        Cross Country
Ethan Ruby 1        Wrestling
Josh Ruffin 1        Baseball
Andrew Rullan 1    Lacrosse
Chris Rwabukamba 4    Football
Tom Rynn 1        Lacrosse
Fred Saba 1        Tennis
Maddie Salamone 2    Lacrosse
Alex Sall 3        Volleyball
Alex Sauciuc 1        Soccer
Chelsea Sawicki 1    Rowing
Sam Schack 3        Fencing
Kathleen Scheer 3    Basketball
Sarah Schoffstall 4    Field Hockey
Emily Schon 1        Swimming
Sean Schroeder 2    Football
Emily Schwitzer 4    Cross Country
Preston Scott 1        Football
Shay Selby 2        Basketball
Miray Seward 1        Track
Carly Seymour 1    Cross Country
Christopher Shannon 2    Lacrosse/FB
Lily Shepard 1        Fencing
Tony Shirk 2        Track
Kyler Shumway 1    Track
Nicholas Sih 4        Soccer
Geoff Silver 1        Football
Perry Simmons 2    Football
Callie Simpkins 2    Soccer
Kyle Singler 1        Basketball
Claire Smalzer 4    Volleyball
Nolan Smith 1        Basketball
Ned Smith 2        Football
Kathy Smithwick 2    Rowing
Josh Snead 1        Football
Will Snyderwine 4    Football
Sarah Soltis 1        Swimming
Adrianne Soo 2        Cross Country
Sophia Sourlis 1        Lacrosse
Taylor Sowell 2        Football
Caroline Spearman 3    Lacrosse
Alessandra Speidel 3    Swimming
Sylvie Spewak 2    Fencing
Sam Spillane 2        Lacrosse
Tyler Stahl 2        Swimming
Quan Stevenson 1    Football
Tara Stokes 1        Lacrosse
Alex Straton 1        Soccer
Marcus Stroman 2    Baseball
LaCresha Styles 2    Track
Chris Sullivan 1    Fencing
Adam Sumrall 2        Golf
Julian Suri 2        Golf
Lucas Talavan-Becker 1    Cross Country
Mark Tatera 1        Baseball
Peter Terrezza 3    Wrestling
Emily Theys 2        Rowing
Jasmine Thomas 4    Basketball
Kat Thomas 3        Lacrosse
Krystal Thomas 1    Basketball
Matt Thomas 5        Soccer
Meghan Thomas 1    Soccer
Laken Tomlinson 1    Football
Sophia Treakle 2    Track
Jan Trnka-Amrhein 3    Soccer
Amanda Truelove 1    Cross Country
Nick Tsipis 4        Soccer
Emma Tucci 1        Lacrosse
Mary Tung 1        Fencing
Justin Turri 1        Lacrosse
Christopher Tweed-Kent 3    Soccer
Daniel Tweed-Kent 3    Soccer
Ashley Twichell 4    Swimming
Drew Van Orden 1    Baseball
Donovan Varner 1    Football
Andrew Vekstein 1    Lacrosse
Allison Vernerey 2    Basketball
Conner Vernon 1    Football
Taylor Virden 1        Lacrosse
Cara Vogel 2        Swimming
Bo Waggoner 4        Cross Country
Christian Walsh 1    Lacrosse
Katie Walter 1        Soccer
Becca Ward 3        Fencing
Nailah Waterfield 2    Volleyball
Laura Weinberg 1    Soccer
Brianna Welch 1    Cross Country
Andrew Wenger 2    Soccer
Mariah White 1        Swimming
Brittany Whitehead 2    Track
Dan Wigrizer 2        Lacrosse
Johnny Williams 2    Football
Mia Wise 1        Field Hockey
Jordan Wolf 1        Lacrosse
Marcus Wright 2    Track
Todd Zafirovski 2    Basketball
Sophia Ziemian 3    Cross Country
Reka Zsilinszka 4    Tennis

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