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Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Introducing Field Hockey Class of 2016: Kendra Perrin
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 04/10/2012
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Meet Kendra Perrin, Defender
Duke Field Hockey Class of 2016

High School: Handsworth Secondary School
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Parents' Names: Scott and Roberta
Siblings' Names and Ages: Cam (19)                               

Honors: 2011 U-18 BC Female Field Hockey Player of the Year, Member of 2010 U-17 Canadian Junior National Team that earned a silver medal at the Pan America Games, 2011 AAA High-school Provincial Field Hockey Champions (Co-Captain), 2008 - 2012 Honor Roll with Distinction, 2010 Female Drama Award (High-school)                                

Why did you choose Duke?
For plenty of academic and athletic reasons, but at the end of the day, it was because of the electric feeling of standing on campus and knowing that it was exactly where I wanted to be.

What does it mean to be a part of the Duke Field Hockey Team?
Everything! It's an opportunity to be surrounded by a group of people driven to achieve excellence, and a chance to pursue my passion for field hockey.

To be able to say that I am a member of the Duke Field Hockey Team is...
Thrilling! I can still barely believe that it's true though, it sounds so strange coming out of my mouth.

What is your Most Memorable field hockey moment?
Standing on the field in Uruguay before the youth PanAm final. The Canadian anthem was playing, and we proudly were belting it out. On the other side of the field, our parents were all crammed together in the bleachers, faces painted bright red and just going crazy. It was amazing experience, and the image is completely imprinted in my mind. 

Quick Hitters
Favorite Color: Rainbow. It's impossible to pick just one.
Favorite Food: Sushi.
Favorite Movie: Titanic or Anchorman - it's a tie.
Favorite Book: There are 7...the Harry Potter Series.         
Favorite Band/Singer: Blind Pilot.
Sports Hero: Quinn Keast.
Non-sports Hero: Hermione Granger. Does she count?
Dream job: A rock star, but sadly I'm not musically talented...
What one person would you like to spend a day with: Anne Frank.
Describe yourself in one word: Quirky.
One possession you can't live without: My speckley grey Roots sweatpants - they are the epitome of comfort.
Play you in a movie: Emma Watson
Something most people don't know about you: I seriously think I invented the phenomenon of jumping pictures. Obviously this is false, but I am still deeply convicted about it.
Best piece of advice you ever received: If you are afraid to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.
What one thing has had the most impact on your life: Taking creative writing in grade 11. My teacher was the most inspirational woman, and I would literally scramble to write down everything she said. Some classes she would simply talk about her life, and it made me wish I could one day be as wise as her.
Career ambition: Right after I college, I hope to travel, but eventually I'd like to go into journalism or law, or maybe even work for the UN!
Most memorable event: That is a tough one. I was in Vietnam with my family on a really remote island, and we were walking through a ghostly quiet village when a bunch of kids ran out. They didn't speak any English, but we took our camera out to take a picture of them. Their reaction was astonishing - they'd never seen a camera before, and when we showed them the picture of themselves they couldn't believe it. They ran back to their houses to grab their moms and dads, and one at a time we took their pictures. It was the most bizarre and memorable thing to watch people see a photo of themselves for the first time when it's something we've become so accustomed to.


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