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Courtesy: Duke Photography
Ashley Camano Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/19/2013
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DURHAM, N.C. -- Recently, sat down with senior Ashley Camano to learn more about the Wall, N.J., native. Name your three favorite things about being a student-athlete at Duke.
Ashley Camano: One, the sense of community that we have as a body of student-athletes. It’s great that we all support each other by going to each others’ games. Second is feeling like I have 20 sisters. Growing up I didn’t have any sisters and I got picked on a lot by my brothers. It’s nice to have some female friends by nature. And then lastly, I feel like one thing you get at Duke is the recognition of how impressive it is to be a student-athlete here. Both athletically and academically Duke is really prestigious. People really respect you when you say that you’re an athlete at Duke. What is your favorite ‘on the field’ memory?
AC: Last year the first game that I ever won that I had started in. We were playing Richmond and we won 2-1. It was a Friday night under the lights. It was a great game and such a good feeling. What is your favorite ‘off the field’ memory?
AC: My favorite off-the-field memory of Duke field hockey is before games when we’re all in the locker room. We are crazy. It’s good that we all are sort of strange in our own way because we get pretty crazy in the locker room. I feel like if anyone else was in there, they’d be like, ‘What is going on?’ Just so many memories and so many laughs with the team before games. I think that just goes to show we take ourselves seriously but we still know that we’re here for a fun time too. Name three foods that you couldn’t live without.
AC: Peanut butter, my mom’s homemade chicken soup and garlic bread. Describe yourself in three words.
AC: Driven, forgiving and meticulous. What are your three favorite things about the sport of field hockey?
AC: One, I like that a lot of people don’t know what it is and when they come to a game they are shocked at how intense it is. Two, just being a goalkeeper, when you make a good save sometimes you don’t really realize how you did it and if you could ever do it again. I think that’s really thrilling. And then lastly I thank the whole nature of the sport for giving me the opportunity to be here. Name three places you would travel if you could.
AC: I’ve been there already but I would go back to Ireland, to the pub where my grandma was born. She was born actually inside a pub, family-owned, on Saint Patrick’s Day. I would go to Capri, Italy because I’m Italian. And then I want to go to Nashville. If I don’t have a job next year I’m just going to move there on a whim.