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Courtesy: Duke Photography
Allison Beattie Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 04/23/2014
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DURHAM, N.C. -- Recently, sat down with senior Allison Beattie to learn more about the Jacksonville, Fla., native. Name your three favorite things about being a Duke student-athlete.
Allison Beattie: Having the structure of practice and class and all that makes me more well-rounded, but it also makes me focus more on each thing that I do because I have to be focused. What is your favorite 'on the water' memory?
AB: I think probably my sophomore year. I was in four all spring and at ACC’s we had this amazing race and we ended up beating the Virginia four which was totally not expected at all. We were completely the underdogs in that situation. It was a sort of thing where we really shouldn’t have beaten them at all, but we had just an amazing race. I think we all just kind of went outside ourselves to make that happen. There got to be point the first 500 meters in, I just knew they hadn’t passed us was like they’re not going to pass us. We aren’t going to let that happened. So that was really cool. Who else was in that boat with you?
AB: It was me, Elizabeth Howell, she is another senior here, Ashleigh Anne McKinney, she graduated last year, Nancy McKinstry and Lissa Glynn, they graduated a couple years ago. What is your favorite 'off the water' memory?
AB: Senior dinners with the four other seniors on the team. Last year we started having special dinners almost every week since our class is pretty small. I love these dinners because they remind me of how much I love my teammates and how lucky I am to have them! Name three things that motivate you to perform.
AB: Just the idea that I am doing this with other people and I owe them to do the best that I can. We’ve just put forth so much effort together that we have to make things come together. I think there comes a point when it’s not about what is comfortable for me or what I want to do, but it’s about what’s best for the group as a whole. Name three things you would like to do in the next ten years. 
AB: Travel anywhere and everywhere; have a job that I'm passionate about but not be poor doing it; and have two Great Danes that would walk on either side of me because it would be so intimidating and I just love big dogs. Is there a specific job you have in mind?
AB: I’m interested in social justice issues, and I’m definitely considering going to law school in the future. I don’t know exactly what job in particular. Name two people, dead or alive, you’d like to have dinner with.
AB: Harvey Milk because he was such a visionary and I think he'd be fascinating to talk to. Also Lena Dunham because it'd be hilarious. Name three favorite places to eat in Durham.
AB: I like fosters a lot. I guess I would have to put Sushi Love on that list just because I live right next door to it so I go there every week probably, but it’s not really Durham specific. Name three things you would do if you had a day off (no class).
AB: I would catch up on sleep and watch TV. What is something no one knows about you? 
AB: I use to do a lot of painting which is something no one really knows about me. I am secretly really good at history. I don’t know why. I’m not a history major but I just think it’s really interesting. They’re like stories to me. What are your three favorite foods?
AB: Oatmeal, I eat oatmeal like every day of my life. I eat pasta almost every day of my life, and cookie dough. Not cooked.