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Quotes: Duke 58, Virginia Tech 26
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/16/2013
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie:

Opening Statement:
"Really a great defensive game to hold them to a low of 26 and force 27 turnovers, 19 steals, that was good. We saw some good shooting by Elizabeth [Williams] and Chelsea [Gray], and then from there, there was a lack of concentration across the board. So offensively those are very weak numbers and that is why you play defense. It is a great lesson for us as a team, you better play some defense, you better rebound because sometimes the ball doesn't fall the way you'd like it to fall."

On the physicality of Virginia Tech:
"They are a very physical team defensively; they really rely on their defense. They do a very good job with it. I think they are much improved, I think they are much improved overall. I know that didn't show offensively, but I think they are much improved. We have got to handle physical play. That game was physical, very physical, and you can't get knocked off balance or rush shots. We will have to take a look at the film though to see exactly, there were a lot of what I call 'throw up' shots, the layups that we missed, and things when we are not concentrating. And you have to concentrate if it's going to be a physical one, so I think that was a pretty important lesson for us. Since we have been so offensive all season, sometimes it's good to be a little humbled there to know what you have to do on defense."

On defense:
"All of our things. Our press work was good, we were very aggressive, we played different defenses and the team responded well. Defensively there were a lot of good moments, and some really good execution so I thought we got a whole lot better defensively during the game. That is a definite highlight for us."

On the full court press:
"We really want to disrupt an attack with all of our presses and really go after it so that's kind of what you are trying to do. Whether you are playing any team, and Virginia Tech is a little bit different because they don't shoot very quickly so they make you really have to work, in other words close your traps, rotate off your traps, because they are not going to take a quick shot like a lot of teams will. You can press and force quick shots which we have in the past but in their case you had to press and play through the possession, so that was a good workout for us in terms of doing all that."  

On Sophomore Elizabeth Williams:
"I just think Elizabeth is coming back strong. It is a long road, but it was great to see her the way she was. She was scoring with two people hanging on her arms, and finishing and getting to the free throw line and all of that. It was extremely motivating for our team to see that."

On takeaways from this game:
"This was really a great game for us that way because of the physical play. You know it is really physical playing good teams, so for us for example this was a good game. As opposed to one that just goes up and down, and there is really no bumping, this was one where a lot of hits. There was one time when Patricia [Liston] was going down the floor and someone has got her arm while she is running. You have got to respond to that as a player and you can't back down and you have to respond. So I think it's a great game to prepare us." 

Duke sophomore Elizabeth Williams

On if she feels as if she is back to where she was last season:
"Yea, I am feeling really good. Like Coach said, being able to finish with contact is a big thing for me right now. Getting to the line and being able to do that was nice."

On motivation in playing Virginia Tech
"I mean any ACC game is kind of motivating to me."

On the team's offense:
"I mean we really just have to finish. We got the paint shots, we got looks inside. Those are high percentage shots and like Coach P. said, it was a lack of concentration. We can make those shots; we just have to finish them." 

Virginia Tech Head Coach Dennis Wolff:

Opening Statement:
"Obviously we need to play better on offense if we're going to be in a game against a team as good as this.  I thought for the first 12 to 15 minutes we competed pretty good and it has happened to us that when it unravels, it totally unravels and that's what happened to us. The turnovers that led to baskets and some of our younger kids looking shell-shocked.  We had growing pains with some of that.  Credit them.  They're very good, very talented and they just overwhelmed us for a good stretch of that game." 

On Duke's defense speeding them up out of their rhythm:
"I think that's what it is.  I think they've got very good players at every position, they're smart kids, they've played a lot, and they put a lot of ball pressure on and if you're not working to come and catch the ball you're going to have trouble and that's what happened to us." 

On whether they've taken steps back in the last few games:
"We just played the 10th rated and the 5th rated teams in the country back-to-back.  I just told the kids in the locker room: these guys only got 58 points and shot 35 percent.  It's not like I look out there and I don't think our kids are trying.  I think offensively we have issues.  We don't really have a point guard and that's the crux of our problem.  Now we have everybody trying to do things they're not really equipped to do at the moment.  It's a fair question but I'm not going to look at it that way.  We're 7-10 and I don't know where-Brad [Hecker, ACC Director of Women's Basketball Operations] may know where our strength of schedule is.  We have a hard schedule.  We have a week off.  We have the fifth-toughest schedule in the country and it's probably going to be better after tonight.  That was a big crux of the league meetings last year and I think a lot of the ladies were right: Our schedule last year was so bad, the schedule we inherited that it put Virginia and maybe somebody else out of the tournament.  We tried to do our part to schedule up and we're taking some hits.  Hannah Young has had about 15 practices and Uju [Ugoka] has played about 6 games, 7 games.  Uju tries very hard.  The last two games for her, these girls are bigger and a little more physical so she's got to get accustomed to what she has to do in a game like this."

On Duke's press:
"Well, they caused 27 turnovers.  They're big and quick.  The problem for a team like us, and we all saw it, is that if it takes us forever to get the ball over then when we get it over, we really don't have a lot of time to do anything against their zone.  And they're big at every position.  We did a bad job of getting the ball in the middle of it where we talked for 3 or 4 days but it's not that easy to do for these kids right now."