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Courtesy: Dawson Powers, USA TODAY Sports
Blue Devils Take Fifth at ACC Championship
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 05/17/2014
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CLEMSON, S.C. – The Duke rowing team finished fifth overall, placed third in the varsity four and set season-best times in the varsity four and varsity eight on the final day of the ACC Championship Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell.

Duke senior Grace Cassidy, a member of the varsity eight that placed fifth, was named to the All-ACC first team while fellow varsity eight teammate Caroline Williams was named to the All-ACC second team. Cassidy, a 5-8 senior captain from New Fairfield, Conn., was a four-year member of Duke’s varsity eight, while Williams, a 5-9 junior from Raleigh, N.C., is a former walk-on who ascended to Duke’s top boat this season.

Against a stacked field of eight teams that included No. 5 Virginia, No. 10 Notre Dame, No. 19 Syracuse and top-25 vote-getter Clemson, the Blue Devils amassed 41 total points after advancing to the Grand Final in all four races. The Duke V4 turned in the program’s best race, placing third in Saturday’s Grand Final behind only ACC Champion Virginia and runner-up Notre Dame. The Duke varsity eight and third varsity eight placed fifth in their respective races, while the second varsity eight took sixth.

In the varsity four, Duke’s crew of coxswain Karla Beltran and rowers Allison Beattie, Phoebe Donovan, Sophia Staal and Julie Rohde followed up on Friday’s second-place performance by clocking a time of 7:35.7 to trail only first-place Virginia (7:21.3) and second-place Notre Dame (7:30.0). Duke’s 7:35.7 was the boat’s fastest time of the season and edged Syracuse (7:39.8), Clemson (7:42.8) and Boston College (7:47.7).

Senior rowers Caroline Kiritsy, Allison Beattie, Elizabeth Howell, Emily Hyland and Grace CAssidyIn the varsity eight, Duke’s veteran crew of coxswain Caroline Kiritsy and rowers Cassidy, Claire Vannelli, Williams, Katie Dukovich, Alex Stonehill, Elizabeth Horne, Tara Dalton and Hannah Hewitt turned in their top time of the season, a 6:37.5 to take fifth in the six-team Grand Final. Duke was just one second behind fourth-place Clemson and 4.5 seconds behind third-place Syracuse.

In the third varsity eight, coxswain Samantha Bowman and rowers Dana Lerro, Laura Rosas, Sophia Blair, Kathleen Lyons, Gabi Weiss, Jeanette Llorens, Caroline Willis and Nicole Antoine placed fifth out of seven boats with a time of 7:08.3. In their only race of the weekend, that crew topped Boston College (7:12.0) and North Carolina (7:20.2) to crack the top five.

Duke’s second varsity eight crew of coxswain Simone Pitre and rowers Caroline Murphy, Tani O'Neill, Julia Bretz, Lauren Miranda, Emily Hyland, Patricia Kolman, Mary Wilson and Lauren Musso placed sixth in the Grand Final with a time of 7:09.1, improving on their day one time of 7:10.8.

All three Duke boats that competed both days at the ACC Championship improved on their times from Friday’s racing. The varsity eight posted Duke’s most improved mark, besting their Friday time of 6:56.3 by nearly 20 seconds.

Saturday, May 17, Championship Finals Results
Cross headwind of 1 mph.

Team Score—1. Virginia, 80; 2. Notre Dame, 67; 3. Syracuse, 61; 4. Clemson, 48; 5. Duke, 41;
6. Miami, 28; 7. Boston College, 23; 8. North Carolina, 11.
Third Varsity Eight Final—1. Virginia, 6:38.2; 2. Notre Dame, 6:56.4; 3. Syracuse, 6:56.9;
4. Clemson, 7:02.1; 5. Duke, 7:08.3; 6. Boston College, 7:12.0; 7. North Carolina, 7:20.2.
First Varsity Four, Petite Final—1.  Miami, 7:59.7; 2. North Carolina, 8:12.2.
First Varsity Four, Grand Final—1. Virginia, 7:21.3; 2. Notre Dame, 7:30.0; 3. Duke, 7:35.7;
4. Syracuse, 7:39.8; 5. Clemson, 7:42.8; 6. Boston College, 7:47.7.
Second Varsity Eight, Petite Final—1. Boston College, 7:09.5; 2. North Carolina, 7:18.0.
Second Varsity Eight, Grand Final—1. Virginia,  6:34.8; 2. Syracuse, 6:43.4; 3. Notre Dame, 6:44.7; 4. Clemson, 6:57.0; 5. Miami, 7:01.6; 6. Duke, 7:09.1.
First Varsity Eight, Petite Final—1. Boston College, 6:56.2; 2. North Carolina, 7:00.30.
First Varsity Eight, Grand Final—1. Virginia, 6:22.7; 2. Notre Dame, 6:28.8; 3. Syracuse, 6:33.0; 4. Clemson, 6:36.5; 5. Duke, 6:37.5; 6. Miami, 6:50.6.
Friday, May 16, Heat Results
Head Wind 3-4 mph at start, 7-8 mph at 1,000 meters

Heat 1—First Varsity Four—1.Virginia, 7:39.8; 2. Duke, 7:52.9; 3. Clemson, 8:03.00;
4. North Carolina, 8:37.9.
Heat 2—First Varsity Four—1. Notre Dame, 7:46.7; 2. Syracuse, 7:58.9; 3. Boston College, 8:03.70; 4. Miami, 8:20.70.
Heat 1—Second Varsity Eight—1.Virginia, 6:42.4; 2. Clemson, 7:06.2; 3. Duke, 7:10.8;
4. North Carolina, 7:16.7.
Heat 2—Second Varsity Eight—1.  Notre Dame, 6:50.0; 2. Syracuse, 6:55.0; 3. Miami, 7:02.8;
4. Boston College,  7:08.1.
Heat 1—First Varsity Eight—1. Virginia, 6:42.7; 2. Clemson, 6:53.9; 3. Duke, 6:56.3;
4. North Carolina, 7:15.1.
Heat 2—First Varsity Eight—1. Notre Dame, 6:47.6; 2. Syracuse, 6:56.0; 3. Miami, 7:02.8;
4. Boston College, 7:13.1.
ACC Crew of the Year:  Virginia First Varsity Eight--coxswain  Sarah Jordan (Sr. Flourtown, Pa.); Stroke: Constanze Duell (Sr., Oberschlesissheim, Germany);  7-seat: Chandler Lally (Jr., Bryn Mawr, Pa.); 6-seat: Georgia Ratcliff (Fr., Falls Church, Va.),;  5-seat: Brandy Herald (Sr., Portland, Ore.), 4-seat: Fiona Schlesinger (Sr., Surrey, United Kingdom);  3:-seat Lizzy Youngling (Jr., Westport, Conn.);  2-seat: Hemingway Benton (Jr., Glencoe, Ill.);  Bow: Elle Murray (Sr., Tampa, Fla.).
ACC Coach of the Year—Kevin Sauer, Virginia
ACC Freshman of the Year—Georgia Ratcliff (Falls Church, Va.)
All-ACC First Team
Coxswain--Sarah Jordan, Virginia
Brandy Herald, Virginia
Elle Murray, Virginia
Fiona Schlesinger, Virginia
Molly Bruggeman, Notre Dame
Erin Boxberger,  Notre Dame
Georgia Hamilton, Syracuse
Samantha Duggan, Clemson
Grace Cassidy, Duke
All-ACC Second Team
Coxswain Christina Dines, Notre Dame
Ailish Sheehan, Notre Dame
Constanze Duell , Virginia
Rebecca Soja, Syracuse
Paul Wesselman, Clemson
Caroline Williams, Duke
Breanna Hayton, Miami
Ellen Burr, Boston College
Maria Santoyo, North Carolina