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Quotes: Duke 33, North Carolina 30
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/21/2012
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Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe
On the win tonight:
“I’m still tickled for [the players]. I’ve never seen a group have more fun and they deserved it. A great win and an incredible atmosphere in Wallace Wade. All the Duke fans who came – thank you, thank you, thank you. All the Duke students who came – thank you. I think they found out it can be fun. That atmosphere can be fun for them. So a great day’s work for the Duke faithful and certainly a great day’s work for our squad in spite of me. I made a bad decision there to fake that punt. We’re all competitors and we’re not trying to play it close and we had seen something on tape. But two scores up, I wasn’t going to do it and we had it called off. But everybody’s wanting to and it’s my call and I called it. I’m just very appreciative of our players for bailing the old man out. They did it.”

On the final drive of the game:
“Our first year here we had the ball in a somewhat similar situation and we’ve had it a couple times like that. That’s tough on Kurt Roper and what a great job he did mixing things up with his calls. He did a great job all night long. I just had a good feeling, I honestly did, even when it got to fourth down. And Jamison Crowder, Sean [Renfree] said ‘I trusted him, I knew it was tight’. But Jamison Crowder doesn’t have good hands, you know this, he has great hands and for him to hold onto that ball was great. I don’t think anyone could have pried it loose from him. It was just a well-executed play.”

On the offensive line:
“Well 234 yards rushing and it started right there. The backs were great themselves. We hadn’t seen that with us against any ACC opponent really to this point. I think we can build on this, but we certainly hadn’t been able to do that to North Carolina. We know that we’ve closed the gap from a talent standpoint. We’re not finished closing it we still have a lot of work to do recruiting, but you can’t have finer young men. And if you look at every position on our team, just incredible people. And that offensive line group. We all know about that Ethiopia trip. That’s not an accident that that happened that way. That’s an incredible group of young men that are great on and off the field and give you everything they’ve got every week.”

On being able to bounce back after falling behind:
“I think the thing that we talked about the most this week was that you have put yourself in position to play big games. When you play big games you’re playing really good teams or they’re not big games. They’re going to make plays. They’re going to come roaring back at some time in the game. You have to answer, you have to manage. We can’t do what we did in Blacksburg where we got shocked a little bit. There was never any frustration in our young men on the sideline, in the stadium. You just knew. And it was so great to see that. And I don’t know if I’ve seen a team answer better than what our team did on that drive. They converted a couple third downs if I remember right and we converted a fourth down to win.”

On the remainder of the season:
“We’ve known that the last half of our schedule is going to be difficult. We go to Tallahassee and play what I think is the most talented team in the conference. And then we got Clemson, maybe the second most talented team in the conference and it doesn’t get any easier as we go. We need an open date sometime soon and that’s now only two weeks out thank goodness. I’m concerned about our injuries, but I’m not concerned about our emotions. I don’t think we’re going to come out of here satisfied. I think this team realizes that it can win if it plays well every time we get on the field.”

Duke QB Sean Renfree
On the last drive:
“We had a good amount of time on the clock and guys were really focused and into it. We got a drive together. Guys made a bunch of plays. We got good protection up front. It was truly a team effort all the way to the end.”

“Right before we went out there, we said there was plenty of time left. We have three timeouts. Let’s play like we usually do. We’re going to throw it, but let’s be smart with it. Play off them when we need to and get out of bounds. We practice that stuff all week and we have certain situations built for that and we went out and executed very well.”

On the offensive line:
“It all starts with our offensive line. That is a very good front seven of Carolina. It’s one of the best in the ACC. Our guys did a phenomenal job, not only in pass protection but running the ball tonight.”

On the touchdown pass to Jamison Crowder:
“We thought they we going to empty it out and play man. They ended up playing zone. I just went through my progression and threw it up for Jamison [Crowder] and he made a fantastic play. It doesn’t get any sweeter.”

“Like I said, the protection was real good. Jamison was able to slide right because the middle was clogged up. I found Jamison coming across and I knew he was my last resort and he made a play.”

Duke RB Josh Snead
On the win:
“Great win. We worked hard this week in practice all week. Guys on offense and guys on defense did a great job out there. We finished the game.”

On his performance tonight:
“It’s been a while. I want to say my freshman year against Alabama. I was surprised to see the stat sheet. All of us got over 10 carries; that’s great.”

On the running game:
“Coach challenged us this week. He challenged his backs, he challenged the O-line to go out there and play physical and pound it, and that’s what we did.”

On becoming bowl eligible:
“We know we wanted to go bowling, but this [isn’t] it. We [have] our eyes set on winning this division and going to the ACC Championship, and then going bowling.”

On the final drive:
“We practice two minute every day in practice. We knew what to do and we had to go out there and execute it. Every guy did their thing and he lit it up.”

On preparing for next week:
“We’re going to celebrate this tonight. Tomorrow we go back to work. Tomorrow, we [have] practice and it’s time to go focus on Florida State.”

Duke WR Jamison Crowder
On his touchdown catch in the fourth quarter:
“On the last play, I knew that my route was an end-breaking route. I came out to line up, I looked at the scoreboard to see how far we had to go and I saw we were at the five. The defender was playing inside technique. I knew I had to find a way to get inside, so I gave him a love move and got inside. Once I saw Sean [Renfree] saw me and he threw me the ball, the only thing on my mind was, ‘Catch the ball and come down with it.’ And everything worked out.”

“That’s just something that you dream about since you were a little kid. Watching a lot of ball games and you see players catch game-winning touchdowns or hit game-winners in basketball. It’s just a dream come true for me. I always think about that, scoring the last touchdown to win the game. It couldn’t have come better against Carolina.”

On the final drive:
“That last drive, I felt like the offense, we had in our minds … I know as the receiving corps … I knew that whenever we had the opportunity to make a play, no matter what or who it was going to, just make the play when we had the opportunity and we did on that last drive. We made big plays.”

On the running game:
“Our running game, [Josh] Snead ran the ball real well tonight. As a receiving corps, we just wanted to make sure we blocked for them. We knew the game plan; we wanted to establish the run. Once we were able to establish the run, we were able to open up the passing game a little more. I think that we carried out our game plan real well.”

North Carolina Head Coach Larry Fedora
Opening Statement:
“Duke outplayed us. They outplayed us; they out executed us in every phase of the game. They won the game, and they were the better team tonight; that is all there is to it.”

On Duke’s offense:
“It looked like to me that they did whatever they wanted, offensively, defensively and on special teams.”

On North Carolina’s inability to stop the run:
“That’s a good question.  From my standpoint, I don’t know.  We got somebody out of position or out of a gap, or we couldn’t get out of a block.  I don’t know; we are just going to have to look at in on film.”

On a possible lack of energy to start the game:
“No I don’t think that had anything to do with it.  I don’t think we had an energy problem at all. I thought our energy was good and that we prepared well.  I think we just did a poor job of executing and I did a poor job of coaching tonight.”

On the difference in the fourth quarter:
“If I knew that, I would make sure we did in the first quarter.  I don’t know.  We just executed a little better in the fourth quarter.  There is not one thing that I can pinpoint in the first half or the third quarter that I felt like we were doing well.  There were times that we were running the ball well but we didn’t finish anything.  We’d get down in the red zone, get bogged down and kick a field goal.  We’ve got to learn how to finish; how to finish a drive, how to finish a play, all the things it takes to be a good football team.”

On team’s emotion coming into the game:
“I don’t know.   I thought we were fine.  I thought our energy level was fine.  I thought the way we approached the game was good.  I didn’t sense that there was any type of attitude, letdown, anything.  I thought our guys approached the game the right way.  I thought they went out there and played hard.  We just did not execute anything.  We will have to go back and look at it and evaluate the tape.” 

On Bernard’s fumble recovery:
“That’s the kind of guy he is.  It doesn’t matter what his role is, he is going to give you great effort every time.  [Erik Highsmith] did a great job, great extra effort but gets the ball knocked out, which can happen, and then Gio [Bernard] did a tremendous job of getting down there, and he’s hustling; that’s what he was doing.  He was giving great effort to get down there and get a block for him, and he was there to get the ball.”

On Duke’s rushing game:
“They ran it right at us.  They didn’t do anything special.  They ran us a split zone and ran a power and ran it right at us and we just didn’t do a very good job.”

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