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Loyola (Md.) at Duke Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/10/2012
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Head Coach Robbie Church

Opening Statement
"It was a great start. Unbelievable first half. You could see that coming in training, especially because we had 13 days to sit on a tough loss at Wake Forest. I am really proud of how we moved the ball and how we attacked."

On Kaitlyn Kerr Owning Nine Career Goals in the NCAA Tournament
"Kaitlyn [Kerr] did this a little bit last year, she started scoring. She had a good amount of goals before the tournament then she scored a number of goals in the tournament. She ended up on the end of a lot of balls that we served, she beat a couple people, finished well. We played well all over, I think we made really good decisions in the final third and that led to the five goals at halftime, so we could not have asked for a better start."

On Freshman Cassie Pecht's Performance
"Cassie has been up front for us a lot this year, and I probably should have made that change earlier, but when she plays up front she is stuck against the sidelines, she can get into the midfield, she can go in either direction, she is a very talented young player, and I thought she just had a great game."

On Hunger Entering Match
"They were just ready to play. It has been a long, long time, and a lot of frustrations have been built up, but one game though. We need to be able to go forward, we are hopefully going to have two games this weekend, that's what we are planning on to go up in Charlottesville, but it is a great start."

Freshman Cassie Pecht

On Attacking Mindset
"One of our themes going into this postseason is making our own momentum because we haven't won six straight games yet this year, so we are going to try to keep our momentum going in each game."

"I was switched to center midfield, but I also played some as forward. We wanted to play through the midfield this time. Usually we try to go out wide and cross in, but this time we are focusing on playing through the midfield."

Junior Kaitlin Kerr

Opening Statement
"I think that we talked a lot this week about playing together and playing as a team, working on defense which executes us in the offense, and I think we did that outstanding today. We really came together as a team, and we really just wanted to start building our momentum and I think we did a great job today."

On Hunger Entering Tonights Match
"This week in practice was incredible and everyone was giving 110%, and you could see it in everyone's eyes. It was all passion out there."

On Scoring a Hat Trick
"My teammates put me in those positions, and they played amazing. They were playing to feet and playing off of each other very well so I give them all the credit... It is my teammates, they are putting me in these positions and they are just playing awesome this year, and we really have it together for this tournament and we are excited for the next game. "

Loyola Head Coach Katherine Remy Vittori

Opening Statement
"Duke's players are just athletic and skilled and really fun to watch. We didn't come out the first half and I was proud of my group for the fight that they showed the second half to a very exceptional Duke squad."

On Second Half Adjustments
"We just played just come and play. What do we have to lose? We decided to high pressure early and I thing that that helped a lot."

On the Season as a whole
"I am extremely proud of this group. This group has a ton of heart. They're a hard working group and I have a very special senior class. 12 seniors that have had fantastic careers and it's been a pleasure working with them."

On Returning to Duke as the "Visitor"
"I was so happy to be able to have this opportunity to come back and play on this field. I have so many special memories of Duke and this stadium so it was an honor and very, very fun for me."

Loyola Senior Nicole Schiro

Opening Statement
"Duke is a very good team. We came out with a strategy, tried it, and then the second we changed it and I think that worked better for us. We came out and attacked them rather than them attack us."

On Duke's Defense
"They were very quick and they knew how to pass the ball between us which made it difficult to go forward."

On Career at Loyola
 "I couldn't have been at a better place. I loved it at Loyola. I came in with a very large class, I think twelve all together, and I think the people made it the best experience I could have rather than the records or winning, I think the people made it the best."

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