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Quotes: Duke 88, Virginia Tech 56
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 02/22/2013
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statements:
“I was proud of my guys. I though we came in after three really good days of practice. We actually had a chance to practice. We worked a lot on our defense and I thought it paid off today. We played outstanding defense. I though Mason played almost a perfect game. He was such a leader for us tonight, he got 13 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, talking all the time on defense. He wasn’t antsy. Seth had such a great first half, you had to get him the ball. Mason played without getting the ball and I thought he handled that really well. Josh is playing really well for us right now, he played like a veteran, and Tyler did a really great job with 5 assists and no turnovers. Our shooting was terrific. Seth set the tone for that in the first half, he put on an amazing display with 19 points. We stayed steady the whole time. I’m proud of my guys. We have a quick turnaround with BC on Sunday.”

On Seth Curry’s play:
“I don’t know how open he was, I just know he works real hard to get open. I don’t think they were doing anything to say “Seth, you can take your shot.” Our guys set good screens and Seth worked real hard. He had just a short window and took advantage of it. When he’s shooting like that we just try to get him the ball in a couple different ways and he came through.”

On Mason Plumee’s play:
“We just really wanted to go in to Mason and he could make plays from in there. He only took six shots, he got fouled on a few, but it just gave it a different avenue for the ball to go in then just keeping it out around the perimeter. He’s playing so well he needs to touch the ball. They went all after Seth in the second half, which opened up some drives for us. I thought we kicked the ball really well. Rasheed had a very quiet 17.”

On trying to shutdown Erick Green:
“We did something a little different in the full court to try and get the ball out of his hands and they went pretty well for us tonight. You just make guys who haven’t been bringing the ball up the court bring it up and that can get into them a little bit. That can get into them a little bit, you know, guys that are shooters now have to do more than just react off of Green and our guys did a really nice job executing that.”

Virginia Tech Head Coach James Johnson
Opening Statements:
“Duke was very good tonight and we were not good at all, on both ends of the floor. Their pressure on the defensive end took us out of our game early and took us out of our execution early. We knew that they were coming off a loss and that they would be ready to play. We didn’t respond well to that and we dug ourselves into a hole and weren’t able to get out of that.

“I was pleased with a couple of guys. Raines is still playing well, he gave us a post presence. And I was pleased with Barksdale’s effort tonight.”

On the play of Seth Curry:
“We were there. Curry came out on fire. He hit three 3’s in the first couple minutes of the game. Before I could turn around he had 19 points. He was a tough matchup. He came out ready to roll, I think he hit some tough shots and we were right there on a couple of them but defensive breakdowns a few times but for the most part we were there.”

On Erick Green “doing it all”:
“I think guys just need to play better. It’s been the same old song. I think he’s doing all he can do. He scored his points, and then tonight Curry has 19 points and we have to put him on Curry to try and cool him down. But that’s hard to do with the minutes he playing. On the offensive end they are throwing two or three guys at him, they’re pressing him, and then he has to guard the best player on the team. I’m sure he’s feeling it a little bit.”

On the focus moving forward:
“Our focus to trying to get better every day. That’s what it’s been from day one and that’s what it still is. We have to have a short term memory, we have to turn around and play Florida State on Sunday. We have to get in the gym, we have to learn from this film and we have to get better on the floor. I think the team is getting better. Tonight it didn’t show. I think C.J. Barksdale took a step forward and Cadarian Raines kept doing what he’s doing. And of course Erick Green has continued doing what he’s doing. We weren’t concerned about it. We just want to get better every day. Get better individually and get better as a team.”
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