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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
ACE Blog: Brandon's Shangri-La Food Review
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/02/2017
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Brandon’s Shangri-La Food Review

July 27, 2017

Brandon Leynaud, Duke Men's Wrestling

Cuisine is one of the main pillars that make up the structure of one’s culture. You can tell a lot about the culture in an area based on what the people in that culture eat. The cuisine that encompasses the Chinese Yunnan region is unique to anything I’ve seen in the US. American Chinese food is vastly different from what we’ve experienced in just our first week being in China. Before we get to talking about the food, I want to highlight the etiquette that surrounds the whole dining experience. First off, tables are set so each person has their own bowl with a spoon (for soup & rice), small plate (for food & bones), and pair of chopsticks. Food is brought in and set on a large lazy Susan or cānzhuō zhuànpán as they say in Chinese. For lunch and dinner, they normally serve the same number of entries plus one more than the number of guests at the table, always with rice and normally with a soup. Each plate is placed on the lazy Susan and is free game for everyone to grab at. When going out to eat, the louder the restaurant is, the better it is viewed. It is often seen as disrespectful to eat all of your food as it is viewed as the host not being able to feed everyone. This was hard to follow as the food was always filled with so much flavor and immense taste. Here are a few of the  that stuck out to me as either amazing, surprising, strange, or all of the above. 

To read his complete blog and see the pictures of the food click here: Bradon's Shangri-La Food Review

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