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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
Duke Student-Athletes Complete Commencement
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 05/13/2019
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DURHAM, N.C. – Duke University held its annual university-wide commencement ceremony Sunday at Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium to celebrate its three graduating classes of the academic year: September 2018, December 2018 and May 2019. The Blue Devils also held a special commencement Monday inside Blue Devil Tower for student-athletes unable to attend the Sunday festivities. Duke had 134 student-athletes honored during the Sunday and Monday ceremonies. 

“The most valuable part of my Duke experience has been the challenges I have faced,” former wrestler Mitch Finesilver said. “My time at Duke, while extremely rewarding, pushed me to be a better student, athlete and person. Graduating from such a prestigious university validates the hard work I've put in and the sacrifices I've made. I wouldn't trade my time at Duke for anything and cannot thank the people who have made it possible enough. I hope to continue on with my life by bringing pride to those individuals and representing them to my best abilities.” 

“I am so thankful to Duke for allowing me to grow here for four years,” former women’s basketball player Faith Suggs said. “These have been the most fun and life-changing years of my life. Graduating from Duke University this weekend is such a blessing. I enjoyed every part of it with my friends and family.”

Sunday’s ceremony began with the procession of degree candidates, faculty, administration, and platform party. President Vincent E. Price presided with Lisa Borders, a 1979 graduate of Duke University and a member of the university’s Board of Trustees, delivering Duke's commencement address.

Borders has roughly 30 years of experience in public, private and nonprofit sectors. She served as president of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) from 2016-18 before stepping down from that post to become the first president and CEO of the women’s advocacy group TIME’S UP. Prior to the WNBA, Borders was vice president of global community affairs at The Coca-Cola Co. and chair of The Coca-Cola Foundation. She also served as vice mayor of Atlanta and president of the Atlanta City Council during Mayor Shirley Franklin’s administration.

“Getting a degree from Duke is the ultimate achievement,” women’s tennis player Ellyse Hamlin said. “To be able to pursue athletics and academics at the highest level has been an unbelievable opportunity. I am forever grateful.”

Monday’s recognition featured speakers Dr. Chris Kennedy and multiple academic deans. Kennedy serves as the Senior Deputy Director of Athletics and has been part of the Duke Athletics staff since 1977.

“Graduating from Duke is the culmination of an awesome ride,” Duke baseball player Hunter Davis said. “There have been countless people who have helped shape me. Those people are what makes Duke special.”

Duke Graduates
Hunter Davis - Economics
Kennie Taylor - International Comparative Studies
Aaron Therien - Biophysics; French Studies minor
Ben Gross - Master of Management Studies
Kyle Gallagher - Master of Management Studies
Al Pesto - History; Policy, Journalism & Media Studies Certificate

Men’s Basketball
Brennan Besser - Political Science; Markets & Management Certificate
Justin Robinson - Psychology
Antonio Vrankovic - Psychology

Women's Basketball
Haley Gorecki - Psychology; Markets & Management Certificate
Faith Suggs - Psychology; African & African American Studies minor
Kyra Lambert - Interdepartmental in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Sciences; Psychology minor; Markets & Management Certificate 

Men’s Fencing
Bryn Hammarberg - Double major in Public Policy and Political Science
Alan Ko - History; Environmental Sciences & Policy minor 

Women’s Fencing
Kristen Coury - Public Policy; Economics minor
Camille Esnault - Neuroscience
Rhiannon Harvey - Biology; minors in French Studies and Creative Writing
Bridget Wallace - Psychology; Evolutionary Anthropology minor; Human Development Certificate
Vivian Wang - Neuroscience; Visual & Media Studies minor
Claudia Wrampelmeier - Evolutionary Anthropology; minors in Biology and Chemistry 

Field Hockey
Caroline Andretta - Psychology; Markets & Management Certificate
Morgan Bitting - Sociology; Education minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Tessa Gote - Master of Management Studies
Christy Palazzese - Sociology; Markets & Management Certificate
Erin Scherrer - Psychology; Education minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Sammi Steele - Visual Arts; Markets & Management Certificate
Rose Tynan - Psychology; Visual & Media Studies minor; Markets & Management Certificate 

December 2018
Edgar Cerenord - Sociology; Markets & Management Certificate
Brandon Feamster - Political Science
Zach Harmon - Psychology; Sociology minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Christian Harris - Evolutionary Anthropology; Earth & Ocean Sciences minor
Jordan Hayes - Cultural Anthropology; Markets & Management Certificate
Ben Humphreys - Public Policy Studies; Markets & Management Certificate
Daniel Jones - Economics
Johnathan Lloyd - Master of Liberal Studies 

May 2019
Zach Baker - Sociology 
Clark Bulleit - Biomedical Engineering; Chemistry minor
Griffin Carter - Public Policy Studies; History minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Keyston Fuller - Interdepartmental in Computer Science and Sociology
Kevin Gehsmann - Biomedical Engineering; Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate
Joe Giles-Harris - Cultural Anthropology
Quentin Harris - Public Policy Studies; Economics minor; Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate
Davis Koppenhaver - Master of Management Studies
Jeremy McDuffie - Evolutionary Anthropology; Education and Psychology minors
Trevon McSwain - Psychology; Markets & Management Certificate
Twazanga Mugala - Interdepartmental in Computer Science and Sociology
Austin Parker - Psychology 
Chris Taylor - Master of Management Studies
Collin Wareham - Master of Management Studies
Aaron Young - Art History; Markets & Management Certificate 

Men’s Golf
Alex Smalley - Environmental Sciences & Policy

Women's Golf
Virginia Elena Carta - Environmental Sciences & Policy

Men’s Lacrosse
Connor Alexander - Sociology; Psychology minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Cody Brinkman - Master of Management Studies
Jack Falk - Master of Management Studies
Jack Fowler - History; Markets & Management Certificate
Sean Lowrie - Sociology; Markets & Management Certificate
David McCann - Economics
John Prendergast - Public Policy; Markets & Management Certificate
Jake Seau - Master of Management Studies
Reed Shaffer - History; Markets & Management Certificate
Brad Smith - Economics
Turner Uppgren - History; Markets & Management Certificate
Cade Van Raaphorst - Public Policy; Markets & Management Certificate
Peter Welch - Master of Management Studies 

Women’s Lacrosse
Ella Bonafede - Evolutionary Anthropology; Global Health minor
Olivia Jenner - Public Policy; Global Health minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Chloë Lewis - History; Markets & Management Certificate
Jamie Lockwood - Environmental Studies & Policy; Sustainability Certificate
Ellie Majure - Cultural Anthropology; History minor; Marxism & Society Certificate
Michelle Staggers - Cultural Anthropology; Theater Studies minor
Charlotte Tucci - Sociology; Visual and Media Studies minor; Markets & Management Certificate

Rhea Bergman - Public Policy; Markets & Management Certificate
Margot Calmar - Double major in Philosophy and Art History
Tara Christensen - Master of Management Studies
Marissa Donadio - Biomedical Engineering
Hannah Ferry - Public Policy; Cultural Anthropology minor
Anna Jenkins - Psychology; minors in Chemistry and German
Isabel Ruby-Hill - Psychology
Sophie Simister - Psychology; minors in Global Health and Sociology
Shannon Tierney - Psychology 

Men’s Soccer
Torbjørn Alseth - Economics; Cultural Anthropology minor
Sivert Daehlie - Master of Management Studies
Kevin Feucht - Master of Management Studies
Ciaran McKenna - Political Science; Markets & Management Certificate
Oliver Spring - Interdepartmental in Political Science and Philosophy; Asian & Middle Eastern Studies minior; Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Women's Soccer
Chelsea Burns - Double major in Neuroscience and Psychology
Taylor Racioppi - International Comparative Studies; Markets & Management Certificate
Kat McDonald - Psychology; Sociology minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Kayla McCoy - Cultural Anthropology; Chemistry minor

Marissa Gagliano - Master of Management Studies
Reilly Metzger - Psychology; Global Health minor
Haley Wymbs - Biology; Chemistry minor

Men's Swimming & Diving
Riley Hickman - Chemistry; Biology minor
Judd Howard - Economics; Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate
Yusuke Legard - Economics; Decision Sciences and Markets & Management Certificates
Evan Moretti - Public Policy; minors in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science
Josh Owsiany - Electrical & Computer Engineering; Computer Science minor
Max St. George - Economics; Asian & Middle Eastern Studies minor
Sean Tate - Cultural Anthropology; Spanish minor 

Women's Swimming & Diving
Hunter Aitchison - Neuroscience; minors in Chemistry and Biology
Alyssa Arwood - Public Policy; minors in Psychology and Global Health
Lizzie Fitzpatrick - Psychology; Markets & Management Certificate
Maddie Hess - Psychology; minors in Evolutionary Anthropology and Global Health
Mickayla Hinkle - Biology; Psychology minor
Mackenzie Willborn - Biomedical Engineering

Men’s Tennis
Ryan Dickerson - Psychology; Markets & Management Certificate
Catalin Mateas - Evolutionary Anthropology; Chemistry minor
Vincent Lin - Statistical Science
Jason Lapidus – Psychology; Markets & Management Certificate

Women’s Tennis
Ellyse Hamlin - Psychology; Global Health minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Kaitlyn McCarthy - Psychology; Computer Science minor 

Men’s Track & Field & Cross Country
Zachary Alhamra - Civil Engineering; Architectural Engineering Certificate
Iyin Battle - Political Science; Markets & Management Certificate
Stephen Garrett - Computer Science; Spanish minor
Josiah Hanko - Master of Management Studies
Nikhil Pulimood - Computer Science; minors in Religion and Math
Rivers Ridout - Psychology; English minor

Women’s Track & Field & Cross Country
Olivia Gwynn - Biomedical Engineering
Kim Hallowes - Economics; minors in Political Science and Statistics
MacKenzie Kerr - Political Science; Psychology minor
Liz Lansing - Psychology; minors in Spanish and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Jaida Lemmons - English; African & African American Studies minor
India Lowe - Psychology; Sociology minor
Domonique Panton - Double major in Global Health and Cultural Anthropology
Stefani Vukajlovic - Double major in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science 

Mitch Finesilver - Evolutionary Anthropology; Sociology minor
Zach Finesilver - History; Evolutionary Anthropology minor
Brandon Leynaud - Sociology; minors in Neuroscience and Psychology
Alec Schenk - Sociology; Italian minor

Jessi Bartholomew - Psychology; French minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Leah Meyer - Evolutionary Anthropology; Sociology minor; Markets & Management Certificate
Kelli Kalinoski - Economics; Markets & Management Certificate
Haley Seyfarth - Psychology; Markets & Management Certificate


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