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Quotes: Duke 81, Cal Poly Pomona 60
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/04/2010
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“Well we played against a very good team tonight. Those kids are very well-coached. They play hard. I guess they could be a national championship team the way they play. That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to play, and why we scheduled the Division II national champion from the year before. So that early on in the season you’re going to be tested by a team that may not be as big as you. They have talent, they are unbelievably well-coached, they have great heart and they have a system that we are not going to see very often. Especially early on in the season, which is, their match up zone. I thought it was a great game for us. We had to defend a lot of ball screens, we had to play against a zone, we had to play against a team that went after every loose ball hard. I thought the 12 minutes of the second half, the first 12 minutes, I thought we played really well. I thought sporadically in the first half we played okay. But I thought they played great in the first half. And in the second half, in those first 12 minutes, I think we got up to a 32-point lead. I thought we learned a lot from the first half. I was very pleased with the game. I thought our younger guys were knocked back a little bit. They have to learn. They have to know how physical the game can be and finish plays, take charges, get loose balls, and all of that. We had a lot of time during the last eight minutes for guys. A lot of good learning experiences. It was a good night for us.”

On being surprised of the score in the first half:
“No, basketball’s a game that if you don’t shoot the ball in, and they shoot the ball in. It’s just a different game. It’s not football. But I’m not surprised at all. Also, because they are good. They’re really good, and their coach is really an outstanding coach.”

On his speech during the half:
“We’re a better team. We weren’t playing as well. They were playing hard. They had 11 offensive rebounds. We never had, on any possession on the first half, five guys on the defensive boards. That’s because we scored a lot of points in our first exhibition game. You think you’re going to keep scoring like that, and someone else is going to rebound. It’s not a point of emphasis. We only have three upperclassmen on our team. So we’re a very young team. We have to go through a process of becoming better. So this game will help us to become better.”

On Kyle Singler in the second half:
“We were going too fast and taking some bad shots in the first half. Like today on three’s, we’re 2-for-15. In that first exhibition game, what did we have? We had 19 threes. In one of our practices this week, when we were scrimmaging, we hit two-thirds of our threes. You can fall in love with that. When it’s not going in, you have to rebound long shots. But you have to keep up the defense. You can forget about that Kyle is your best player. And so we just tried to position him in the second half where you are looking for him. And then he asserted himself too. It’s all part of growth. We’re a very good basketball team that can get better. I’ve told you right from the start, we’re going to be a developing team, we’re not going to hold anybody scoreless, we are going to be down in games, we are going to look bad, and overall we’re going to try to get better. And if anybody wants to play the other game, then play that game, but I’m not going to play it with you. Because I have a team that has to develop. This was a very good game for us, and we played well, or else we could lose this game.”    

Freshman Josh Hairston
On Cal Poly Pomona’s aggressive play:
“We expected them to come in with a chip on their shoulder. They did win the National Championship themselves, so we knew they weren’t going to come in here and lay down for us. They came out tough, and I’m really proud of how my teammates responded to it. Both teams played very hard; they played extremely tough. They’re a very physical team, and I can see why they won last year.”

On the changes defensively that limited Cal Poly Pomona’s inside game in the second half:
“When their big men caught the ball, we were playing too tight on them. A couple of their big men can dribble, so we were trying to jam them up and they were just dribbling right by us and getting to the basket. The second half, we really wanted to work on playing off them a little bit, but still respecting their jump shot because they can shoot. Just playing them tougher, that’s what we had to do in the end – all of us, not just our bigs, but our guards as well. They were outworking us in the first half, and we had to come back and outwork them.”

On what changes were made in the locker room at halftime:
“We just came in at halftime and calmed down. Our nerves were riled up, especially with them coming in and playing as hard as they did on our home floor. A lot of nerves were going around, but we came in, relaxed, got it together and played hard.”

Freshman Kyrie Irving
On making more of an effort to push the ball in the second half:
“Coach has the utmost confidence in me to continue to push the ball and make my teammates better. We are best in transition; we have a lot of spot-up shooters, our big men can shoot – you saw Mason (Plumlee) step out and hit a jumper in the second half. We have high flyers, so we just have to continue to push the ball, and that’s the best offense for us.

Junior Miles Plumlee
On the fight Cal Poly Pomona gave Duke tonight:
“They won [the 2010 Division II National Championship] for a reason. Regardless of what league they’re in, they know how to win. I knew they’d come out and play hard, it’s just disappointing we didn’t come out and match that.”

On the defensive adjustments Duke made to slow down the Broncos’ inside game:
”Just the fundamentals of our defense. I think we were a little too soft and let them get too many rebounds and putbacks. We didn’t communicate very well, so in the second half we just cleaned all that up.”

On how the defensive changes led to more offense:
“We didn’t really focus on the offense. We just knew we had to come out and changed our intensity and how we were playing our defense. A lot of our offense flows out of our defense, so it’s just kind of a chain reaction.”

Cal Poly Pomona Head Coach Greg Kamansky
Opening Statement:
“I was proud of our guys out there, they had a lot of fun, played hard and hopefully gave Duke a little bit more than what the previous team did and hopefully we both can get ready to get our season going on now. We are real proud of our players out there, we played hard in the first half. Second half we kind of ran out of gas and Duke’s physicality kind of wore us out.”

On the low post scoring:
“For me that is pretty much something that worked out. I mean we do have an offense were you have one guy inside and bring our other post up to do some ball screening and that kind of action. Toby (Jahn) got the ball and got posted hard, you know he has some pretty nice moves to and we did a very nice job inside today.”

On the poise of his players:
“I think it starts with the leadership of our team, of our seniors but we just said that they (Duke) bleed like we do and they are 18-22 years old kids just like us and obviously they are very talented. And again, for these guys this is a dream for them and I know for Duke it’s not a dream to play Cal Poly Pomona but it’s a dream for us and it is kind of like the reverse effect we are going to see all year when teams come out and it’s going to be there one big game and it’s going to be us. We kind of had the reverse effect today. This is a dream for these kids and they weren’t going to go down without throwing a few punches, not literally you know, but they were going to go for it. And again we’ve had guys from our big game experience from last year and we have tackled much bigger teams, not bigger than Duke, but bigger than us and we are used to that. So I think these guys came out with no fear and it showed.”

On holding Duke to fewer points than its previous opponent:
“In a normal game holding a team to 81, I wouldn’t be too happy. Holding Duke to 81 is a sense of accomplishment. I was looking at stats and 2-15 for those great shooters, that’s an accomplishment within itself. So we are pretty happy obviously with our defensive effort I mean, they started driving way too much and Kyrie Irving is incredible, so is (Nolan) Smith and all those guys. But the root is that we didn’t let their shooters get going early which was key and they stuck to our gameplan pretty much.”

Senior Forward Donnelle Booker
On scoring the first point of the game:
“I think it relieves a little bit of pressure because the first point is so hard to come by. We watched previous tapes of the other team (St. Augustine) and they didn’t score their first field goal until eight minutes in so it was a kind of a relief for us then. Duke is a great team but that first basket let us know that, kind of relieved some of the pressure and we weren’t as uptight as we would have been if we would have missed our first couple of shots.”

Senior Forward Tobias Jahn
On Duke’s post players:
“I was actually happy that we played Duke because that is actually the only team all year that doesn’t double me because they have great defenders one-on-one. So I prepared myself more that I can hopefully score more in the post this time because there is no double team where I have to kick out the ball and reseal and work my butt off all day just to get one basket.”