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Quotes: Duke 78, Temple 61
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 02/23/2011
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“We beat a very good team tonight. [Fran Dunphy] and I are very, very close friends and former teammates. I just think he’s one of the best coaches in the United States. His team’s unflappable. They don’t beat themselves. [Lavoy] Allen played a great game for them. Our ball screen defense in the first half, the normal way we play, the five man is usually not as ball friendly as that kid is. I thought he really handled the ball screen well on his rolls not just on his shot, but he passed the ball really well. We made a couple adjustments in the second half, which helped us. Kyle [Singler] played a sensational game. It was obvious on offense what he was doing, but defensively he was on [Ramone] Moore. Moore has been averaging 22 points a game and is their biggest threat offensively, and Kyle held him to eight points. Kyle’s just been doing that all year. He’s been an amazing player. I think he’s as good defensively as anybody because he has the determination and the stick-to-it-tiveness to defend … work through screens while still doing his offensive game I thought our defensive rebounding in the second half led to some runs. We got a double-digit lead because we rebounded the ball three or four times straight and got a fast break on it. Seth [Curry] hit a big three, but we attacked well in transition and that gave us that double-digit spread. We executed really well at the end and beat a good team, so I’m pleased, very pleased, with the outcome, obviously.”

On preparing for a non-conference opponent:
“Some but we’re playing them, in this case, teams that think we’re their ticket to the NCAA Tournament. Temple will already be in the NCAA Tournament. We’re not the only team in the country facing this. Teams that are in first place, second, even third place in a conference, face tremendous challenges during the last week and a half or so and the next two weeks because people are desperate … or they create a desperate situation. I think that’s a good thing for us to go into it to see how we can do in that because we’re not one and done. The teams we play the next couple games think they are. I don’t know if they are. I think Virginia Tech would be in already. I’m sure Seth [Greenberg]’s not telling them that. They have two of the best players in the conference. [Jeff] Allen’s playing so well and [Malcolm] Delaney’s been a stud his whole time. That’ll be a great game to play in for us, but we beat a team that is going to be an NCAA team and maybe an Atlantic 10 champion; they’re very good.”

On playing Temple:
“First of all, it’s an honor to play them. Temple’s one of the top-6 winningest programs in the history of the game. We’re one of the top-4, and to have two programs like that play, I think it’s good for basketball. The traditions of both programs intersect on that particular day and it’s a nice celebration of college basketball … plus I think it makes both teams better. It gives you a look at how somebody else outside of your conference will play you; that is really good. It’s a tough game. I think both teams can benefit, you’d rather benefit from winning it. I don’t know what Dunph said, but I thought his kids played really well. They’re overcoming some adversity. I thought the kid [Rahlir] Jefferson played a great game. When they have the two big guys in, you can cover the paint better. You can take away layups. With Jefferson in there and Allen playing the way he was, it opened the paint. They ran a pretty good offense with them. Where they’re evolving with those injuries it’s not a bad place. [It] brings out some of Allen’s talents better from what I saw today. That’s what Dunph is going to do.”

On Kyle Singler’s performance:
“He’s had some of those shots in the last two weeks, and I think he’s been taking them like a jump shooter. Tonight he took them with more physicality, much more force and finished. The first shot he took tonight was like the shots he has been taking. He missed that layup. You got to attack the rim. We reminded of that and he did attack the rim the rest of the game.”

On the team’s performance in the second half:
“Well, I think we played well in the last four minutes of the first half. It’s probably better to be a team that wins. You don’t always win both halves. You lose segments of the game especially when you’re playing good teams. When we played NC State here, we won the first half and lost the second half. We played horribly; we were 6-of-31. Against Georgia Tech, I thought we won both halves. They’re good, so the fact is that a couple of the adjustments we made were good in the second half. Mason [Plumlee] really started rebounding in the second half. He ended up with 13 rebounds, but his rebounds in the second half … sometimes you get accustomed to playing Allen, and it takes a while … to ‘now what can I do against this guy.’ Thank goodness that they can do that.”

Duke Senior Kyle Singler
On Duke’s play in the first half:
“We just weren’t playing very good basketball, offensively and defensively.  It just wasn’t really our shooting.  But we were able to bounce back from that and play better in the second half.” 

“I felt like they missed a lot of shots.  We just got lucky really.  We didn’t play very good basketball in the first half.”

“It was important to get this win.  We weren’t too worried about whether they were ranked or whether we were ranked.  We wanted to come in here and play great, but we didn’t.  We played just one half of basketball.  It did have a little feel of a Tournament game, but you don’t have the atmosphere because you’re playing on your home court.  I’d say that was the main difference, but Temple is a very good team.”

On working his way out of a slump:
“I think most of it is just taking good shots.  Most of the time when you do get out of rhythm and get into a slump it’s when you do take bad shots.  I’ve just got to focus on taking better shots, especially from the perimeter.”

Duke Sophomore Mason Plumlee
“Guarding the ball screens is what was hurting us because the bigs were showing out on the ball screens.  Our rotations weren’t as quick as they normally are.  We made an adjustment at halftime and it really helped.”

On his strong rebounding:
“There are ways to impact the game without scoring.  When someone’s hot like Nolan [Smith] or Kyle [Singler], you just have to help your team win, and rebounding is always there.”

On Kyle Singler:
“He’s going to do what he has to do for us to win, and he’s not going to force anything just because people are on him about scoring.  If it’s working, he’s not going to change.  Then again, if we need points or somebody to step up, he’s right there.  And it’s not like he’s stepped down – he’s been there all season, playing his butt off.  He’s the one person you can depend on defensively and offensively every game.  You know what he’s going to give you.”

Duke Senior Nolan Smith
“This was a great game before we head up there [to Virginia Tech].  We step out of conference, play a good team, with a very good guard in [Ramone] Moore, who we have to defend and stay with him all times.  When we go up to Virginia Tech, we’re going to have to guard [Malcolm] Delaney and stop [Jeff] Allen inside.  It’ll be a good one.”

On the defensive effort by Duke’s big men on Temple’s Lavoy Allen:
“They did a great job just making it tough for him and doing whatever it takes to stay on him.  They made it hard and our big guys were working and were tremendous on the defensive end.”

“We wish we could start games better.  We want to start to come out attacking earlier and play with the energy that we want to play with for a whole game.  But we come in at halftime and make the correct adjustments.  Most of the time, we’re up at halftime and we can start to get better, but in the Carolina game we were down.  Hopefully we won’t do that too many times.”

On Kyle Singler:
“I’m not worried about Kyle.  Kyle’s a warrior and he knows how to play this game.  He’s going to continue to work and he gets his shots up every day.  It was just a matter of time before he got going.”

Temple Head Coach Fran Dunphy
On what Temple will take from this game:
“Well first of all, their defense is always terrific. I thought we survived the first half while not making a lot of shots, but we were hanging. The last three at the end of the half kind of hurt us. I thought the momentum then swings back to them. But I don’t think we managed the game as well as we needed to. We obviously got a lot of pressure. There’s a lot of things you can’t run because of the pressure. I saw some good things. It was great to see Lavoy [Allen] step out and make shots today. And that’s one of the things that they obviously allowed us to do. It was going to be a tough task for Juan [Fernandez] and [Ramone Moore], because obviously they’re our leading guards and they’re going to go after them a little bit. So I think it’s a great test for us, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring our team down here. And I’m grateful that Mike will bring his team up to Philadelphia next year. It’s a terrific game for us to play.”

On underclassmen having to step up:
“Yeah, I think Aaron Brown is going to be a good basketball player. He had a great stick back in the first half and obviously he got into a little bit of foul trouble right away in the second half. TJ [DiLeo] gave us good minutes. Khalif [Wyatt] probably didn’t shoot it as well as he can, but I think he’ll learn a lot from this game and work a little bit harder to get better looks at the basket. And even at the end of the game he was better than he was at the start of the game. So I think there are a lot of those kinds of plusses that we’ll take out of the game.”

On the second half:
“Yeah I think two things happened. Our offense wasn’t as good as it needed to be, again from the management of the game aspect, we needed to take better shots, maybe even run the clock a little bit more, try to get it inside, let the defense collapse. I thought they did a pretty good job of avoiding our passes to the post with Lavoy. I’ll have to see the film and see how that goes. But then when we did have bad shot selections they ran it down our throat a couple of times on some easy run outs. And then [Kyle] Singler, we obviously did not do a great job on Singler. He was terrific tonight. He had a couple really hard drives to the rim that just, he was not to be denied.”

On the match-up:
“Yeah [it was tough] because then you get Singler playing a three man for some of the game and a four man for other parts and so we have to make those kinds of adjustments. Again, I don’t think we managed the game very well on the offense end. Give Duke a lot of credit for that because of their defense. And then on the defensive end, I think we needed to really pay attention to detail a little bit more than we did.”

On trying to get into offensive rhythm with Fernandez and Moore in foul trouble:
“Yeah in the first half that’s obviously going to happen. Juan gets three fouls in the first half. Mone got two very quick, and we were trying to run them in there every time we thought we were at least going to get a possession or two with the ball. And certainly didn’t want him to get his third foul. The rhythm of the game is part of the management of the game as well. So we were a little bit out of sorts, but you have to give most of that credit to Duke because they are so strong defensively. And they’re strong-minded overall. They have a purpose. This program is no joke. This is as good as it gets.”