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Quotes: Duke 98, Augustana 45
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/04/2016
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“Overall, our guys did a really good job tonight. Augustana is a national championship program who lost three outstanding players and only returned two starters. We didn’t goof around during the game, and we shared the ball well, especially in the second half when we were able to get a lot of minutes. We wanted to take a look at some different things tonight because we knew coming in that they weren’t going to have a big guy. We thought in not playing Marques [Bolden], we could give him some rest and get Chase [Jeter] and Antonio [Vrankovic] more minutes. We also wanted to take a look at Amile [Jefferson] playing the five, so we tried to take a look at many different things tonight. Again, we did think we were going to win talent wise, but we wanted to put our guys in those situations. Many of our guys got good minutes, with nine in double figure minutes. We’re giving them off these next two days to catch up on academics. Once we start next Friday, we’ll play eight games in November. We want to make sure we’re rested, and we feel that by next Friday, everyone except Harry [Giles] will be ready to play. We feel really good about Jayson [Tatum] and things for him have moved on really well. Good week for the Cubs and the Blue Devils. The week isn’t over, so we hope football does well tomorrow.”

On Marques Bolden not playing:
“Marques has had a great week of practice, so we just wanted to take a look at other things.”

On playing small ball:
“When you can switch everything, it’s very difficult to score. The best defense is when you can switch and not be involved in mismatches. Since they didn’t have a real big guy, we were able to do that and even tried trapping with Chase. I was happy with our team because we didn’t get sloppy with the score. We didn’t play the score, we played every possession.”

On Chase’s progress:
“Chase is young. His age group is really a freshman. He’s physically stronger and playing with more confidence. He’s just gotten better in every aspect, but the main thing is he’s older, but he still needs to get older. He did well in the first exhibition and has done well in practice, so we believe he should be a contributor. The team that was picked hasn’t shown up yet. We have a lot of big, athletic guys in Duke polos, and when those guys are ready to play, we’ll have a chance to be really good. But right now, we just want to get better and we did a nice job of that tonight.

On when Harry Giles will be back:
“I’m hoping later this month. He had a non-contact workout today and did well. He’s shooting and moving, but hasn’t played five-on-five yet. This week, we’ll do some 5-0 to get him to know the plays.”

On Augustana:
“They should just keep doing what they’re doing. They were 34-2 last year and have an outstanding program and are really well coached. I watched a couple of their games in the tournament and they lost three really good players. Those kids could play in our league and be good players. I told the point guard after the game that I was really impressed with how they handled the team. They just need to get together and grow up like the last one. They were really good last year. They play hard all the time and were just overmatched today by our athleticism. They matched us with heart and they have to keep playing that way. Really good kids."

Duke Graduate Student Amile Jefferson
On what Duke can take away from an exhibition game like this one:
“I think all our guys did a great job of always being in the play, of being consistent, and being connected, making sure we were all there for the entire 40 minutes. I thought we did a great job of just playing hard, and that’s something that can translate. Rebounding, talking on defense, all those things, I thought we did well, and those translate no matter who you play.”

When asked what this Duke team needs to work on between now and the regular season opener:
“I think we just need to keep communicating and coming every day to practice ready to play and continue to make each other better. A luxury we have is we have so many talented guys that our practices are really intense. So we have to keep them like that and keep making the practices just as hard as the games, and I think we’ll be ok.”

Duke Senior Matt Jones
“Defensively, we really wanted to get out in passing lanes and kind of be more versatile. We tried to throw out a couple of more defenses at them just to see if we could do it in the regular season. Obviously, we’re still learning [about] each other and learning the flow of the game and how the [officials] will call the plays and things like that. But overall, I think we did a really good job.”

On his six steals and Duke’s disruptive defense tonight:
“We can be that team. We’re versatile [and] guys are long and athletic. And that was one of our [points of] emphasis going into the game – seeing what we can do on the defensive end. For us to have that many steals and be that disruptive on that end, it gives us a good sign going forward.”

“We know how important our [big men] are. Even though we can be a heavy guard-oriented team at points, we know we need them to protect our basket, to make tip-ins, dunks, and rebound for us.”

Duke Junior Grayson Allen
“We just wanted to play hard and play as hard as we could all 40 minutes. In our first exhibition game, I don’t think we came out playing hard. This game we did that. It always starts for us on the defensive end, and we think our defense is the start of our best offensive play and that’s running. With the athletes we have, if we’re able to get stops, rebound and run and play in space like that, we spread the floor with shooters and athletes, and that’s really where we play our best, when we’re attacking the defense on their heels.”

On how important these exhibition games are for the young players on the team:
“Exhibition games like this are going to be good for them going forward.  We’re telling the young guys about these games and to treat it like it’s going to be a real game going forward. So when you’re subbed into the game, you’ve really got to go all out going forward because you don’t know, during the regular season, if you’re going to be in for one, two, three, [or] four minutes, where in an exhibition game it’s a little different. We have a bunch of talented guys and from top to bottom, we have guys that can put the ball in the basket and so when we see them do it, it’s just collective happiness as a team scoring.”

On the second-half steal and breakaway dunk by Matt Jones:
“He can do it. We’ve been telling him to do it for a while now, and he finally did it. But he can throw it down two-hands, one-hand, off two feet, off one foot. I don’t know why he doesn’t do it more often, but after he had that one fast break where he just laid it up, we were on him to go dunk the second one.”