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Quotes: Duke 94, Marist 49
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/11/2016
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“We’ve got a game in 20 hours so let’s get through this real quick, all right? Our guys came ready to play. Our bench did a really good job. It was great minutes for Antonio [Vrankovic] and Javin [DeLaurier] in the second half. We shared the ball really well and we played really good defense. We are a little bit undermanned now, but nobody feels sorry for us because they think we have an excessive number of men. We just have to keep getting better while our guys are out and there’s no time frame for their return. We have to get ready to play here against a team that won 27 games last year.”

On Chase Jeter’s confidence and performance:
“He has played that way in both of the exhibition games. He’s been really good in practice. I think the fact that he is playing against Marques [Bolden] in practice has helped him. Chase is a year younger than a sophomore, age-wise he should be a freshman, so a little bit of it is just getting older. But, he is doing a good job and I think having Amile [Jefferson] there to help him has been very good for him and being surrounded by a pretty good perimeter. But Chase has done a really good job.”

On how Marques Bolden was injured:
“He just got hurt. It wasn’t an event. Sometimes you wake up and it’s something that you didn’t notice before. But, it’s a lower leg issue and it’s too difficult to explain. He’s getting better and we have to be careful not to try to get these guys coming back too soon. Jayson [Tatum] was doing great. I thought we put him in practice a little too soon and that hurt him, so we are just going to shut those guys down for a while. We can’t go through the whole year with lingering injuries. We are not the team we thought we were going to be at this time, but we are a good team. But, to be the team that we hoped to be, we have to be healthy. I’m going to be really adamant about taking a longer time than a shorter time no matter what.”

Final Comment:
“The crowd was great. I think it’s a continuation of what happened last night. Our football team was magnificent last night. Coach Cutcliffe and his staff did an amazing job. I was telling Kevin White before the ball game that I watched the game, and to see our seniors on the football team, they were on another level. If I was a football player, I would’ve wanted to have been (Corbin) McCarthy last night. First of all I would like to be that athletic, because he was just throwing his body around like crazy. It was electric, our football team was so darn good and to win that game was tremendous, not just for our football program, but for Duke and for our athletic program. We have a bunch of other games: field hockey starts its quest for a Final Four and a National Championship tomorrow and soccer. All that I know, if I was the AD (Athletic Director) I would be a pretty proud guy.”

Duke Junior Grayson Allen
“Playing back-to-back [games], it’s nice to have a deep team like we do have, and with guys performing well tonight, we were able to spread out our minutes like we did.  We were just trying to go out and play hard.  Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] was telling us don’t pace when we get out there because we know we have a deep team and we know we have guys that are going to be coming in and giving us breaks.  So everyone, whenever they get their minutes, they’re just going all out.  It changes how you approach your minutes.  We’re not going to take plays off.  There’s no walking on the court.  When you need a break, you ask for a break.  It’s just the extra confidence knowing that you have a bunch of guys on the bench that are going to come in and they’re going to perform well.”

On how he handles physical play and getting fouled hard on the drive:
“I drive hard so I get fouled hard and that’s just what comes with it.  So I know it’s going to happen and I know it’s not anything malicious by the other team, but when you attack the basket hard, you’re going to fall hard if you get fouled.  I know it’s coming.  I’ve hit the floor before and I just bounce up from it.”

When asked how important getting to the foul line is for Duke:
“It helps a lot because free throws are free shots.  Really what we try to do is attack the defense and put them on their heels and make guys defend without fouling.  We have a lot of guys that can drive this year, so when we’re attacking teams and they’re putting their hands on us, it gets them into the bonus early too.  And from then on, it’s just attacking them for the rest of the half, using that bonus as a weapon.  Sitting at the free throw line, it’s nice for a shooter to get a free shot like that, uncontested, just a nice little shot like that.  I think it definitely helps.”

Duke Sophomore Luke Kennard
On what it was like to get the regular season started:
“It’s awesome.  It’s really exciting.  One of the biggest things tonight was our crowd.  We had a great crowd, they were really into it, it was loud, so it was great for the first game.  They brought some energy out of us.  It was great to just get us started.  We always say the banner hunt starts now, but we’re taking it one game at a time.  We can’t take anybody lightly so on to the next one tomorrow.”

When asked about the importance of rebounding to Duke:
“It’s very important.  The coaches really emphasize rebounding, [especially] perimeter rebounding.  Any time we have a chance to crash the boards, they really want us to.  I had a couple of rebounds fall my way tonight, but they really want us to start working on that and getting rebounds.  Any time I have a chance to crash, I’ll go for it.”

Duke Freshman Frank Jackson
On the team’s regular season opener and his first official game at Duke:
“It was fun.  I’ve been waiting for this ever since the beginning of summer, to come out here with the rest of the team, and the crowd brought energy.  It was super fun to play in Cameron and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

When asked what it’s like to play two games back-to-back on consecutive nights:
“It’s like AAU ball – you’ve got to go from game to game, but we’ll be back here in another 24 hours, ready to compete and play just as hard.”

On how the exhibition games helped prepare him and the team for the regular season games:
“I think the exhibition games really help.  At first, everyone’s kind of jittery, not knowing how we’re going to play together when the lights come on and we’re playing in front of a huge crowd.  But I think those two [exhibition] games really helped and this game’s going to help too, and the game tomorrow and then the games to come in the next couple of weeks will prepare us for the long season.”  

“I want to be consistent – with my shot, I don’t want to turn the ball over at all, [and] I want to learn how to get my teammates open.  There’s a lot of things that I’ve got to work on, and I’m ready to prepare and to listen and to watch film.”

Marist Head Coach Mike Maker
Opening Statement:
“First of all, this was such a fantastic opportunity for our basketball program, our players, our institution, and our league. I’m really proud of how hard our guys played tonight. I didn’t think we played at our best, but Duke had a lot to do with that. They’re so well coached and such a rich basketball tradition led by a Hall of Fame coach. I really appreciated Coach K’s comments prior to the game privately with me. We’re trying to build something at Marist that Coach K has been able to build here in regards to a model program that reflects the mission of its institution and represents its league in a first class manner. I mean, that team plays, and have three of their additional play. They have really good players and to play that hard and that well and have that kind of chemistry. It’s just something that’s in their culture, just a credit to coach and their players and the history they have here. I was fortunate prior to the Marist job to have a job a lot like Duke. When I was the head coach at Williams, it was an elite academic school with a rich basketball tradition and although it was Division III, we often told our players we wanted to be the Duke of Division III and I thought we were. I really believe that our future is very bright. This was a stage that, although we’re not constructed yet to play the style of basketball that we need to play to have a better showing, their hearts were in the right place. We have a lot of work to do to play the style we need to play to be more competitive in our league and make everybody in the Hudson Valley proud of our program. I’ll take any questions you have about our players and our team. I appreciate everybody’s hospitality down here. It’s a fantastic experience for our staff as well.”

On Kristinn Palsson returning from injury:
“Well, I had him on a minute restriction and I think I went over. I had him on a 20-minute restriction and he was at 22. He’s not where he needs to be, his former self. He started every game for us a year ago and at 17 years old and he’s one of our better players and it’s going to take him a while to get conditioned, get his legs under him. Although he’s in his second year with us and familiar with our system, he hasn’t been on the court for us in a while. To get his rhythm, and when we get him back at full strength, it will be a major difference for our basketball team. He’s a fantastic player and a spirited young man and it means a lot to our basketball program.”