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Quotes: Duke 96, Grand Canyon 61
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/12/2016
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“Overall, in these last two games, our guys have done a good job. [Grand Canyon] was very athletic. Dan [Majerle] does a really good job of building this program. They won 27 games last year. The kid who is really good, he didn’t show it tonight because we did a good job on him, is [Joshua] Braun. Braun is the potential MVP of their conference. He averaged twenty-something points. He reminds me a little bit of Joe Harris who played at Virginia. Grayson [Allen] did a great job on him and our whole team did. Last night, we took out the best player for Marist, [Khallid] Hart. Matt [Jones] did a good job on him. Matt did a really good job on [Grand Canyon’s] guard. Although we didn’t defend the ball screen very well, we did get him to eight turnovers. They are athletic and they played really well. And we started playing defense in the last eight minutes of the first half and played really beautiful basketball to include the start of the second half. They were not going to stop playing and two games in 20 hours and a big lead, and then we were really careless with the ball. We gave them three or four dunks just from our turnovers. But then we got sharp again. We got sharp again and overall, we did a really good job. Tomorrow, we’ll bring them in and give them feedback from these two games and start getting a preview for Kansas. We’ll get our bodies rested and the guys we didn’t play many minutes tonight, we can have them do some work. And then we’ll travel up to New York. It’s a busy week; there’s a lot of travelling. Then we come right back and we’re here for a day and a half and then we go up Thursday. You have to go from one week to another. But again, my guys are doing a good job. They’re doing a good job. ”

On what has impressed him the most in these first two games:
“We’re going to have to play a lot of minutes. We just can’t afford to get anyone else hurt. But the guys have great attitudes. There’s not one thing. I like my team a lot. We just have to keep getting better and once these injuries are taken care of with some time, we can become a different team. Right now, we have to be this team and we can’t think about who we could be. And our complete focus has to be how to win, right now, with this team. I can't give you a time. I don’t anticipate [Marques Bolden, Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum] to play on Tuesday. They may not play the whole week. So we have to prepare the way we have our team right now with nine guys.”

On the team’s rebounding without the injured players:
“We had 21 perimeter defensive rebounds. That’s been a point of emphasis for us. Luke [Kennard] had eight [last night]. He had five again tonight. If you’re going to be small, you need to have that. It helps us on a fast break because those guys can just blow it out of there. And we are looking for one another. We haven’t really shot the three the way I think we can. Part of that is that we’re playing very hard defensively. You can’t simulate that in practice. You’re just playing defense and your legs are a little tired. Grayson had a couple [threes] that were just in and out. We have to just keep taking those things. And make sure we hit the post. Every time we hit the post, our guys really passed out of there well.”

On playing with a smaller roster:
“It’s not going back and forth; it’s what everyone is going to be asking which is “when are [Marques Bolden, Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum] coming back. The last two press conferences have been great. We have been talking about these guys. I can’t talk about those guys but everyone wants to know about those guys. That is a 10-second conversation and you might think that I’m avoiding the question but there’s nothing else to talk about. I would think our opponents would like for them not to play and we’re not as good without them. But we can be really good. Once we decide that this might take time and not try to bring them back, ask ‘How are you today?’ and then they might tweak something, or take a step back, let’s just get well. And while you guys are getting well and supporting the team, let’s become a team with these nine guys. We made that the priority this week. So we are trying to figure out the system we need for this group of guys. Be strong mentally and don’t use it as an excuse. We feel we can win with the group we have. If we become another group at another time, let’s figure out how to win with that group. It’s pretty easy right now for us. It’s called survival. When you are in a game and you look and you can’t put them in the game, it is not real smart to be thinking of them. You better think about who we do have.”

On how disrupting an opponents’ offense is a part of the team’s identity:
“We should get some steals and we should get some blocks. Again, the guys we are out will block hopefully more. These guys can block shots. Chase [Jeter] can block shots. And that should be a part of our team and playing good defense should be a part of our team. I think we can do that.”

On how important character is to recruiting:
“It has always been important. First of all, the 42 years I’ve been a head coach, I have been at two schools that in order to get in, you better have some character: West Point and Duke. We look at three things and they are all equal: talent, they have to be good academically and character. Are they good guys? Have they learned to accept authority and respect authority? They are good teammates and they are good kids. I would do that if I was the head of a business or anything else. Good people, first of all, are fun to work with and they are more apt to be unselfish because they feel good about who they are okay about helping someone else be good. My guys over the years have been terrific and this is a really good group of kids.”

Duke Graduate Student Amile Jefferson
“I didn’t think that we competed at the level that we should’ve when we started off the game, and [Grand Canyon is] a really good team.  Their guard was really, really tough.  He was good at getting in the lane, crafty, and they played really hard.  They had a really great team.  I thought the last 10 minutes of the [first] half we picked it up.  Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] really got into us, and we came out in the second half and we had it picked up.  We just have to put together a complete 40-minute game, and we should be able to do that, especially with the leadership that we start the game out with.  We start the game out with seniority, having a grad student, Matt [Jones], G [Grayson Allen], and two sophomores in Luke [Kennard] and Chase [Jeter], so we should always be ready.  We should always know what we’re doing.  We just have to come out tough.  I thought they played really great tonight.”

“Once our three young guys get healthy, they’ll give us an even greater boost, and they’ll be in there for a lot of minutes.  Those three guys will play extended minutes, so when they get back, they’ll give us an amazing boost.  Right now, everyone has to be ready.  All our guys have to be able to give us energy.  I thought Frank [Jackson] did a great job of doing that tonight, coming off the bench and play with a verve and lifting our team up.  And he can do that – he’s crafty, he’s quick, he understands the spacing of the floor for where he needs to be to be most advantageous.  For our group, it’s really about right now everybody getting ready because it’s about to ramp up.  We go to New York on Tuesday [to play Kansas in the State Farm Champions Classic] and then we’ve got back-to-back games on Saturday and Sunday against a really good Penn State team and then either Cincinnati or Rhode Island.  All our guys need to get healthy, get ready, and understand that it’s a journey and a marathon, not a sprint.”

Duke Junior Grayson Allen
“We started out slow and I think we needed that boost.  I think that we got the energy going.  Thankfully, Cameron [Indoor Stadium] was really good today.  Our crowd was great; they were loud and they were feeding off of us and we were feeding off of them.  There’s so much energy in the building that it gets me going personally and should get the whole team going, and that’s really what I was trying to do – just kind of get our energy up.  Grand Canyon came out and they played really hard.  They played well and they’re a very good team, so we need to respond to that and pick our energy up too.”

On Duke having multiple players who can play the point guard role on offense and in transition:
“I think it’s going well.  It gives us an extra weapon that we have multiple guys that can run the point, really whoever gets it after a defensive board or after we get it out of the hoop to push it up the court and transition right into our offense.  It flows a lot better that way when guys know multiple positions.”

Duke Sophomore Luke Kennard
“I think it did start with the energy of the team, especially defensively, we weren’t there.  We weren’t talking very much and our communication wasn’t there, but Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] kind of got into us in a timeout.  He told us that we weren’t ourselves, so we really listen when he tells us stuff like that.  We listen when he tells us anything obviously.  So we came together as a group, we picked up the energy, picked up the talk, and made some big plays, and those big plays just kind of lifted us a little bit and gave us some momentum.  Big plays like that, especially on the defensive end when we’re diving on the floor and we’re everywhere on the defensive end, it just gives us energy and it propels us on the offensive end.”

On Duke’s ability to overcome its slow start and what the team can learn from it:
“I think that comes from some of our veteran guys – our great leaders and captains on the team really give us energy.  They really get into us when we aren’t being ourselves.  When we’re not ourselves on the court, we look to those guys.  We look to Amile [Jefferson], Matt [Jones], and Grayson [Allen], and they kind of tell us, ‘Let’s go, let’s go!’  They’ve been there before and they’ve been in situations like that, so when we hear them say that, we know it’s time to get out of ourselves and be with everybody.”

On Duke’s upcoming matchup with Kansas in the State Farm Champions Classic on Tuesday night:
“I think the first thing for us is we have to be there and have to be ready to play from the very beginning.  We weren’t fully there tonight.  We were ready to play, but we just didn’t have the energy that we especially had last night against Marist.  We didn’t have the energy tonight, but we had glimpses there where we played great defense and shared the ball well.  I think that’s the first thing that we need to do – just be ready to play with a lot of energy from the very beginning.  Kansas is a very, very athletic team and they’re healthy.  I got to watch a little bit of them last night against Indiana, and they have a really, really talented team so we’ve got to be ready to go.  I think we will.  Preparation starts right now for us.  I’m just excited for it.  It’ll be a good one.”

Grand Canyon Head Coach Dan Majerle
On overall performance, quickness and stamina:
“I don’t think we ever did what we wanted to do. This is a brand new season for our team. We have two of our starters out in DeWayne Russell and Matt Jackson and Darion Clark, our five man, was hurt right before the game so I didn’t even know if he was going to go, so we had three guys in our starting line up that had never played for me before and we were just trying to figure each other out. To be honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect. I was happy with the way we started off and played well. I thought we played hard and did a good job. For our first game, obviously I’m not happy with the results and I thought we kind of lost it there, but I thought for the first 12 to 13 minutes we played pretty good and we are just going to learn about our team as we go along. This first 10 games is a hard stretch, we play four top 30 to 35 teams with a new team with a lot of guys injured and we’ve got eight scholarship guys dressed today. So, we just have to keep our heads up and keep working and I have to learn about my players and see what they can do.”

On Shaq Carr’s performance:
“I was happy with Shaq [Carr]. With eight turnovers and eight assists, he has to get tighter with the ball, we talked about that during practice, so that’s something he has to learn. But, I knew he is a real good passer, has quickness, good athlete, he has to learn to finish a little bit better on the basket, but overall I thought he did really well for his first game, especially filling in for a guy like DeWayne [Russell], who we missed obviously, but I was happy with Shaq and he just has to do a better job with not being so careless and loose with the basketball.

On freshman Oscar Frayer’s performance:
“Oscar [Frayer] doesn’t play with any fear. He’s got a long way to go, but I just told him to be an athlete and fly around and do what he does. He just loves playing basketball and I think Oscar is going to be a really good player for us. We just have to learn about him, too, and he is going to be thrown in the fire right away. Playing in this atmosphere for his first college game, I thought he was pretty good.”