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Quotes: Duke 93, Appalachian State 58
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/26/2016
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“Overall, we did a really good job today. Appalachian State is building a really nice program. They have a system where they push and play a lot of guys and can wear you out. We started both halves about as low as we could start. Our offensive execution was spectacular and it translated in the second half to good defense. We would obviously like to see threes go in, but when you have a big game on Tuesday, we start thinking ‘well they were ready but now they’re not going to be ready.’ Overall, they kept ready and kept focused on this game and weren’t looking ahead. That is respectful for Appalachian State and we played better by doing that. Grayson (Allen), it’s his toe. He just landed funny and when that happens, it hurts. He looked fresher in the first half than he has the entire season, so hopefully we will get there by Tuesday night. But overall, good performance by our team.”

On double figure scoring players:
“Well, we have five good players out there that can get double figures, that’s the first thing. But second, it means we can share the ball well. They’re very unselfish. Our bench had six turnovers and otherwise we would’ve had a 14-4 night assist wise. The last game was 18-10, so we’re getting better in that regard. We were about 50-50 in assists and turnovers the last couple games. They made a couple intuitive reads at the start of the second half that weren’t part of the play but they saw something and created a bucket. When guys are doing that, it’s very impressive to me.”

On Luke Kennard’s maturity:
“His rebounding has been terrific. He almost had a double-double and our perimeter rebounding has been there since the Kansas game. That has been a plus for us and Luke is playing really well.”

On Appalachian State’s three-pointers:
“We played zone so they got a couple of open ones there. Our three-point defense has been pretty good but they had two on missed loose balls on our part.”

On Frank Jackson’s performance level:
“We’ve had some freshmen play like he has but he has been a veteran. I think a lot of it has to do with him being so well accepted by the guys. He and Grayson have a great relationship from the summer and the upperclassmen are so good. Physically, he is ready. He is a superb athlete and is strong. It’s just a matter of learning the game a little more and he’s getting better at it. But overall, he has done a very, very good job.”

On changing things up:
“We had this supposedly unbelievably deep team and the last month we’ve been back to what we’ve done the last two years which is no contact in practice. That is frustrating but we do what we need to do. We don’t ask anyone to feel sorry for us, but it is just a fact of life. It’s totally the opposite of what we thought we would have and hopefully it will be totally opposite of eventually what we do have. But for right now, this is what we have and it is a very good team. Thank goodness we have these veterans that know how to play for extended minutes.”

On Michigan State game:
“Tom (Izzo)’s team has played a heck of a schedule and they’ve had some injuries as well. They have two big guys out and they have one of the best players in the country in (Miles) Bridges. He is a big time player. They’re tough and we’re playing against a program, not a team. He and I are very close friends and I admire what they do. Hopefully I won’t admire a lot of what they do on Tuesday but we know we’re in for a big time game, which is good because that’s how we’ll get better.”

Duke Senior Guard Matt Jones
On next opponent Michigan State:
“We are going to use the next couple of days to get ready. They’re going to come in hungry. It should be a good matchup for us, and I know our guys will be ready for it.”

On the team coming together:
“I think so, I think game-by-game, play-by-play, possession-by-possession, we are starting to learn each other and we’re getting better. I think that we are leading the guys better, and those guys are working hard. Now with us in the seventh game, guys are getting experience, so it is coming easy for them.”

Duke Graduate Student Forward Amile Jefferson
On the play of freshman Frank Jackson:
“Frank has not played like a freshman at all. At any point this season, I do not think there is a time that someone can say that Frank played like a freshman. He is very mature, he has a great build, a great body. He is very confident within himself and in our team, and he just fits in so perfectly. His demeanor, his attitude, his work ethic, all those things are how we want our Duke players to be, and he has done a great job at applying that. I am very proud of the way he has played.”

Duke Freshman Guard Frank Jackson
On what he remembers about his first game in the environment of Cameron:
“I could not hear myself talk, that is how loud it was. The place gets rocking. The speakers are loud, the fans are loud.”

On carrying the weight of the freshman class with the other three freshmen Jayson Tatum, Harry Giles, and Marques Bolden out with injuries:
“I flow off of the support of my teammates. Even with them out, they’re still great teammates, I know they want to be out there playing with us. For me, I just look to put forth my full effort every single time, go out there and do my best.”

Appalachian State Head Coach Jim Fox
Opening Statement:
“Congratulations to Duke. They’re an outstanding team. We came in here with our young team to learn a lot about ourselves, and I think we did. We learned how a perceived strength of ours of going on the glass was a weakness tonight. We knew they were going to bring pressure offensively, their defense against our offense. We played way too fast. When we started missing some shots, our offense got stagnant, especially in the second half. Defensively I thought we made mistakes right off in the very beginning. We went on the run for some screen against their great players and they made us pay. They got going, they made some shots. I’ve been here before and it goes quickly. You try everything you can to get your guys going, and we just didn’t have it tonight.”

On the lack of minutes for Ronshad Shabazz:
“We just thought he was missing some things defensively and that’s not something we can have. He’s a great player and a great leader. He led on the bench. I just thought we should go with who was going to win the most in that situation.”

On getting in the paint:
“We have to get the ball inside and make shots. We just missed some easy ones and didn’t quite get that done today.”

Appalachian State Junior Forward Griffin Kinney
On playing on the inside:
“That was something we wanted to make a point of and that Coach [Fox] wanted to make a point of in coming to play this game. When we got the ball inside and kicked it back outside, a lot of good things happened on offense. That was a point that Coach [Fox] drilled into us for this game. If we get the ball in, good things will happen.”

On learning for conference play:
“I think that’s what it’s all about. Of course, we would’ve loved to win this game, but once conference starts, new season starts. Zero-zero. Everything is about the conference tournament.”

Appalachian State Freshman Guard Kelvin Robinson
On late scoring runs:
“I try not to come out in the second half and do that. I want to start doing that in the first half too. A lot of teams take their foot off the gas, like when they’re up 30. That’s the time for the other team that’s down to try to come in, get a few points, and do what we can to make that lead a little smaller.”

On the reason for foul trouble:
“They attacked the middle, and that’s the one thing that Coach [Fox] said to not let them do. ‘Don’t let them get middle.’ When they get middle, it breaks down our defense. They got middle and ditched the ball, got us in foul trouble, made shot fakes all the time. They made us do the stuff that Coach [Fox] told us not to do, and they made us pay.”