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Quotes: Duke 79, Boston College 59
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/13/2010
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“We’re really pleased with the win. Our games against Boston College have always been hard, defensive games. Al [Skinner] is such a good coach and with a veteran team like this, points get hard to come by. We had two great games against them last year. The first 12 minutes or so I thought they outplayed us and the last eight minutes we started to pick up our defense a little bit. Then the second half we really played outstanding defense and executed some of the offensive sets really well. We got points off of turnovers. We got three or four live-ball turnovers that turned into points and all of a sudden we got that double digit lead. I thought we kept up our defense pretty well the whole second half. I’m happy to win. They played hard and we played hard, but we just played a little better defense tonight and got us a few points.”

On getting contributions from many different guys:
“That’s how it’s going to be. We only hit one three today and still scored 79 points. Last year we wouldn’t have won a game like that. We had to hit threes. I thought Miles [Plumlee] and Brian [Zoubek] really from the five position if you added their two totals up it would be like a monster game. I thought Brian, especially in the second half, had a couple buckets that he scored. He kind of mucked it out. And I thought Kyle [Singler] played really well. There were some suggestions in the student newspaper that we shouldn’t start him tonight. The first day back and we read in a student newspaper and it’s benching our guy. Welcome back I guess. Unbelievable. For those people in support of Kyle should be really happy. He had a hell of game. He had a double-double without going to the bench.”

On Miles Plumlee’s play:
“It’s gaining experience. He’s started every game and he’s played well. It’s just a matter of getting accustomed. Especially once we get into conference and all of the physicality of the games. We played a really good schedule, one of the top schedules in the country. And playing the people that we’ve played has given him some experience of playing against that physicality.”

On whether Miles Plumlee’s increased assertiveness is by design:
“No I think he’s just been comfortable. There’s a lot of contact, not fouls, but contact that you have to play through our shoot through contact. A perimeter player doesn’t have to do that, but a big guy has to learn how to do that. He’s a sophomore and he’s coming on. Mason [Plumlee] is learning that. He was 2-of-10 tonight. I thought he played well, but he didn’t shoot through contact. That’s just part of learning. Big guys have the biggest learning curve because from high school to college at this level is really a night and day type of situation as far as the physicality.”

On getting the fast break going:
“The live-ball turnovers were I thought the key to the win in those first four minutes. When our halfcourt defense can force some turnovers—and we are unselfish on the break—and I thought we made really good passes. Then the bucket looks a little bit bigger. It just does. You get some free throws and you get a couple layups and you think you’re hitting. And you are, but you’re hitting free stuff or easier stuff. I think that was the biggest point of the game to get our points off of turnovers at the start of the second half.”

On leaders being vocal at halftime:
“They were good. This is our third ACC game. It’s pretty even in our conference. No one is a dominant team and no one is bad. Nobody is going to roll over and die and no one can just show up and win. So attitude, toughness, freshness—all of those things are going to be a factor as far as the conference race and who makes the NCAA Tournament. I think our guys were just reminding everyone that ‘Hey it’s a physical game. We have to amp it up here a little bit.’”

On the ACC standings:
“I don’t even pay attention to the standings, I’m just concerned about Duke. My thing is to make the NCAA Tournament and if we make the NCAA Tournament and have won enough games. And that puts us in contention to win something else during the regular season that’s cool. The primary thing is the development of the team and making the tournament. It’s not an even conference because you don’t play each other twice. We end up usually having one of the toughest schedules every year. My thing is we have Wake Forest and everything else will just happen.”

On Nolan Smith’s play tonight:
“I think the fast breaks helped. The other thing is that Jon [Scheyer] commands so much attention that guys should see some opening. Jon missed a couple shots, but we take for granted that he’s going to hit those shots. The thing is that Jon played a hell of a game. Four assists, one turnover and I thought he played really good defense. He just didn’t shoot the three very well. Nolan is good and he was terrific tonight.”

On the chemistry between Nolan Smith and Jon Scheyer:
“I think the perimeter is developing that kind of chemistry, Kyle [Singler], Jon and Nolan. They need to play well for us to have an opportunity to win, so there’s a lot of pressure on them. Because of them knowing that—and they are good buddies and that—they know they have to do it together for us to be a really good basketball team.”

Junior Nolan Smith
On play in the second half :
“Beginning of the second half, we started with defense. We were able to execute the play that we drew up at halftime. Miles [Plumlee] got a dunk right off the bat. That keyed our defense. We got the crowd into it and our defense worked for us in the second half. It was the key to our win.”

On what Coach K stressed at halftime:
“For us, it was really the team that was doing a lot of talking. To be 1-1 in the conference, there was no way our veterans were going to let us go to 1-2 in this conference. That was the main message.”

On something missing in the first half:
“Not at all. They are just a great team and they were executing in the first half. They were really playing great ball in the first half. It was an all-out fight in the first half and we were able to dig in and in the second half we were able to execute a little bit better.”

On the game being a team win, a lot of contributions:
“Oh yeah, definitely a team win. Our bigs really played tremendous tonight. Zoub[ek], Miles [Plumlee], Mason [Plumlee]… all those guys came in and were tremendous. They clearly take their fouls, they rotated fast [laughing]. They all played a great game.”

Junior Kyle Singler
On driving to the basket more instead of looking for jump shots:
“No, not really. I just kind of took what the defense gave me. A lot of it came in transition, though.”

On how Duke came out to play the second half:
“It was a big part [of the win]. We feel like we haven’t gotten off to a good start in the second half, and this was our best start in the second half. It was because of our defense. We turned them over, we made them get out of their stuff and made them feel uncomfortable. The crowd got going and there was a lot of excitement in the gym. It was a great way to start the second half.”

On what happened at halftime and vocal players:
“We were [vocal]. We have great leadership and we have great experience on the team. Coach didn’t really say much, besides the obvious. We have to fight and play hard. Guys came out, Nolan [Smith] sparked us in the second half and played well. Our defense turned them over. Our defense all year has been great, credit our defense.”

Sophomore Miles Plumlee
On getting loose on the fast break in second half and sparking the team:
“It started with our defense once again. It set the tone, just getting those timeouts … we got a lot of momentum going. Once we broke that lead open, we kind of held it, so it was big.”

On looking comfortable offensively:
“Yeah, I felt great. I know I can make those plays all the time and I can make other plays that I haven’t made yet. I just need to keep doing it in practice and it will show up in the games for me.”

On many players contributing to the win:
“Yeah, I was saying earlier, I think that gives all of us a lot more confidence as a team. In the past, when the three is not falling for us, that is usually when we lose a game and trip up. Now that we have the whole team together, if that [outside shooting] is not there, we have other options. It is really good for us.”

Boston College Head Coach Al Skinner
On Duke’s run to start the second half:
“We clearly did not match their intensity. It’s just a tale of two halves. I can’t believe that we didn’t come out with more energy than we did. We mishandled the basketball, we didn’t execute, we missed our free throws, we had a couple lay-ups and missed those. So it was just a lack of intensity on our part. Obviously, that’s the difference in the ball game. You got to be willing and able to play for 40 minutes; we did not do it. We did not at all to really try and regroup and handle ourselves and just allowed it to happen. We got to do a better job of taking care of the basketball and making sure that we run the stuff we want to run. Again, we just mishandled the basketball and as the game continued, rebounding made a difference in the game.”

On team’s lack of intensity in the second half:
“It’s as bizarre to me as it is to you. That being said, we just have to continue to build on it, on what we did that first 20 minutes. Again, when you talk about focus and intensity, each guy’s got to be responsible for that and get himself ready to play for the 40 minutes. It was really surprising that we didn’t respond better. We got what we wanted. We got a nice rotation the first half; that part was good. Again, it was our ball handling. You have to credit Duke with their defense. We did not recognize some opportunities. We just mishandled the basketball. We had some back-door opportunities that we missed, we had some transition lay-ups that we missed, we missed our free throws. That’s just a lack of focus when those types of things happen.”

On changes to the starting line-up:
“We talked about it. [Reggie Jackson’s] capable of doing that coming off the bench, but as a starter, he struggled. So the rotation that we had tonight is probably more of what we’re going to need for the rest of the year. I’m hoping that we can kind of settle in and start to build on this and go from there because the fluctuation in our line-ups obviously has been difficult for us. We have not handled it as well as I would have liked to. But I’m hoping that we can kind of hold to this and to the rotation that we had tonight and get us to play a little more consistently for the 40 minutes. I think we are where we’re going to be as far as our line-up. The reason that it’s a little easier for us, is that we clearly have not been at full strength. We have struggled, there’s no question about it. I think we’re going to be better. Now that we can kind of settle down with our line-up and rotation and get a more consistent effort.”