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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
Leaonna Odom
Layups with Leaonna Odom
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/06/2018
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DURHAM, N.C.— With only five days remaining until the start of the 2018-19 Duke women’s basketball campaign, we touch base with junior Leaonna Odom as the countdown continues.

Our No. 5, Odom hails from Lompoc, Calif., and is expected to jump into the spotlight this season, after closing her sophomore campaign in a strong fashion. Odom was one of the best players to step on the floor during the NCAA Tournament a year ago, averaging 21.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 3.0 assists in three contests. She was selected to the preseason Cheryl Miller Award watch list as the top small forward in the nation. What did you do over the summer?
Leaonna Odom: Work out, work on my shot, work on other things that I need to get better on, but more specifically my shot.

GD: What part of your game have you been working on the most heading into the season?
LO: I would say my three-point shot, hopefully I can shoot the ball during the game but we’ll see.

GD: You had such an excellent showing in the NCAA Tournament last season. Are you trying to build off that and bring that into this season?
LO: Not necessarily building off of it, you know, continuing, I guess.

GD: Being a junior now, are you trying to step up more and be a leader on this team?
LO: I think our team is full of leaders and I don’t think I necessarily need to step up. I think we all have a voice on this team.

GD: How do you think the team is gelling as the season gets ready to tip off?
LO: I think we’re a really good team. We’re really solid and we know how to play with each other and I think that time will only make us better.

Quick Hitters:
Most used emoji? 🤙🏽
Role model? Lebron James
One thing that always put you in a good mood? Listening to Maroon 5
Favorite dance move? Dont have one
Which teammate would make the best president and why? Faith, very assertive
Nickname? Neah
Favorite color? Pink
Favorite snapchat filter? Dont have one
Favorite Disney movie? Tangled
Song playing on your phone right now? Denim Jacket By Maroon 5
Last show you binge-watched? Riverdale
Go to song to practice to? DNA by Kendrick Lamar
Favorite color? Pink
Best thing you did over the summer? Sleep
One word your teammates would use to describe you? Chill
Best advice you have ever received? Be comfortable in uncomfortable situations
Favorite TV show growing up? iCarly
Favorite vacation spot? Dont have one
One place you would like to travel to? Paris
Do you have any pre-round rituals? No
Best class you’ve taken at Duke and why? Human evolution, most interesting
Beach or mountains? Beach
Do you have any relatives involved in athletics? No
Instagram story or snapchat? Snap
Favorite type of ice cream? Strawberry cheesecake
Food you miss the most from home? Mexican/In-N-Out, its a tie
Favorite athlete? Kevin Durant
Goals upon graduation? Get abs
Hobbies? Sleep
Do you play a musical instrument and if so what? No
If you could play another sport in college what would it be? Track

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