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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
Miela Goodchild
Layups with Miela Goodchild
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/08/2018
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DURHAM, N.C.— The countdown to the start of the 2018-19 Duke women’s basketball campaign is coming to a close as we only have three days until the season opens. We touch base with freshman Miela Goodchild as the countdown continues.

Our No. 3, Goodchild hails from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia., and recently returned from India where she led her Australia squad to the bronze medal at the FIBA U18 Asian Championship. She led the championship in scoring with a 17.7 per game average. Goodchild is expected to provide an immediate impact for the Blue Devils. How has the transition been from Australia to Duke?
Miela Goodchild: Yeah, it was a super long flight, it took like 28 hours so it was definitely long but no I’m absolutely loving it. The team’s super welcoming and yeah they really introduced me here and getting on the same page. Since I’m a freshman, they’re catching me up on past things we’ve done and legacies that were left behind. Yeah. Really enjoying it.

GD: What has been the toughest part of the transition?
MG: I think like the daily routine. Just going from waking up early, going to practice and then to gym, and then class. So it’s like constant on the go, but yeah, I think that’s probably the biggest.

GD: How is the game different coming from Australia to Division I college basketball?
MG: So probably in Australia there’s a bit more instruction, a bit more pull back like play, but yeah here it’s more on the go, it’s more creating plays, looking for transitions, kick a heads, drive and dishes.

GD: Is there a certain thing you miss the most about home?
MG: Definitely my family a 100 percent and the home cooking. I love Queensland! And I really want to see them a lot. Yeah so definitely family and the home cooking.

GD: What was it like being able to play in Cameron Indoor Stadium for the first time in the Blue/White game?
MG: Yeah it was awesome. Like I’ve seen it on television yeah I’ve heard about it but yeah I mean it was something else and I really enjoyed like the band—that’s super fun—never played for a band so that’s fun. And yeah the crowd and playing with these girls is just awesome and under Coach K yeah really enjoyed it.

Quick Hitters:
Most used emoji? Basketball emoji and boom emoji
Role Model? Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, Michael Jordan
One thing that always puts you in a good mood? Going to the gym and shooting
Favorite dance move? Depends on the music
Which teammate would make the best president and why? Faith, she knows her stuff and is very assertive
Nickname? Miels, Miels-on-wheels
Favorite color? Rose gold
Favorite snapchat filter? Wide mouth/ voice changing filter
Favorite Disney movie? So many good ones probably Snow White and High School Musical
Song playing on your phone right now? Right now I’m listening to ‘girls like you’ Maroon 5
Last show you binge-watched? Cable girls- it’s amazing
Go-to song to practice to? Don’t really have a go to basketball song but maybe ‘Women’s World’ by Okenyo
Best thing you did over the summer? Get named U23 Youth Basketball Player of the Year for QBL
One word your teammates would use to describe you? Hard working
Best advice you’ve ever received? Hard work always pays off
Favorite TV show growing up? Icarly, Victorious, Avatar- Last Airbender, Spongebob
Favorite vacation spot? Beach, Camping
One place you would like to travel to? Italy
Do you have any pre-round rituals? I always do an arrow stretch before games, shooting or trainings
Best class you’ve taken at Duke and why? Sports Psychology as its really interesting and relatable
Beach or Mountains? Beach
Do you have any relatives involved in athletics? Dad played tennis and soccer, my mum swam and ran, Brother rowed, sister ran steeplechase and basketball
Instagram story or snapchat? Instagram story
Favorite type of ice-cream? Hazelnut gelato
Food you miss the most from home? Vegemite for sure, acai bowls and mum and dads home cooked meals
Favorite athlete? Michael Jordan
Goals upon graduation? Get drafted to WNBA, play professionally in Europe
Hobbies? Outside of basketball I like farmer’s markets, travel and fashion
Do you play a musical instrument and if so what is it? I learnt piano in grade 2 and guitar in grade 5
If you could play another sport in college what would it be? Basketball all the way but if I had to do another sport I’d do tennis

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