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Coach P Notebook: June 9, 2007
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 06/09/2007
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Hello Blue Devil Fans,

USA Basketball training camp is approaching quickly and I cannot wait. It always feels better to get busy with our preparation rather than just waiting around thinking of scenarios. Double sessions begin Tuesday and we are on our way.

The Duke women and staff are continuing to get ready for another great camp season. Missing parts of camp is something I do not like at all. Eating in the dorms and teaching the campers is a lot of fun and keeps you young and on top of trends, language and music. Lauren, Bobby and the whole camp staff have done a great job getting ready.  Not to mention getting a few special alums to come back and share a few thoughts with the campers.

A few questions have been sent and I will do my best to answer them.

Question From Val:  You have mentioned that Coach Ciampi and Coach K are two of your basketball mentors. Outside of basketball who has inspired you? Thanks for letting us fans get to know you better! We are excited about the season!

Outside of basketball, who has inspired me-- I have been very fortunate to have so many folks in my life who have made a difference and guided me along the way. My parents and family of course.  They are all in Maine and have been huge sources of strength. As a daughter of a Navy pilot, we have lived all over this great country finally settling down in Maine due to the quality of life. I was born in Monterey, Calif. and have lived in Fla., N.Y., Texas, R.I., and finally Maine.

I also enjoyed excellent coaching when I was young. My junior high and high school coaches were completely devoted. Fred Koerber, my high school coach, was the first person to suggest that I might think about coaching someday. I really did not take in that thought then.  It would be years later at Auburn that I became bitten by the bug of coaching. It has been quite an amazing 15 year bite so far!

There are so many people who have influenced me. I believe that we all have to get better daily. My family is a daily motivator and inspiration. It is amazing the wisdom that comes from kids. Jack told me the other day, "ever since I learned to go downstairs alone to play sonic, I figured out how to cross the ocean.  Mom, it is ok to be alone sometimes."  How does one even respond to such philosophizing! 

I try and read as much as possible and believe in heroines and inspiring characters. I am due to reread Atlas Shrugged since Dagney [Taggert] is such a cool operator and thinker. I just have gotten behind a bit in such "casual" reading.  It might be a year or so before I catch up.

Question from Gene:  Coach P., welcome to Blue Devil country. The Duke people couldn't have picked a better coach or candidate for the job than you. My question--  Do you see Duke playing at the same tempo as Michigan State did or is the ACC that much different?

Style of play and tempo is always a great question asked. I love to run and attack in the full court both offensively and defensively. I love to press full and half court and have a multiple defensive sets to mix and match through the season. I have spoke for Nike a great deal on the matchup. It is a great defense to know, understand and use. At Duke, our staff is blessed to be at the best basketball laboratory nationwide. We can do so much with such fine, smart, athletic and tough-minded women. There are no limits and our play and attack will reflect that fact. Fast, furious, tough and talented marked by a fighting spirit that will be second to none. We have lots of work to do and it is going to be fun!

I will do my best to continue blogging throughout my travels. We appreciate your questions and devoted passion about Duke Basketball.  There is no place like Duke.  We have a lot of work to do getting to know each other and pursing ourselves strength wise. 

More later from Coach P.