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Haley Wymbs
Blue Devil Softball Q&A: Haley Wymbs
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/21/2017
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DURHAM, N.C. - While Team One prepares for the inaugural season of Duke softball in February, get to know your Blue Devils with our player Q&A feature here on We continue the series with redshirt sophomore outfielder Haley Wymbs.

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No. 3 Haley Wymbs
5-3 • RSo. • RS 
San Jose, Calif. (Seattle University)

Favorite Moment At Duke So Far?
"My favorite moment at Duke so far, excluding athletics, would have to be getting my first exam grade back, seeing that it was an A and realizing that I am smart enough to be here."

What’s One Part Of Your Game That You Feel You’ve Improved The Most This Fall?
"I have definitely gotten better at slapping. I came in with little to no experience doing so, and I have definitely used it a lot more this season than I have in the past at Seattle University, Mitty and travel ball combined."

Describe What It Was Like To Be A Part Of The Program’s Inaugural Game On Sept. 30.
"It was the most surreal moment to be standing on the field before the first game just surrounded by what can only be described as culture. Our stadium came up before our eyes from nothing because Duke has a culture of buying in and giving nothing less than 100 percent. Our stands and the surrounding areas were PACKED because our fans love Duke sports and that’s just the culture of support the student body has created. I think I speak for all my teammates when I say that seeing the young kids come out on the field after the game and ask for autographs was an incredible experience. There are so many young kids watching us and looking to us like we looked up to college girls years ago. It became easy to see our young selves in those girls that night. There are also young women to the left and to the right of me who are younger than me for the most part and who have so much talent and passion for the game. Before that first game on the 30th and every day I am reminded of how unique Duke culture is."

What’s One Personal Goal You Have Set For Yourself During The 2018 Season?
There are tons of performance related goals that we all have, but personally I want to have a positive impact on the culture of the program and the lives of my teammates. The numbers would be nice to have, but those two are what I’m going to remember most years from now.

What Does It Mean To You To Be A Part Of Team One?
"To be a part of Team One is to be a part of a legacy that will live on forever. What we do, whether it’s good or bad, will set the precedent for years to come. It’s a heavy burden, but it’s a unique one and an exciting one above all else. And there are no other people I would rather share this experience with."

What’s One Quote Or Saying That You Live By?
"Self betterment is the key to life in my opinion. I try my best to live by that."

What’s Your Pregame Ritual?
"We have our team stuff, but I get there about an hour before our team warmups start and I head out to the field with my bat, batting gloves and arm guard. I visualize myself succeeding and I see myself in every situation I can think up. I practice how I am going to walk up to the box, the way I am going to get in the box and how I am going to actually take my swings, put down my bunts, etc. It really helps me get focused, and when I get in the box during the game it makes me feel more comfortable in intense situations."

Quick Hits:

Favorite TV Show?
The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Song?
"I Lived" by One Republic

Favorite Restaurant In Durham?
Not sure yet, but I’m open to suggestions!

Best Show To Binge Watch On Netflix?
Dexter or Friends

Favorite Musician/Band?

Favorite Book?
Legacy by James Kerr

Where’s One Place You’ve Always Wanted To Visit?
Wherever the NCAA championship is held, aka Oklahoma City

One Interesting Fact About Yourself?
I have four little sisters and they are my heart

Favorite Thing To Do When Not At The Field?
I love powerlifting and I am hoping to compete this year

Favorite Vacation Spot?
Tahoe. I love to snowboard

Who On The Team Has The Best Scooter Skills/Tricks?
I’m not sure, but Cash and Jaz are pretty good with their skateboards


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