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Duke Softball Student Manager Information
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/05/2018
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The Duke softball coaching staff is looking for student managers to assist the team during the 2019 season. As a manager, you are an essential player to the success of the program and are considered a critical part of the coaching staff. You are held to the same level of commitment, discipline and excellence that both the players and staff are held accountable to.

Those interested in the duties outlined below please contact Lacey Waldrop at

We hold all of our managers and players to the Duke Standard. We believe that the best and most successful managers display certain characteristics, and we expect them to continuously self-improve on these characteristics during their time with our team.

  • Proactive and Preemptive - Managers are expected to go above and beyond in their daily duties and responsibilities, and should easily welcome the challenges that arise during practices and games. The best managers can anticipate team and coaching needs without having to be told or reminded, and are innovative with efficiency and processes that help our team better operate.
  • Self-Motivation and Positivity - We believe in cultivating a positive culture where all members of our team can easily handle adversity and the mundane. Managers excel when they find areas of interest and allow their strengths to overcome challenges.
  • Reliability and Dependability - Managers play a crucial role when it comes to team operations and success, so we rely on our managers to be self-aware and responsible with their time management, academic and practice schedule, equipment responsibilities, and team duties.
  • Professionalism and High Moral Standards - As a student manager, you are a highly visible member of our team and Duke Athletics. Managers should present themselves in a professional manner “on and off the field” and be able to make moral and ethical decisions in their classes, on the field, and in their personal lives.

Outlined below is a list of yearly responsibilities assigned to our managers. They include, but are not limited to, the duties listed below.

Daily Duties:

  • Assist in setup and clean up of all equipment and stations before and after practice
  • Assist in fundamentals of practice (catch bullpen, front toss, shag outfield, etc.)
  • Manage and operate video recording software—Dartfish—and chart offensive and defensive stats
  • Other miscellaneous duties assigned

Travel Duties:

  • Ensure all equipment is packed and organized for trip
  • Responsible for securing and safekeeping of video equipment
  • Assist in coordinating team meals & game day snacks
  • Assist director of operations with game day needs

Game Day Duties:

  • Assist in setup of warm up, hitting, and pitching stations
  • Responsible for setup and operation of filming equipment & software before, during, and after the game

Unless there are unique circumstances, we allow all of our managers to travel with the team. Managers are given more flexibility than players when traveling, but are still held to the same professionalism and responsibilities that the coaches and support staff are accountable to when traveling.

Team Travel:

  • Class excuse letters can be provided to your professors if needed
  • Managers will be issued team apparel and specific travel apparel—these are only to be worn during team events
  • Managers are a part of the Duke Softball brand and are expected to behave and represent themselves in a professional and responsible manner at all times
  • Traveling is a business trip—we expect everyone to be on-time (10 min early) for each event, come prepared and ready to work throughout the duration of the trip, and assist with the team’s success whenever possible

As a manager, you receive special and unique benefits similar to student-athletes. These benefits include, but are also not limited to the items listed below.

  • Team apparel and equipment
  • Traveling privileges and per diem (when applicable)
  • Priority registration
  • Use of academic and athletic facilities
  • Various professional development, leadership, and team bonding workshops
  • Duke Softball Camp employee