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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
Try Out for Duke University Women's Rowing - No Experience Necessary!
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 07/07/2016
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Please fill out our walk-on questionnaire (Note: only fill out the GENERAL section):

Walk-On Questionnaire

Informational Meeting: Learn about the walk-on process and meet previous walk-on athletes.

Tuesday September 3 at 6 PM
Wednesday September 4 at 6 PM           

We will meet on the grass on K-Ville. Rain location: inside Card Gym.

If unable to attend schedule a one on one with Coach Boyd - email at    

Try Outs

The tryout period will last two weeks and you will practice 1 time per day from 7-9 AM. During the tryout period you will do various workouts on land and water including: running, swimming, using an indoor rowing machine, and learning how to row.

Cuts will be made at the coach's discretion. There will be a first cut after the first week of tryouts, and a final cut after the second week. If you exhibit athleticism and coachability, and have what it takes to perform at the Division 1 level, you will make the team!

As part of the try-out you will undergo a Duke Physical at no cost to you.

Date and time of the physical - TBD - We will all meet at Card Gym and travel to the physical together - IMPORTANT - Make sure to bring your insurance card or a copy to the physical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior experience?
●    No, we will teach you everything you need to know

Do I need to be able to swim?
●    Yes, you need to be able to keep your head above water in the event your rowing shell capsizes

How much will it cost me to join team?
●    Nothing! Duke Women's Rowing is a fully funded program. The only cost  you will incur is a $75 fee to process your NCAA Registration

What is the practice schedule?
●    We row Monday through Saturday 7 AM to 9 AM
●    The athletes are picked up by the team bus on campus (East and West) at 6:30 AM and returned by 9:30 AM
●    There will be 1-2 PM sessions per week 

Can I schedule my classes around practice? What if I have class during practice?
●    Yes, in fact we recommend your earliest class be at 10:05 AM
●    If you have to miss a practice due to class we are flexible as long as you communicate with us!

Where does Duke Row?
●    The Duke Boathouse is located on Lake Michie which is about 14 miles north of campus
●    The Duke team bus takes you to and from practice

What makes a good walk-on rower?
●    Hard worker
●    Great team player
●    Highly competitive and wants to win
●    Has an athletic background
●    5'7" or taller (if you are shorter, we can have a conversation about coxing)
●    Wants to be more than an average student
●    Wants to pursue varsity athletics at Duke
●    Did we mention likes to win!?

What do I need to do in order to try-out?
●    Provide a copy of your insurance card
●    Get a Duke Physical arranged by Coach Boyd
●    Sickle Cell Blood Test - can and should be done this summer by your general practitioner
●    Complete Medical Packet - sent to you by Duke trainer once you notify us of your intentions to join the team

How should I prepare for the try-out?
●    Do what makes you athletic - keep running, swimming, biking
●    Strength train, Cross-Fit
●    Yoga & pilates
●    Attend the Duke Rowing Camp

How soon will I be able to compete and will I miss a lot of class?
●    By the end of the Fall Semester. Our plan will be to take the walk-ons to our last Fall Regatta in Mid-November.
●    You will rarely miss class for rowing. Throughout the entire school year our athletes may miss a maximum of 4 class days.

How will rowing help my academics?
●    Duke Rowers have high academic standards and the team averages just under a 3.5 GPA year round
●    The student-athletes on our team have diverse academic interests ranging from engineering to pre-med
●    The rowing schedule will provide more structure to your day which many rowers find helpful in keeping them on task

So why should I do this?

Academic Opportunities
K-Center (study-hall) access
●    Athletic Academic Coordinator in addition to regular academic advisor
●    Student Athlete Academic Committee
●    Priority scheduling

Athletic Opportunities
●    Be a part of a Division 1 ACC Program
●    Compete against the Big10, Big12, ACC, Ivy, and Pac12
●    Represent Duke on the highest level
●    Train in the new Olympic Sport Training Center at Duke

Scholarship Opportunities
●    Partial and full athletic aid award may be earned

Personal Opportunities
Be on a team with international student-athletes
●    Travel (winter/spring trips)
●    Gear - Nike apparel for practice and competition
●    Nutrition - Nightly dinner Sunday through Thursday with all Duke Athletes
●    Be in the best shape of your life

If you came this far, you are curious about rowing. Satisfy your curiosity and give it your best shot!


Contact: Coach Micah Boyd at