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The Duke University Athletic Compliance Office understands the challenge of being a student-athlete; you practice hard and play even harder, while still excelling in the classroom. However, it is important you understand that being a student-athlete at Duke University is a privilege. As you are a representative of Duke University and a leader in your community, your adherence to the governing rules is essential. Decisions you make will affect your eligibility. You are responsible for your academic and athletic eligibility … it’s your choice.  

There are several NCAA, ACC and Duke rules and regulations that you must adhere to. We are here to assist you throughout your career as student athlete by answering your questions and helping you understand the rules. While this site offers a brief overview of the rules, we encourage you to ask before you act. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of Duke’s Compliance Staff.

How do I maintain academic eligibility?
  • You must be enrolled full-time, 12 credit hours each full-time term. Note, if you are enrolled in less than a full-time program, you are eligible to practice and compete only if you are enrolled in the last term of your degree program and are carrying credits necessary to finish your degree.
  • You must successfully complete at least 24 credits in your first year towards your designated degree program during the fall, spring, and summer to be eligible the following year. In addition you must earn a minimum of 18 credits each successive academic year.
  • You must pass at least 6 hours each semester to remain eligible.
  • You must have 90% of the minimum GPA by the beginning of your second year.
  • You must designate your degree by the beginning of your third year.
  • You must have 40% of your degree completed by the beginning of your third year and have 95% of minimum GPA needed for graduation.
  • You must have 60% of your degree completed by the beginning of your fourth year and have 100% of minimum GPA needed for graduation.
  • You must have 80% of your degree completed by the beginning of your fifth year and have 100% of minimum GPA needed for graduation.
  • You are allowed 4 seasons of eligibility within 5 calendar years from the time you first enrolled full-time in a collegiate institution.
If you are an incoming freshman refer to the NCAA Freshman Eligibility Standards Sheet attached under “Useful forms for current students” section of this site for greater details concerning eligibility.

When am I required to practice?
In Season:
  • Your coach may require you to practice a maximum of 20 hours per week, limited to 4 hours a day.
  • You are given one day a week off from practice.
  • No practice is permitted between midnight and 5:00 am nor after a competition has ended.
  • Your coach may require you to practice a maximum of 8 hours per week of strength & conditioning, 2 of the 8 hours may be individual skill instruction.
  • You are given two days off a week;
  • No required practice beginning one week prior to final exam period through the end of your exams.
  • No required countable athletically related activities during the summer.   
How do I maintain my amateur status?
In order to maintain your amateur status and remain eligible for intercollegiate competition, you may not do any of the following:
  • Receive any type of pay for play, either directly or indirectly.
  • Allow any award or cash prize be given in your name to another individual or agency.
  • Agreed (orally or in writing) to compete in professional athletics in that sport.
  • Participate on a professional team
  • Promote a commercial product or service
  • Accept a cash prize for place finish
  • Participate on a team other than Duke during the academic year.
Note: Outside of the declared playing season and during official vacation periods, you may participate on an outside amateur team. In addition you are allowed to participate on National Teams, Olympic Games, Official Pan-Am Games, Official World Championships, World University Games and World Cup Tryouts and Competition.

Am I allowed to Gamble?
  • You may NOT solicit a bet on ANY intercollegiate team or on ANY professional team. Examples include parlay cards, NCAA pool, fantasy leagues with entry fee.
  • You may NOT accept any wager (i.e., cash, shirt, dinner) on any team representing Duke University
  • You may NOT knowingly provide information (i.e. injury reports) to individuals involved in organized gambling activities concerning intercollegiate athletics competition.
  • Consequences of gambling include loss of one year and one season of eligibility and in some cases permanent ineligibility.
May I accept benefits from agents?
  • You are NOT eligible in a sport if you or anyone associated with you (i.e. parents, other relatives, and friends) have ever accepted money, transportation or other benefits (i.e. dinner, gear) from an agent.
  • You many NOT sign a contract or agree verbally to have an agent market your athletics ability or reputation in a sport.
  • You may NOT sign a contact with an agent or agree verbally to future representation until after your eligibility has expired.
May I accept any extra benefits?
You are allowed to accept the following benefits:
  • Benefits generally available to all students
  • Occasional meals (approved by Duke University Athletics Department)
  • Athletic apparel issued by Duke University Athletics Department
  • Complimentary Admissions. Note: you may not sell or exchange your complimentary admissions for money or any item of value to anyone, including teammates or other student-athletes.
You are not allowed to accept the following benefits:
  • Discounts and credits
  • Free or reduced cost services
  • Telephones and credit cards
  • Entertainment services
  • Loans of money or assistance in payment of bills
  • Car or use of a car and other forms of transportation (i.e. airline tickets)
  • Other gifts (such as clothing, shoes, merchandise, meals)
  • Members of the athletic department staff (including tutors) may not type reports, papers, letters, etc.
May I be employed?
  • You are allowed to be employed and receive pay at the going rate, for work actually performed, within the community.
  • You may receive compensation for teaching or coaching sport skills or techniques on a fee-for-lesson basis but may not use Duke facilities and may not use your name, picture or appearance to promote the lessons.
  • Student-athletes may not run their own camp or clinic.
What promotional activities can I participate in?  
You may participate in charitable or educational activities approved by athletics.

You may not allow your name, picture or personal appearance to be used to advertise or promote any commercial products, services, jobs or employers.

May I help with recruiting?
You may receive telephone calls from prospects and you may write or email the prospects at your own free will.  However you may not communicate with the prospect at the direction of the coach or expense of the institution.

What type of financial aid is acceptable?
Student athletes may receive aid from Duke University, Governmental agencies, Parents, legal guardians; and Community scholarships etc. Athletic Scholarships are one-year awards, renewable on an annual basis.

Any financial aid that you receive from a source other than Duke must be reported to Duke University and the Athletics Department.
The Student Athlete Opportunity Fund (SAOF) was created by the NCAA to assist student-athletes with meeting financial needs related to their academic requirements. All student-athletes are eligible to receive benefits from the SAOF:
  • Medical and Dental Expenses
  • Costs Associated with Emergencies
  • Academic Course Supplies
  • Clothing and Essential Expenses up to $200

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